If brands became grocery items! Kyot!

Kaaliw naman to. Your favorite brands reimagined as grocery items! Ang saya! Haha!
Butter by Bvlgari- Clazz naman nang butter. Nakakahiyang ipahid sa pandesal! Choz!
 photo 13_zps6896c325.png
Biscuits by Dolce and Gabbana- In fair, mukhang masarap sya huh!
 photo 12_zps64565a0e.png
Milk by Apple- Pwedeeeee! iMilk kung iMilk! Ayaw ni Siri!
 photo 11_zps1eaaecd2.png
Sardinas by Gucci- Kalurkey toh! Hahaha! Bet ko ang sardinas! Sarap!
 photo 9_zps274482eb.png
Cup noodles by Burberry- Sosyal naman! Dapat daw distilled ang hot water na ilalagay. Charot!
 photo 8_zps683db42a.png
Egg cart by Versace- Parang lalabas si Lady Gaga at Donatella sa itlog any monument. Hahaha!
 photo 7_zps6dc08934.png
Flour by Prada- Arina kung arina! Di ko kinaya!
 photo 4_zpsf0385b37.png
Rice by HSBC- Ay no to white rice, yes to brown rice! Chos!
 photo 3_zps8f2bcb11.png
Fruits by Nike- Health at fitness pa rin ang peg. Achieve!
 photo 6_zps10a80998.png
Powdered drinks by Chanel- Display ko na lang to pwede? Hahaha
 photo 2_zpsdd0d4834.png
Longanissa by Louis Vuitton???- Panalo toh! Manang, paki-prito na please!
 photo 5_zpscbf14e23.png
Yogurt by Tiffany and Co.- Ano kayang lasa nito? Hahaha! Super cute packaging!
 photo 1_zps58a000d5.png

My new fave: Triangl Bikini from Australia! (www.triangl.com.au)

My newest discovery! Triangl Bikini from Australia! They contacted me last week and sent me a few samples. Bongga! Tried them on today at naloka naman ako, ganda nang fit! Love that they use neoprene fabric. Oo, as in yung ginagamict sa mga scuba outfit! Lakas maka-sporty spice. Super bet! Check their website at www.triangl.com.au, you can shop online. Pwede pang humabol for Labor Day! Push!
The Triangl Lovebird bikini: Bet ko yang mesh na ginamit sa bikini top! Sporty luxe!
 photo POPPY-LOVEBIRD_0_zpsa7a32002.jpg
The Triangl Wanderlust Bikini: You can mix and match your top and bottoms pa. Bongga!

 photo PENNY-WANDERLUST_zpsa725d83c.jpg

The Triangle Noir Bikini: For more Bond girl with the pa-leather! Neoprene pa rin naman yan!

The Triangl Capricorn Bikini: Ang exposed jacket zipper winner din!
 photo TRIANGL-RUBY-CAPRICORN_zpsc66c221f.jpg

The Triangl Nightfox Bikini: Yes to neon! For more eksena lang sa beach!
 photo TRIANGL-JESSY-NIGHTFOX_zps8a0be73b.jpg

The Triangl Arizona Sunset Bikini: My fave! For more Stabilo Boss ang peg! Haha!

The Triangl Miami Mint Bikini: Isa pa toh! Super cuteness lang!
 photo TRAINGL---CAITLYN-WINNIE-MIAMI-MINT_zps22fe1e66.jpg

The Triangl Superfly Bikini: There are more bikini styles on their website. Kaya gow na! Avail nyo yan!
 photo TRIANGL-DAKOTA-SUPERFLY_2_zpsa031c4b6.jpg

Much love,


Another Kate Moss x Top Shop collab!

I’ve always been a Queen Kate fan! And I love her collabs with Topshop. Aminin na natin kasi ang bongga talaga mag put together ni Lola nyo ng outfits.

So here she is with a 61 piece collection for TOPSHOP! Launch on April 30! I’m not sure lang if maavail natin ditey, sana lang talaga!

This collection parang pinakita yung iba iba nyang personality, 4 to be exact!


This is part of the pajama dressing ganap.
60J03FBLK_large 60T06FBLK_large 60D21FBLK_large

At first I was about hesistant about this trend. Eh aminin na natin, masarap syang isuot. Haha!60B01FCRM_large 60T01FCRM_large 60T02FBLK_large

Meron din syang Balearic dressing na pa boho look!

60B06FSLV_large One of my fave pieces!60B04FTUR_large 60B05FCRM_large

Actually d ko bet toh until she modelled it!

60D02FCRM_large May pa cocktail chenes din sya! LOVE KO TOH!60D15FBLK_large 60D01FNAV_large

Another fave! Eh basta may shiny at fringe alam nyo na!60D16FBLK_large 60D16FCRM_large 60D04FCRM_large


MAMA KATE! PA SHWEET TALAGA?60D14FBLE_large Pwede toh pag labada day. choz!60D09FBLK_large 60B03FCRM_large

This reminds me of my friend Charmy!60B08FBLK_large BET! Kailangan pa ba imemorize yan?60J01FNAV_large madami pa kaya push for more!


PAC Cosmetics Review!

PAC is a pro makeup line. So yung mga issue nyo sa pigments waley! What I love about this line is kahit pro sya, madali gamitin!
You can check out their site for more ganap!
PAC Foundation Range Includes:
PAC Liquid Foundation ( P699)
PAC Creamy Foundation (P750)
PAC Two Way Cake (P849 compact, P649 refill)
PAC Loose Powder (P699)

Eto, ang maganda dito. FULL COVERAGE! Tago ang sumpa!
 photo 1_zps6c482e9f.jpg
 photo 2_zps98e080ea.jpg

Eto naman para sa mga tamad ng magliquid and powder… creamy ganap!
 photo 3_zpsca661e45.jpgBlush On

PAC Blush On comes in a palette with 8 shades (P 2,999),
in single compact (P 699) and refill (P 375).

Eto yung tinatawag na powerful… konti lang but effect kagad! So if first time nyo do it in a well lighted room, mahirap nang maging boyoyong!
 photo 4_zps6c4339a5.jpg

PAC Eye Make Up Collection Includes:
PAC Color Festival Eye shadow quad (P749)
PAC Matte and Pearly Eye shadow refill (P375)
PAC Colorful Liquid Eye Liner (P749)
PAC Eye Shadow Pencil Duo (P650)
PAC White Eye Liner Pencil (599)
PAC Make Up Pencil (P599)
PAC Eye Brow Pencil (P599)
PAC Mascara Black (P699)
PAC Eye Shadow Powder (P499)
I’m more for the nudes and earth tones. Marami sila nun. Since heavily pigmented, maganda sya at mabilis apply!
 photo 5_zps549084eb.jpg
Use with caution! Medyo tricky itey so make sure may time ka magbura if needed!
 photo 6_zps97a29848.jpg
 photo 7_zps627a2022.jpgGo to liner ko yung silver diva for under lid. Kasi nakakalaki ng mata.
 photo 8_zpsd03cb5c7.jpg
 photo 9_zpsc42e9810.jpg
 photo 10_zps91dfa3db.jpg

PAC Lip Colour Collection Includes:
PAC Glossy Lipsticks (P599)
PAC Matte Lipsticks (599)
PAC Frosty Lipsticks (P599)
PAC Liquid Lip Colors (P599)
PAC Lip Liners (P550)
PAC Lip Colour Palettes (P1,299)
Actually wala akong photo but my fave is yung lipsticks sa tube. Its thickier than lipgloss but moisturises really well!
 photo 11_zps9b44dbf4.jpg
 photo 12_zps0c74bc3f.jpg
 photo 13_zps0d42c4f3.jpg

PAC Professional Palette Collection Includes:
PAC Beauty Kit (P5,999)
PAC Face Coloring Powder (P1,999)
PAC Face Painting Set (4,999)
PAC 48 Color Eye Shadow Palette (P 6,999)
PAC Urban Techno – Professional Make Up Case (P26,000)
PAC Eye Shadow Palette – Matte (P2,999)
PAC Eye Shadow Palette – Pearly (P2,999)
PAC Blush – On Palette (P2,999)
PAC Lip Colour Palettes (P1,299)
 photo 14_zps86f8ca4d.gif
 photo 15_zpsa1237ed6.jpg
 photo 16_zpsba1fb39d.gif
 photo 17_zps61107a49.jpg
 photo 18_zps31f87e42.jpg
 photo 19_zps21341cba.jpg
 photo 20_zpscf3d8d27.jpg
 photo 21_zps3f0bc1e6.jpg
 photo 22_zpsf39164bb.jpg
 photo 23_zps0db13aa8.gif
 photo 24_zps972d2c6a.jpg
 photo 25_zps6899e758.jpg

For this one, get the multipack na powder or foundation pag mahilig ka maghighlight but gusto mo hindi naman BEAUCON levels. The lip palette I also use for taping rather than bringing 6 tubes, ayan madali sa bag! But pag gusto nyo maging full ganap artist. You can buy their started set!
Follow them on Facebook & Twitter @PACPhilippines and on Instagram @pac_ph
Much love,


It’s a bird… Not a plane. Not Superman. Bird nga! Char!

O ayan, yung mga mahihilig dyan sa bird… ALAM NA! New trend from the Fall/Winter shows! Push nyo yan!

Valentino- Para sa mga sexy bird…aka chicks! Choz! Baduy ko today pasensya naman!
 photo BY8P16081366x2048_zps5ae88202.jpg
Marchesa Voyage: Para sa mga lamigin na bird.. Penguin lang ang peg!
 photo MarchesaVoyage_001_13661366x2048_zps8327fc69.jpg
Giles- Kung peg nyo maging parrot, o ayan, para sa inyo!
 photo GIL_00331366x2048_zps3441870d.jpg
Markus Lupfer- Parang hipster bird toh… Tama ba? Hahaha
 photo Lupfer_012_13661366x2048_zpsfde0257c.jpg
Alberta Ferretti- Shala bird naman itey. Madam madam ang peg!
 photo YVL_19001366x2048_zps8106b385.jpg
Meron din pong bird si Rajo Laurel. Ayan o, sa Palawan collection nya. Avail nyo yan!
 photo 50c_zps9dcd0152.jpg

73 questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

Love ko talaga sya!!! She’s really one of those actresses without any pretentiousness sa katawan. Bongga! Ganyan ang peg! Love this question and answer portion of her! Watch this!

Labanan ng music!

Eto si Lady Gaga! Mahaba lang! Haha!

Si Kylie naman fumifitness!



Sounds muna!

Much love,


Karylle + Yael

One of my closest and weirdest (haha, K nasingit ko parin!) friend just got married!
K is my sunshine. We usually don’t go emo on each other but when people ask me how or why do we get along, para ko syang switch. Alm mo yung mga taong that reminds you of fun childhood memories? Parang everytime I hang out with her, we are reliving it. She’s the only person I know who would buy plastic balloons and buong araw namin hinihipan. 
Even when we go out at night, people might see it as an adult gimmik, but we end up being silly and stupid parang mga batang unang beses palang gumimik. And that’s what I love about her. She’s full of happy thoughts and sunshine.
 photo I31B8482_zps0df99c40.jpg

Together with Iza na friend ko pa since highschool. I’ve had the best and silly laughs with these girls. But just recently, ayun sumali na sa “married” club si K!
 photo I31B8484_zps8560a47e.jpg
The pretty bridesmaid gowns are from Charina Sarte. You can check her shop in greenbelt. K wanted something floral and Chari even had to go to HK to find nice floral tela! I love it all! Ang cute na iba iba yung print namin lahat! photo I31B8486_zpsfbe63678.jpg
Since parang isip bata nga sya, I was not surprised na 2 months before nya lang sinabi sakin na magprepare kami. Not suprised but made me panic parin. Buti nalang na practice na ako ng mga highschool friends ko ispeeddial ang mga suppliers!
 photo I31B8490_zps5274adbc.jpg
Ayan, naduduling ako sa contact lens ko. Haha!
 photo I31B8495_zps8c889eb4.jpg
Agad agad we started planning. Natatawa ako kasi lahat ng tanong ko sa kanya ang sagot “Ay, wala pa nyan!” haha!
 photo I31B8503_zps92a805e2.jpg
 photo I31B8506_zps20af4f3d.jpg
She was blooming that day! Iba talaga yung bride noh? Ang kulit nga habang minimakeupan kinikilig pa!
 photo I31B8511_zpsd529c135.jpg
K is wearing one of my fave designers: Furne One and matching yan with another fave designer naman for ZsaZsa in Rajo Laurel!
 photo I31B8516_zps1b7ee288.jpg
Eto isa pa toh! Hinihintay ko nalang ayusin ang kasal nito. :) I love this girl dearly! Medyo madami na kaming experiences nito! haha!
 photo I31B8517_zps7b4cebdb.jpg
Tito M was also so cute, parati kong kachika yan!
 photo I31B8522_zpsb7a82d1e.jpg
 photo I31B8524_zps3c1c0874.jpg
 photo I31B8531_zps2cf6def3.jpg
We once had an Ilocos adventure with K and tito. Parati yan may camera!
 photo I31B8536_zps66ba851b.jpg
Coco and Julius!
 photo I31B8543_zps440b58f8.jpg

Ang iyakin ko! Bridal photos palang naiiyak nako!
 photo I31B8548_zpsdbb29c7d.jpg
 photo I31B8549_zpsab998ec4.jpg
 photo I31B8554_zps5fa4f202.jpg

 photo I31B8559_zps07980381.jpg

It started raining a bit, and everytime tinatanong ako ni K.. “may ulan pa”. D ko na alam ang sasagot ko! Buti nalang malakas kami magdasal!
 photo I31B8562_zps204d2343.jpg
I like Yael. Not for myself ha! Wag kayong malisyoso! haha! Kasi ba naman, niloloko namin si K na medyo weird. And after meeting Yael, dun lang ako nakakita ng kasing weird nya. They laugh about things na minsan d naman nakakatawa. They understand one another kahit gulong gulo kami sa kanila. Ganun daw kasi yung love. Ang totoong love yung para sa yo. And I saw someone really for K.
 photo I31B8569_zpse9e2a4d9.jpg
Wag na kayo magulat sa mga pormang ganito ni Yael!
 photo I31B8581_zps0a6231ec.jpg
Ang cute ni Yael nung naiyak!
 photo I31B8584_zpsbf4d0283.jpg
The perfect “YAEL” face
 photo I31B8590_zps44c28ffe.jpg
Tita Vicky is so sexy!
 photo I31B8592_zps4c223dde.jpg
 photo I31B8597_zps12f4fa61.jpg
Galing ni V ha! Pwedeng wedding photog!
 photo I31B8601_zps04e2b6a0.jpg
They have a long list of entourage. But one thing I love about K and Yael’s wedding.. it’s really their own. These are people na part ng buhay nila. Her running coach is a ninong. You see childhood friends kasama sa entourage. It was not a circus. Talagang love story finale and start of ever after!
 photo I31B8605_zps29763898.jpg
 photo I31B8610_zps7fd4fcf6.jpg
Mother Ricky! Pioneer of Childhaus. One of the reasons where K and I get together often for chika and meetings.
 photo I31B8621_zps7044f332.jpg

Gwapo ni Binoy!
 photo I31B8623_zpsdc88e69e.jpg
Gary V sang!
 photo I31B8632_zps8e884600.jpg
 photo I31B8635_zps325c4812.jpg
 photo I31B8645_zpsfae21ab4.jpg
Kris and Vice ang cute nila!
 photo I31B8648_zpsb872da78.jpg
 photo I31B8649_zps0c9b4521.jpg
It’s so nice to see na friends of bride and groom all together and close na!
 photo I31B8655_zps61e20e65.jpg
 photo I31B8658_zps3f714897.jpg
Sidney! Bridesmaid ka rin?
 photo I31B8665_zps9f7876e9.jpg
Ganda talaga ni Izadora! Kung hindi kita kaibigan, sinugatan ko mukha mo! hahaa!
 photo I31B8673_zps0965930f.jpg

 photo I31B8676_zps268fd708.jpg
Sorry naiiyak kasi ako. Yung bride ang nasa utak ko!
 photo I31B8680_zpsa5c4215d.jpg

 photo I31B8684_zps451af56d.jpg
Kapag tumibok ang pusoooooo…..
 photo I31B8689_zps4efeac3b.jpg

AY! May paa si Dyesebel! Ganda!
 photo I31B8691_zps820f2720.jpg
 photo I31B8692_zpse66636fc.jpg
 photo I31B8694_zpsd3e998c5.jpg
I love children at weddings!
 photo I31B8699_zpsbc0c3525.jpg
 photo I31B8701_zps77964ca5.jpg
 photo I31B8710_zpsc8cbbe06.jpg
 photo I31B8720_zps909a69ad.jpg
 photo I31B8722_zps7284047c.jpg
Zsazsa and Tito M!
 photo I31B8728_zpsd9aa33a2.jpg
 photo I31B8733_zpsa05a6ae4.jpg
Our blushing bride!
 photo I31B8740_zps0699e2b2.jpg
 photo I31B8742_zps091ffa25.jpg
 photo I31B8746_zpsc583ecca.jpg
 photo I31B8749_zpsffacbdeb.jpg
Super dami talagang photos! Kasal ng friend ko noh!
 photo I31B8752_zpsc35bf98c.jpg
I love her spanish veil!
 photo I31B8760_zps5df49546.jpg

 photo I31B8768_zpsc7fab5c8.jpg
Ganda din ng setup! Thanks Robert Blancaflor! Kahit late na kita tinawagan, hindi mo kami tinaboy! haha!
 photo I31B8778_zps057fdafe.jpg
This is my second time to go to this church. Another friend also got married here!
 photo I31B8783_zpsd7e40870.jpg
 photo I31B8785_zpsb5ccfd39.jpg
Group shot!
 photo I31B8794_zpsc21c665b.jpg
 photo I31B8795_zps97208275.jpg

 photo I31B8798_zps17198b55.jpg

 photo I31B8809_zpsa222c351.jpg
 photo I31B8810_zps584eadc1.jpg

 photo I31B8818_zps1193a0b5.jpg

 photo I31B8823_zps03c2ff63.jpg

The reception was at a friend’s resort. And i love what Robert did with this! The styling is so Karylle and Yael! Ghost chairs by https://www.facebook.com/olivetreephil . Thanks Flo for the chairs! I love ghost chairs for events. I like yung feeling na hindi nakakasira ng aura. Ganda! photo I31B8829_zps10632063.jpg
 photo I31B8830_zpsd48002e9.jpg
With Flo!
 photo I31B8834_zps4c71011a.jpg
 photo I31B8838_zpseb38bb54.jpg
 photo I31B8849_zpse90217f8.jpg

Tin and Gino hosted the reception!
 photo I31B8856_zpscaf3cce7.jpg
Ayan na ang bagong kasal!
 photo I31B8866_zps1cca864e.jpg

Funny first dance!
 photo I31B8873_zpscbf6a2fe.jpg
 photo I31B8875_zps95310734.jpg
 photo I31B8876_zps6b48f597.jpg
Tito M and his fave hobby!
 photo I31B8880_zpsb316f89f.jpg

 photo I31B8884_zps214b426c.jpg
 photo I31B8886_zpsb798f5b8.jpg

 photo I31B8893_zps57aa83b2.jpg

Nakakatawa si K, i had to send her dozens and dozens of wedding cake pegs! Nakuha din yung berries na gusto nya!
 photo I31B8899_zps8db08f50.jpg
 photo I31B8900_zps25896667.jpg
 photo I31B8901_zps89d27465.jpg
 photo I31B8904_zps483c1f74.jpg
Coco and her speech!
 photo I31B8921_zps620046fc.jpg

Groom’s dad!
 photo I31B8924_zps20f34605.jpg
 photo I31B8926_zps49fc228b.jpg
 photo I31B8928_zpsb14e0b49.jpg
The bouquet toss!
 photo I31B8931_zpsd9a732ae.jpg
 photo I31B8934_zpsd367a8cf.jpg
And COCO is the winner!
 photo I31B8948_zpsfc1ff9cc.jpg

 photo I31B8954_zpsb555c13a.jpg
The look of Julius! haha!
 photo I31B8956_zpsb467e880.jpg
 photo I31B8959_zps66ccbc49.jpg

 photo I31B8968_zps5a9f5214.jpg
The garter!
 photo I31B8972_zps48bfac7e.jpg
 photo I31B8975_zps173f42cb.jpg
Ang cute noh pagmagaling kumanta ang pamilya!
 photo I31B8990_zps9208b316.jpg
 photo I31B8992_zps68c594b0.jpg
 photo I31B9001_zps5f892717.jpg

 photo I31B9007_zps0975e979.jpg
 photo I31B9009_zps714aa8aa.jpg

 photo I31B9018_zps67b498e0.jpg
The bride and groom thank yous. Ni rap nila! ang cute! Check my IG @divinemlee
 photo I31B9027_zps6b144f1a.jpg
Iyakan na!
 photo I31B9035_zps37c2bfbf.jpg

We really wanted more photos but naubusan na kami battery. hehe! It’s nice to see weddings na ganito. Yung mga single, ayan may hope pa! And reminds us that “love is just waiting for the perfect time”.

Here’s their wedding video and Yael’s new song.. Ang sweet!

I love you both! Sige Yael, ikaw narin :) Inaanaks ko ha? :p

Much love,