It’s not a usual thing to have this much artists that cut across multiple genres in one music festival. But that’s what Paradise IMF promises to deliver. The promise, to take you back on a journey into what a Music Festival really is. Unlike the past festivals that were either Indie, EDM or Hip-Hop specific. Paradise cuts across all into one.


Paradise as a music festival began with the announcement of Kanye West. All the Kanye fans were astounded by the fact Yeezus himself confirmed it the same date as his new album release.
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Flawless All The Way!

So para knows nyo lahat ng products ng Flawless. Here’s another post! photo 4P3C9477_zpse1gmekxh.jpg
Youthness is key na talaga ngayon! So it’s good to know all the products you can use!

Japan Another!

It’s Valentines and we decided to go to Japan!
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Don’t worry guys! I have better photos this time. Check out our ganap!

Laking Flawless!

I’ve been a Flawless girl even before I became their endorser. Chika ko nga sa inyo d ba? I love doing 10t things in a day. And isa dun ang magkaganda!
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Find out some of my fave products!


Malaysia, Truly Asia!
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Went to Malaysia for work but syempre I did a side trip na kagad! KOTA KINABALU!


Past posts! Dahil nga nag sabbatical ako.. I’m going back to all my old travel posts for you! photo IMG_2045_zpsxlesjf7k.jpg
How to do Bali my way!