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OK, lipstick season again!

Ang bongga ng packaging nito but it sells at 90USD! Baka pati labi kasama na pagbumili ka! Charot!

We all love the red soles of our Louboutins, will we love the lippies as much?


Watch the video!

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In life, d nyo naman needsung ng 20t lipy colors. But don’t trust me, makeup hoarder din akey. But Giambattista got this rule right! Yung mga basic na bet natin nakuha nya for his collab with MAC.


Sino ba naman sa atin ang hindi dumaan sa Candy YumYum color of Mac. This is more subtle but perfect to light up your fez!


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I am guilty of staying way too long under the sun. MAHILIG NGA AKO SA BEACH! haha! But no matter how much you try to take care of your skin thru sunblock, you can’t help but wonder na may nakakalampas parin kaya?
 photo 20150630_181757_000_zpsdg2nqwx0.jpg

Watch this! Bakit ba hindi kami close ni Tom Ford at ganito ang regalo sakin?

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.55.23 AM


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We are on the cover! Naks, lakas maka couple pics!

Read more about super serums! Best in recharge ko yan especially with the chrsitmas season!

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I write for Kristn or Hitlist. OO, talagang curacha na yung name ko. But I decided that to make it different from my blog, that puro videos naman dun!

Here are some videos i made for them! Enjoy!

1. All about contouring!

Part 2! 

We also have fashion tips for you! Sneaks go with whut??

And of course my joint column with V! All about travel!

1, How to fly for free! 

Here, we talk about our fave place! HK!


What to pack!


Watch out for more videoblogs from us!

PS. Pagpasensyahan nyo na yung contour and highlight ko coz I did the beauty first and for camera purposes we had to exag everything. Wag nyo na i judge kung mukhang color by number yung fez ko!

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It’s a known fact that I love everything na pampaganda. haha! Sino bang hindi? Whenever I travel abroad, my friends and V knows that I can spend the whole day at beauty counters.

I’m so excited to share that SM MAKATI now has one of the biggest beauty floor for you! Ang daming new brands!
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0003_zps645890f2.jpg
And they renovated to change the whole look.
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0002_zps0d48a645.jpg
I love how they were able to bring in different brands from all over the world! No need to online shop! Complete na lahat!
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0001_zpsfd064511.jpg
From my fave pro-line makeover (yes, plakado kayo dito sis. walang urungan ng makeup) to japanese brands, korean brands and of course your fave international brands.
 photo IMG-20141203-WA0000_zps8ddd0a88.jpg

They are also prepared for Xmas! One stop shop ang ganap! check out the cute xmas gift packs! No need to wrap!

So what are we all waiting for? Rush to SM Makati and check out their beauty section! Perfect ang hashtag na #somuchbeauty

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We have something new from Flawless! After introducing yung all natural ganap, hindi din nagpahuli with SUPER SERUMS!
I like testing new products of flawless, I’ve been using the serums even before it launched and promise, if you want fast results… eto yun! Kaya best in super talaga!

 photo SuperSerums_zps35053960.jpg

Price: 1,500 per box which has 5 tubes and comes in 3 variants!
 photo Vic_zps7b777364.jpg
I actually started seeing results in 2 weeks! So pangmabilasan toh!
 photo VicDivinePhoto_zpsa2d447fa.jpg
And I am so happy to be with V for this campaign! Alam nyo naman ako d ba? Mahilig ako sa more is more! I’ve been breaking out recently due to lack of sleep from my MBA. So sinabay ko yung whitening and pimple clear! EH DI BALIK NO CHISMIS SKIN in 2 weeks! photo FlawlessDivineVictor4384_zpscb89fcdb.jpeg
V has been using it too! at may paandar pa syang statement! 
“I honestly have a hard time keeping my skin evenly toned,” says Victor Basa. “Of course, that’s mainly because I’m either under the sun or exposed to harsh lights. The Whitening Super Serum helped even out my skin. Plus, it has SPF35, which makes it more perfect for guys because it protects your skin without the heavy feel that creams provide and absorbs easily.”
 photo FlawlessDivineVictor4598_zps2b6b3a34.jpeg
Specially formulated for all skin types– oily, dry, combination, sensitive.
Has SPF 35, which makes it a really good day or night moisturizer, because it provides protection minus the heavy
and sticky feel
 photo FlawlessDivineVictor4606_zpsbbce254b.jpeg
 photo FlawlessDivineVictor4685_zpsa1796780.jpeg
 photo FlawlessDivineVictor4851_zps7ba287c4.jpg
Flawless’ Super Serums are available in all of the company’s 39 clinics nationwide, including its newly-opened branches in Bacolod and Eastwood.
Powered by Skin Professionals, Flawless is a well-loved brand that is known for introducing pioneering beauty solutions that continuously raise industry standards in the region. At its core is a celebrated roster of well-trained aestheticians and medical doctors stationed at each of its 36 clinics nationwide. To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may or like You may also follow or visit Flawless’ online shop,
 photo FlawlessDivineVictor4853_zpsdd2fef1b.jpeg

Baka eto na talaga ang sagot sa bonggang love life! PUSH NYO YAN!
 photo FlawlessDivineVictor4862_zps1b64a646.jpeg
Maybe I should suggest they call it SUPER SERUMS FOR SUPER LOVELIFE! Haha!

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