Ok, before jumping on any fads. Alam nyo naman ako best in research ako. So I checked what activated charcoal is all about.I31B9184


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So Much Beauty SM Makati!

It’s a known fact that I love everything na pampaganda. haha! Sino bang hindi? Whenever I travel abroad, my friends and V knows that I can spend the whole day at beauty counters.

I’m so excited to share that SM MAKATI now has one of the biggest beauty floor for you! Ang daming new brands!
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0003_zps645890f2.jpg
And they renovated to change the whole look.
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0002_zps0d48a645.jpg
I love how they were able to bring in different brands from all over the world! No need to online shop! Complete na lahat!
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0001_zpsfd064511.jpg
From my fave pro-line makeover (yes, plakado kayo dito sis. walang urungan ng makeup) to japanese brands, korean brands and of course your fave international brands.
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0000_zps8ddd0a88.jpg

They are also prepared for Xmas! One stop shop ang ganap! check out the cute xmas gift packs! No need to wrap!

So what are we all waiting for? Rush to SM Makati and check out their beauty section! Perfect ang hashtag na #somuchbeauty

Much love,

Leg Exercises!

The final release of our app is coming! We did a sample release na, but yung may additional sounds, upgrades, programs and details will be up soon!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.57.18 AM

Search for Fit Fashion, Victor Basa, Divine Lee on google store, app store or amazon!

But while bored pa kayo here are some exercises, since pag pasko best in lafung!

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This is the second or 3rd year ba yun of Unleashed! Technically, entrance is free so bongga and the event is a battle of your fave DJs!

 photo P1150684_zps80434dd2.jpg
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I love the new models of today pero iba talaga ang gayuma sakin ng supermodels of before!
Kate-Moss---Vogue-UK-2014--05-662x866 Ayan, si Lola Naomi! nfku8hRead more para masight ang labanan! (more…)


I’ve always been a Swatch kid. Iniyakan ko yang Pop swatch nung bata ako! As in, sinabi ko pa sa nanay ko kailangan sya for school. Ayun, bukelya! Grounded ako for lying. Haha!
 photo P1150300_zps8c935a52.jpg
And alala ko yung giant pop swatch na bag! Ayaw ako bilhan! Kinuha ko yung wall clock, akala ko papasa! Buti nalang confident ako na bata! Haha!
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Becky Nights Halloween Party

Late but pwede narin! GAY WATCH FOR YOU! Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 12.19.24 PM
Thank you to AMAZING PLAYGROUND for our group outfits!
Every year we try to do group dynamics para may pressure. Hahaha! Read more!