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New discovery! Well, or nauto kasi ako ni Giselle Bundchen. Malapit ko nang tanggapin na talagang likhang may glow lang sya until I saw photos of her applying RMS! So best in research naman ako and found out that this is her fave brand! Perfect for daily!
Living Luminizer: ETO PALA YUNG HOLY GRAIL NYA! She uses this for her cheeks kaya parang laging mukhang happy!
 photo 1LivingLuminizer1_zps452d9ec2.jpg
 photo 1LivingLuminizer2_zps3cac5495.jpg
 photo 1LivingLuminizer3_zpsc1fec6c0.jpg
See how her cheeks has this subtle sheen all the time? AYAN PALA!
Un Powder: If bet nyo yung matt but with glow. Use this over! Walang coverage toh so para sa likhang pinagpalad na maganda ang kutis! But you can also use this as oil control over makeup!
 photo 2UnPowder1_zps30a9403a.jpg
 photo 2UnPowder2_zpsaf6d13f4.jpg
 photo 2UnPowder3_zps0a40511d.jpg
 photo 2UnPowder4_zpsa0155ef5.jpg
And kaya pala parating rosy white ganap! This line is for those na ayaw ng mukhang nakamakeup. Very Giselle lang!
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure1_zpsa74142b2.jpg
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure2_zps4c4bab69.jpg
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure3_zps26e3448c.jpg
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure4_zpsfc3b5f9a.jpg
Buriti Bronzer: And the bronzer! Para may brazilian glow. I love how it’s not orangey. Minsan kasi mukhang flower paso yung mga bronzer ko sa pagkaterracotta!
 photo 4BuritiBronzer1_zps058d1d12.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer2_zpsef8436d0.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer3_zpsa393529e.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer4_zps8dac011b.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer5_zpsa3d09921.jpg
We don’t have these in Manila. But you can order from our fave shopper! SHOP HK! or email her!

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This is my 2nd or 3rd year for Goody! I think I get along with Goody girls! Haha!
 photo P1390035_zps0c070d7f.jpg
This was exactly right before the BENCH NAKED truth show! So sakto kasi right beside each other since MOA itey!
 photo P1390036_zpsc3449e2a.jpg
As you can see, hyper talaga ako mag host! Actually I love impromptu hostings. We were supposed to just chika chika with the girls, last minute changes led to this! Better if you ask me !
 photo P1390037_zps34667ab0.jpg
 photo P1390038_zpse89538ab.jpg
Kelly and I decided to talk about blogging, specifically sya sa beauty and I did fashion.
 photo P1390040_zpsba6428e9.jpg
We talked about how we started… pinanganak kami ng nanay namin. Choz!
 photo P1390044_zpsf1bbe5f3.jpg
Siga ko dito oh! ahaha!
 photo P1390050_zps75ff3ba7.jpg
 photo P1390051_zps843ef4c1.jpg
We decided to go down the stage and mingle. Mas masaya kasi when you are closer to the guests!
 photo P1390064_zps50d4ea13.jpg
We had some volunteers and best in chika kami about everyday fashion and beauty!
 photo P1390069_zps2e603646.jpg
Ang arte ko naman dito! hahaha!
 photo P1390090_zpsfdbcd1a7.jpg

To everyone who came, Thank you! Hope you enjoyed!
Next year ulit! Thank you Goody! Parati na akong suki! hahaha! Check out their newest products by following their social media accounts @goodyph!

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Parati kasi akong tinanatong kung anong pwede iregalo! I think fool proof regalo ang scents! Eto yung pang mga sossy nyong friendships na lahat may angal! Choz! In investing in scents, you can check out these brands!
Actually ang dami nyang iba ibang scents, fave ko yung limited edition na Harrods Amber pero parang wala na ata. 
Bond No. 9 Chez Bond
 photo BondNo9ChezBond_zps3d3e273a.jpg
Bond No. 9 I LOVE NEW YORK for All Limited Edition with Silver
 photo BondNo9ILOVENEWYORKforAllLimitedEditionwithSilver_zpsb91be8e6.jpg
Bond No. 9 I LOVE NEW YORK for Marriage Equality : I LOVE THIS! Sakto sa amoy, may meaning pa!
 photo BondNo9ILOVENEWYORKforMarriageEquality_zps5573ccdf.jpg
Bond No. 9 Saks Fifth Avenue for Her and Him
 photo BondNo9SaksFifthAvenueforHerandHim_zps1ccc9618.jpg
Bond No. 9 Silver
 photo BondNo9Silver_zps5b947493.jpg
Bond No. 9 The Swarovski Crystallized Amphora
 photo BondNo9TheSwarovskiCrystallizedAmphora_zps442406a4.jpg
Frederick Malle
Ok, tidbit chika! Sumikat sakin toh kasi I know this is the brand na pinadala ni Piolo kay KC na isang box nung may ligawan portion! 
Frederick Malle Carnal Flower: Very Sampaguita yung scent nitey. Acquired taste kung baga!
 photo FrederickMalleCarnalFlower_zps2706b129.jpg
Frederick Malle Cologne Bigarade
 photo FrederickMalleCologneBigarade_zps6ffaf475.jpg
Frederick Malle French Lover
 photo FrederickMalleFrenchLover_zps02b59b84.jpg
Frederick Malle Lipstick Rose: My fave! Amoy lipstick promise! And very baby colgne!
 photo FrederickMalleLipstickRose_zpsce38fb60.jpg
Giorgio Armani
I order my stash from Shop HK pag itong brand na toh. Bongga yung Wood or Amber! Maganda din yung packaging. hahaha!
Giorgio Armani Cuir Amethyste
 photo GiorgioArmaniCuirAmethyste_zps2265f43a.png
Giorgio Armani Eclat De Jasmin: Very Ghel toh. I use men’s scent eh!
 photo GiorgioArmaniEclatDeJasmin_zps38f3f0d4.png
Giorgio Armani Encens Satin
 photo GiorgioArmaniEncensSatin_zps50265c49.png
Giorgio Armani Eu De Jade
 photo GiorgioArmaniEuDeJade_zpsb539fa73.png
JOY Perfume
They said eto daw yung pinakamahal na perfume. Hindi ako sure. Hahah! But believe it or not, may sampaguita factor sya!
 photo JoyParfum1_zpse2253b41.jpg
 photo JoyParfum2_zpsa48ed9c2.jpg
 photo JoyParfum3_zps280b7548.gif
THIS IS MY FAVE LINE! I like men’s scent for some weird reason. In this collection puro panlalake gamit ko.
Tom Ford Private Blend Cafe Rose
 photo TomFordPrivateBlendCafeRose_zps35f99aab.jpg
Tom Ford Private Blend London
 photo TomFordPrivateBlendLondon_zps90afd42a.jpg
Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood
 photo TomFordPrivateBlendOudWood_zps9f08acfa.jpg
Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille
 photo TomFordPrivateBlendTobaccoVanille_zpsc425d937.jpg

Ayan! Add nyo na sa Xmas lists nyo! I’ll be doing other more affordable scents next. Sunod lang naman ako sa giliw ng request nyo. Just comment on the comments section if may bet kayo ibloggelya ko!
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Flawless Introduces Its First All-Natural Facial Treatment
I love the direction of Flawless! NATURAL! Bongga that they came up with this new facial! Since bet natin ang glowing skin, eto na!

If you guys see me na ang lakas ng loob mag #NoMakeup… Ito yun!

Sabi nga ng Ina Magenta namin…

“This comes as an answer to growing clamors for more conscientious beauty solutions,” share Rubby Sy, Flawless’ CEO. “Both the technique and products we use come straight from Israel and make use of some of the best things to come out of the Dead Sea.”


The All-Natural Ultimate White Facial makes use of two powerful ingredients that not only lighten and rejuvenate the skin but help improve its clarity and texture as well—Dunaliella Seaweed and Gigawhite. A unique alga endemic to the Dead Sea, Dunaliella Seaweed is known to contain almost every amino acid that exist in nature and is a powerful skin anti-aging tool, while Gigawhite is a safe skin lightening agent used as a natural alternative to hydroquinone, the currently reigning king of skin lightening actives.


In addition, it also takes advantage of the natural skin lightening effects of Kojic Acid and Vitamin C.

“With nine in 10 people saying that they see noticeable improvements in their skin’s complexion after the first session, we are very proud of this new treatment. Together with Novexpert, All-Natural Ultimate White Facial lays down the foundation of a new Flawless. One that’s still very pink but green at the same time. And when we say green, we don’t mean just having natural options, but translating that into our operations as well. Expect more green efforts from us in the months to come,” Sy ends.


To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit or like You may also follow or visit Flawless’ online shop,
 photo All-NaturalUltimateWhiteFacial_zpsc3f15618.jpeg

 photo MaxeneMagalona_AlagangNatural_zps7f52b8df.jpeg


Oh bilis na! Para maka hastag #NoMakeup #IWokeUpLikeThis na kayo! Akala mo Beyonce ha, ikaw lang ang #Flawless? KAMI DIN!

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Huli na ata ako sa balita… But I’ve been seeing Guerlain Meteorites everywhere for some time. Actually, mukha kasing laruan kaya never ko sya naisip itry.

On one of my trips, I got a gift certificate for DUTY FREE so I tried their travel pack since yun ang presyong pasok sa GC. Haha!

BAKIT BA HINDI KO SYA NATRY DATI? I love this product! It gives you the fresh glow na hindi super shimmery! They come in 3 colors so pwede kayo mamili. But they have a general color what can be used for all skin types.

Medyo haggard nga lang sya for travelling, but the light diffusing chuchus are so nice. It gives that glow na para kang bagong ligo after work out!

I use it alone or on top of my powder. Although don’t expect coverage from this, pang glow lang sya talaga. Nabibili na pala ang kutis porsellana! Haha! Bakit hindi ko nakuha ang memo?

I’m planning to try their bases next time pag naubus ko na yung powder ko!

Alam nyo naman na addict ako sa primer. Right now I am using a MAC BB balm, so medyo may hint of glow din yun. Parang BB cream!

Baka bongga ito, sana pasok sya sa combination skin!

Kung OC kayo at ayaw nyo yung tiny bubbles na ganap, they also have it in compact!

Hanap pako ng weapons pampaganda! Hahaha!

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 photo Novexpertlogo_zps0d9315d6.jpg
Novexpert by Laboratoires Novexpert: All Natural Beauty Line Makes Its Philippine Debut
 Flawless, brings the world’s first 100% natural in origin, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% hypoallergenic beauty line to the country—Novexpert.

It’s so natural na pwede nyo sya lafangin! Promise! Pero hindi ko naman na try!

The whole line is about anti-aging. Actually, thank God na kikay powers din ang mudak ko. She taught me about anti-aging very bagets pa. Actually, she’s the type na maiwan ko na yung ID ko wag ko lang makakalimutan mag sunblock!

Novexpert is available in the following Flawless clinics: SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, TriNoma, SM Cebu, SM Bacoor, SM Pampanga, and SM San Lazaro.

In the Philippines, Novexpert is exclusively distributed by Flawless. To know more, visit or follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

 photo Group2_zpsf19a6c0e.jpeg

Flawless is going all natural! There is a big trend for going natural narin naman. Oo nga naman, I think our skin deserves a rest naman from all the chemicals na nagaganap every day!
 photo Group_zps4fe6a212.jpg

100% chemical free! And it works immediately, you really feel the difference. 
 photo NovexpertCoverPhoto3_zpsc3e378f3.jpg


We should all be more concern kung ano ba yung mga pinapahid natin sa fezlak natin. Especially since there are products that are as effective (kung hindi mas bongga) that are all natural!

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Ok, ang dami nang review about makeups. But sa totoo lang, I really started working better with makeup when I started using the right makeup brushes! So here’s a quick guide on what brushes I use!


– Depends on what you use? Liquid ba kayo or cream? or asphalto? CHOZ!

For liquid and cream, I usually use the Beauty Blender.

Ang issue ko lang dyan is feeling ko maraming masnauubus sa sponge rather than my fez! But when using the beauty blender, make sure pat pat ang ganap. Use the tip area for mga sides ng nose and under eye. Pag mas tipid means brush and i like using Shisheido Foundation Brush! Super easy to blend.

Pag powder ganap naman na funda you can use the provided sponge pero parang mas bet ko rin ang brush. I use this brush MAC’s 150

A bit smaller than most fluffy brushes but nagagamit ko din syang pang loose powder or setting powder.

2. Weapons for eyeshadow

Ok, hindi naman ako pro makeup artist. But I have a couple of faves that I use for eyeshadows.

MAC’s 252 for application of whole lid eyeshadow

Then I like blending that with a fatter brush para mag blend from crease upwards. I use Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush. Dahil mas busog lusog sa bristles, it makes blending easier.

Next for the eyes, yung pang lower lid eyeshadow or eye shadow contouring  (ika nga ni Xtina Super star yung “bintana” eyeshadow), I use a smaller tipped brush para less mistakes, less haggard!

Real Techniques pixel point accent brush. Pwede nyo narin pang soften ng hard lines of eyeliner itey!

Or MAC’s 219


For the longest time, iniisip ko bakit ako mukhang caricature pag nagblublush! Yun naman pala mali yung blush brush ko! Jake taught me na dapat daw mas maliit para controlled ko yung area. Dati kasi the biggest fluff brush, ayun buong pisngi ko may blush. Parang napisa yung fez ko ng matagal!

MAC’s 129 pwedeng all around pang blush and for powder!

And then I use a more angled brush for contouring! If you buy the travel sets of Mac kadalasan meron na sya dun!

MAC’s 168

4. Kilay Killer!

AYYY! Ito important! I spend half of my makeup time sa kilay. haha! Marami kasing issue yung kilay ko eh! Weapon of choice ko yung angled brush for applying gel or powder or pang blend ng eyebrow pencil.

MAC’s 266

There you go! Yan yung basics! Pero sige gagawan ko din kayo ng blogpost kung gusto nyo yung ganap na pwede na kayong magtayo ng parlor! haha!

*** All photos from the net.

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Alala ko nung bagets ako, pagkulang ang budget sa new damit.. dito ang takbo. Lippy! And dahil obsessed nga ko sa lipstook, medyo nasa levels na ako na gusto ko high pigments and yung kahit i-chlorox hindi matatangal. choz!

Eto yung bet kong pro-line ngayon talaga. Palagi kong ini-instagram! haha! MAKEOVER COSMETICS. Medyo hindi kagandahan pa yung site nila but you can buy there. Just click this link and they deliver pa! So avail! Pinakafave ko yung eyeshadows, but next time ko gaganapin ang review nun kasi medyo 54 shades lang sya noh. haha! But for the lippys, it has the same color choices of MAC yet, heavier pigments and mas MUIRAITA! Php 599.00 each so half the price! Push nyo na yan! 

Eto yung nakaka-fresh na color!
Similar tone ng sa taas, medyo mashawig lang toh sa NICKI MINAJ MAC limited edition because may yellow undertone. FAVE!

Promise ang lakas ng powers makaputi nitich! If hindi ka pa ready sa RED lippy. ETo ang middle step from pink.


The best pang daily or natural nagap!


Very SCHIAP of Nars ang peg nito. HOT FENK!


Yung Coral nakaka-ghelay ang peg. I like orangy tones also. Pero kung ayaw mong mukhang lumafez ng isang can ng cheese curls. Dapat may pinkish shade! ETO NA YUN!


Pagnaghihganti ka sa EX jowa. Eto ang weapon na needsung mo!


Eto ang lagi kong gamit. As in daily and sa ANG LATEST. Nakakabagets and linis linisan!




I use this pag very smokey ang pegaloo ng eyes!


 Similar but kung bet nyo ang GOLD SPECKS! Eto na yun, tinalo pa ang SAUDI! PAKAK!


Pampa-young. Eto yung mga bagay sa theme song na “TAMIS NG UNANG HALIK”


Masmakatarungan sa Pink Nouveau of MAC. I like this shade, if bet nyo yung Pink Nouveau, mabebetan nyo toh!


Orangey again but eto masnatural! Pwedeng pang malling. Yes, ganun ka natural! Kahit sa pagtulog. choz!


Ansaveh sa sofness? WALEY! Eto pag may kasalanan kayo at gusto nyong magpa-innocent look! Very Anna Luna ang peg or MARA sa Mara Clara!


If maputi ka, mas better sayo tong shade na toh.


Lookalike nung MAC for LADY GAGA!




Last toh, kasi eto ang magic sa baggelya ko. If tamad ako mag mukup, eto lang ang weapon panalo na!



So ayan! GOW PUSH NYO NA! Check out their site. D lang nga kagandahan pa but trust me bongga all the products. Lippies, Sculpting Kit and eyeshadows yung top 3 ko.

Email them for orders:

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