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PAC is a pro makeup line. So yung mga issue nyo sa pigments waley! What I love about this line is kahit pro sya, madali gamitin!
You can check out their site for more ganap!
PAC Foundation Range Includes:
PAC Liquid Foundation ( P699)
PAC Creamy Foundation (P750)
PAC Two Way Cake (P849 compact, P649 refill)
PAC Loose Powder (P699)

Eto, ang maganda dito. FULL COVERAGE! Tago ang sumpa!
 photo 1_zps6c482e9f.jpg
 photo 2_zps98e080ea.jpg

Eto naman para sa mga tamad ng magliquid and powder… creamy ganap!
 photo 3_zpsca661e45.jpgBlush On

PAC Blush On comes in a palette with 8 shades (P 2,999),
in single compact (P 699) and refill (P 375).

Eto yung tinatawag na powerful… konti lang but effect kagad! So if first time nyo do it in a well lighted room, mahirap nang maging boyoyong!
 photo 4_zps6c4339a5.jpg

PAC Eye Make Up Collection Includes:
PAC Color Festival Eye shadow quad (P749)
PAC Matte and Pearly Eye shadow refill (P375)
PAC Colorful Liquid Eye Liner (P749)
PAC Eye Shadow Pencil Duo (P650)
PAC White Eye Liner Pencil (599)
PAC Make Up Pencil (P599)
PAC Eye Brow Pencil (P599)
PAC Mascara Black (P699)
PAC Eye Shadow Powder (P499)
I’m more for the nudes and earth tones. Marami sila nun. Since heavily pigmented, maganda sya at mabilis apply!
 photo 5_zps549084eb.jpg
Use with caution! Medyo tricky itey so make sure may time ka magbura if needed!
 photo 6_zps97a29848.jpg
 photo 7_zps627a2022.jpgGo to liner ko yung silver diva for under lid. Kasi nakakalaki ng mata.
 photo 8_zpsd03cb5c7.jpg
 photo 9_zpsc42e9810.jpg
 photo 10_zps91dfa3db.jpg

PAC Lip Colour Collection Includes:
PAC Glossy Lipsticks (P599)
PAC Matte Lipsticks (599)
PAC Frosty Lipsticks (P599)
PAC Liquid Lip Colors (P599)
PAC Lip Liners (P550)
PAC Lip Colour Palettes (P1,299)
Actually wala akong photo but my fave is yung lipsticks sa tube. Its thickier than lipgloss but moisturises really well!
 photo 11_zps9b44dbf4.jpg
 photo 12_zps0c74bc3f.jpg
 photo 13_zps0d42c4f3.jpg

PAC Professional Palette Collection Includes:
PAC Beauty Kit (P5,999)
PAC Face Coloring Powder (P1,999)
PAC Face Painting Set (4,999)
PAC 48 Color Eye Shadow Palette (P 6,999)
PAC Urban Techno – Professional Make Up Case (P26,000)
PAC Eye Shadow Palette – Matte (P2,999)
PAC Eye Shadow Palette – Pearly (P2,999)
PAC Blush – On Palette (P2,999)
PAC Lip Colour Palettes (P1,299)
 photo 14_zps86f8ca4d.gif
 photo 15_zpsa1237ed6.jpg
 photo 16_zpsba1fb39d.gif
 photo 17_zps61107a49.jpg
 photo 18_zps31f87e42.jpg
 photo 19_zps21341cba.jpg
 photo 20_zpscf3d8d27.jpg
 photo 21_zps3f0bc1e6.jpg
 photo 22_zpsf39164bb.jpg
 photo 23_zps0db13aa8.gif
 photo 24_zps972d2c6a.jpg
 photo 25_zps6899e758.jpg

For this one, get the multipack na powder or foundation pag mahilig ka maghighlight but gusto mo hindi naman BEAUCON levels. The lip palette I also use for taping rather than bringing 6 tubes, ayan madali sa bag! But pag gusto nyo maging full ganap artist. You can buy their started set!
Follow them on Facebook & Twitter @PACPhilippines and on Instagram @pac_ph
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As i Said before, mainwan ko na ang bra ko hindi ko makakalimutan magkilay. So good grooming is a must!
 photo 1_zps218569a2.jpg
Ayan so other than normal pag drawing sa kilay. Importante yang maintenance. Gurl, wag nyo na avail na kayo ang magpluck unless pro na kayo sa kilay nyo. Maraming beses na akong na Pamela Anderson one line sa gigil!
 photo 2_zps6540e99a.jpg
 photo Menu_zps2eaccbfe.jpg
Eto my old Kilay video!

We did a little something for browhaus! Ayan! photo 06Divine_zps86921e7f.jpg

 photo 012Divine_zpsfc4aced6.jpg
 photo 013Divine_zps2ac87633.jpg
 photo Branches_zpsdb896ecb.jpgSince bongga ang Browhaus. We have a giveaway! Ayusin na natin yang talahib nyong kilay!


All you have to do is

1. Follow @divinemlee and @browhausManila on twitter and IG!

2. Tweet “I want a brow makeover @divinemlee @browhausmanila Check to find out how to win a Brow makeover” or IG with browhaus photo above (pili nalang kayo) with caption ”I want a brow makeover @divinemlee @browhausmanila Check to find out how to win a Brow makeover”

3. Keri? Yun lang! WIll announce winner on IG and Twitter soon!

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ANG BONGGA! MAY APP NA ANG FLAWLESS! Uso ang sirena d ba? 
 photo 4P3C9472_zps699d18ce.jpg photo 4P3C9492Edited_zpsad3c7d3c.jpg
Easy instructions below!
 photo A_zpsac5cbfad.jpg
#stayFLAWLESS Mobile App Mechanics
1. Using your browser on your mobile phone, go to and tap on GET STARTED. photo A1_zps8f732ea6.jpg
2. Fill in the required info and tap GET STARTED.
 photo A2_zps5e9f5589.jpg
3. The HOMEPAGE shows you what amazing deals you can claim.
 photo A3_zpsf20b5258.jpg
1. Click REDEEM THIS button on any deal that you want to claim. You will be redirected to the DEAL PAGE, where you will see the mechanics in order to redeem the deal.
 photo B1_zps030b94e5.jpg
2. Select friends you wish to invite.
 photo B2_zpsfe55b4b7.jpg
3. Once your friends confirm your invite, your chosen item will bear the REDEEM NOW watermark. Click on it to continue.
 photo B3_zpsc87b06aa.jpg
4. Click the REDEEM NOW button to continue.
 photo B4_zps942ce0db.jpg
5. You will receive a notification saying that a voucher has been sent to your e-mail.
 photo B5_zps06e304b8.jpg
6. Once a voucher for a certain deal has been sent to your e-mail, the same deal will bear the YOU’VE REDEEMED THIS mark.
 photo B6_zpse4964240.jpg
7. Sample e-mail:
 photo B7_zpse25acd84.jpg
1. You will receive the following notification when a friend invites you to the #stayFLAWLESS app. Click GET STARTED to continue.
 photo C1_zps76a5a021.jpg
2. Click OK to allow Facebook to use the aforementioned information in order for them to use the app as well.
 photo C2_zps2c1eb283.jpg
3. Fill in the required details to continue and click GET STARTED
 photo C3_zpsc835fedd.jpg
4. Click ACCEPT INVITE to join the #stayFLAWLESS community.
 photo C4_zps75dfc019.jpg
You now have access to fabulous Flawless deals!
1. Homepage – Shows all deals offered, for redemption, redeemed or out of stock and navigation button (white box with pink lines)
 photo D1_zps2d9d8f56.jpg
2. Navigation Bar – Appears when the navigation button is clicked. Gives you access to other features of the app.
 photo D2_zps32444f65.jpg
3. Locate Clinics – Interactive map showing the location of all Flawless clinics. Click on a pin icon to see branch details.
 photo D3_zpsb099e3f1.jpg
4. Social Feed – All photo posts (Twitter or Instagram) with the hashtag #stayFLAWLESS are featured here.
 photo D4_zps46b6d8c8.jpg
5. Terms and Conditions – Shows the whole app’s general Terms and Conditions. There is also a pop-up Terms and Conditions per deal (right), found on each deal page.
 photo D5_zps9e07892f.jpg
6. “Share” feature – Allows users to share the buzz about the app via Facebook and Twitter.
 photo D6_zpsa6cf7483.jpg
Hindi ko po audition piece ito as sirena. Ganyan lang talaga ako pagbagong ligo. Choz!
 photo 4P3C9526_zps4a7e521f.jpg photo 4P3C9528_zps9805b62d.jpg
Let’s go techy! Ayan! Mag app na kayo!

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I don’t eat veggies :( I’ve been trying pero sa pilitan talaga. But I found the perfect way to get my veggie intake! And also cleansing narin.

Ok, so ano ba talaga ang juicing? Lemme give you the low down.

1. Cleansing: I am guilty of all the processed food na best in lafang ako. From Spam to Bacon to lahat na. Plus ako pa yung type na nanghihingi ng taba ng porkchops sa leftover plates ng friends ko. After awhile you feel a bit “dirtynelly” with all the food you eat. Especially kung inavail nyo ang buffet! So this is one way to cleanse your system of all the bad things you ate.

My all time fave flavor
 photo 1_zps230501a3.jpg

2. Diet: Yes, you can lose weight. Pero you have to understand that this is more a shock method. So don’t expect din na immediate diet and lahat mawala. Unless you incorporate it to your lifestyle and use the juice as meal replacement na regular. Then you can lose weight. But remember better digestion also results to healthy weight loss. So ayun, make it a lifestyle, then good for diet sya.

Bet ko din toh! It reminds me nung bagets ako, tinutunaw ko yung sundae para mainom ko. YUM!
 photo 2_zps00cd7bfd.jpg

If you love chocomilk! This is it!
 photo 3_zps99fcfd71.jpg

3. health: I’m sure not all of us perfect grade sa vitamins intake lalo na sa balance diet. These juices are good pag like me, d mahilig sa fruits and veggies!

I’ve been looking for a perfect JUICERY for quite sometime. Skinny juicery got the point. Yung hindi lasang halaman. haha!
 photo 4_zpsaf71365f.jpg

I can;t imagine eating all those leaffy greens, but nauubus ko tong drink! Perfect mix!
 photo 5_zpsad03406a.jpg

This drink naman super refreshing! D ko naisip na may beets sya before. But pasok sa top 10!
 photo 6_zps7c19df42.jpg

They have a lot fo flavors but they can also design a mix for you! Try nyo na!
 photo 7_zps0b4e21b9.jpg
 photo 8_zpsa519700d.jpg
 photo 9_zps31fc0a8a.jpg
 photo 10_zpsb0fe48df.jpg
 photo 11_zps7c2a496c.jpg

You won;t run out of choices. When I spoke to the owner, i said d talaga ako mahilig sa dahon. Haha! So she promised me mixes that don’t taste like halaman. Perfect!
You can order from
Or text 0917 320 5329
For #BalikAlindog2014 #BonggangKatawan2014 and #MasTarush2014
Much love,

 photo 1_zpsf4f09194.jpg

Lipaddict: ISkin New York’s Breakthrough Lip Plumping and Anti-aging Solution

No need for lip injections! Well, napalad naman ako na banguso ang lips ko. I used to be teased about it. Thank you Angelina Jolie, at ginawa mong uso ang big and full lips!

For everyone else na lacking in that department. Eto na! Hindi kasi nawoworkout ang lips sa kakachika but keri naman sya thru LIPADDICT!

 photo 2_zpscbbe89a6.jpg


This will plump your lips without stinging or hindi na kailangan magpahid ng sili para mamaga sya! Lip addict is your answer!


May added bonus pa!

“Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper contains peptides. These are short chains of amino acids that penetrate the top layer of the skin and trigger the formation of new collagen—delivering optimal cellular nutrition and support. Simply put, regular use of Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper results not only to fuller and moist puckers, it also makes your lips more youthful and suppler, with visibly less lines and cracks.”


Comes in 12 shades so more options more fun!




In the Philippines, ISkin New York is exclusively distributed by Flawless. For more information, please visit or call 584-6807. You may also like and follow and

 photo 3_zps227758c1.jpg

I love PINK SUGAR. Hanggang gym yan ang suot ko! Haha!
Much love,

Gurls, becks and boys (meron kaya boys nagbabasa? haha!), always make sure na malinis ang kuku! haha! Ultimate chismax yang maduming kuku! Kukudiri ang tawag ko!

Haha! Although I can be guilty of the chipped nail polish, which i hate. Buti nalang may gel polish na ngayon! D na nachichip! ALthough since best in reasearch ako, try to put SUNBLOCK on your hands and feet pag nagpapagel polish cov of the UV light.

Sige eto na top 10 ko!

1. French Tip

Medyo ang bago noh? haha! Bihira ko lang magawa toh because i keep my nails short all the time. I wear contacts kasi ang ilang besos ko na nascratch yung mata ko sa kakaavail ko ng french tip. Nakaka bango lang kasi eto!

2. White

OO, white out lang ang peg. But i like extremes. I do black minsan din! Kasama din yan sa list!

Kung kaya ni Nicole, kaya mo rin!

3. Neutrals of blush and pinks

This is what I use often. Fool proof toh kahit anong look mo.

Very relax lang yan. Hindi ka masasabihan ng Dirtynelli! Haha!

4. Earth tones

Eto naman nakaka mature and klazz na colors! I usually use MATTE finish for this.

5. Matinding Red

Eh totodo ka narin, i-red mo na!

I go either red na red or oxblood red!

The deep red is very sexy. Pero ako lang nagsabi nun. Pwede kayong humusga. Haha!

6. Neons

Agaw attention levels yan! But you have to take into consideration na hindi yan damit na pwede palitan daily (unless may manicurista blood kayo, or stay in ang manicurista.. sosyal!) so the outfits can be limiting.

7. Black and almost black color

Usually suot ko toh if may special effect akey na teterno sa outfit. Bihara nyo naman ako makita mag goth look or very Avril Lavinge. But I like how dramatic this is! Kita lang nga agad agad ang chips!

8. Beige

FAVE FAVE FAVE! Actually palitan lang yung Red, Pinkish and beige sakin!

Although merong maling beige minsan na very ELEPHANT looking ka lang. haha!

9. Blue and purple

For some weird reason, i really like midnight blue and dark purple on my nails. Weird nga eh, so d ko ma-explain. Hahha!

10. Bare or Top coat

I use the shiniest top coat i can find. Basta make sure when you do this walang chismis ha! Dapat may cleaning na naganap! Sige, give ko na if may mertiolate (tama ba spelling?). Haha!

Much love,


Ayan! Beauty portion na naman ang labanan! We all want that classic makeup. Pero minsan flop talaga tayo sa pag mix ng colors kahit alam natin yung techniques.

Face Shop has a collab with hottest makeup artist in Korea, SON DAE SILK! Perfect mix all the colors for the classic look!

 photo BeautifyingyourselfintosomethinglikeaworkofartissuretobefunampeasywithArtistTouchMakeupCollection_zps4c899f10.jpg

Simple blending pero tarush effects! Kahit d ka pro, keri mo toh!

No more, chipped nails! Gel Touch nail polish (Php295) is a must-wear.  photo Chippednailsareano-nothatrsquoswhytheGelTouchnailpolishisamust-wear_zps9838f6e2.jpg

High pigment lippies! Artist Touch Lipstick (Php695)

 photo IncreasethesexyfactorwithlusciouslipscourtesyoftheArtistTouchLipstickPhp695_zps98c1b1a5.jpg

Artist Touch Shadow (Php1195) – Perfect na toh! the right colors mixed. Wag nyo na achievin maging boyoyong! haha!

 photo Mesmerizewithyoureyesdressedupindashesofthelong-wearingArtistTouchShadowPhp1195_zps67b89920.jpg

The Artist Finger Gloss (Php745), is an innovative 3-in-1 multi-finish product that gives a natural lip tint effect in one swipe, a shiny lip gloss effect in two swipes, and a full color lipstick effect in three swipes. photo TheArtistFingerGlossisaninnovative3-in-1multi-finishlipproduct_zps87c5cb0a.jpg

Available in matte, moisture or glossy! In 24 shades! The Artist Touch Lipstick (Php695)

 photo TheArtistTouchLipstickPhp695isavailableinthreedifferenttexturescreamymattemoistureandglossy_zps83535696.jpg

TARUSH! Ayan, new ganap for your makeup kit!

 photo TheFaceShoprsquosArtistTouchCollectioniscollaborationwithoneofthehottestmakeupartistinKoreaSonDaeSik_zps2167e697.jpg

The Face Shop’s Artist Touch Makeup Collection is collaboration with one of the hottest makeup artist in Korea, Son Dae Sik.

 photo TheFaceShoprsquosArtistTouchMakeupCollectionallowsyoutobeartisticandpulloffaladylikelook_zps3c194d97.jpg

Check them out!

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 photo GuaranteedHygienic-Divine_zps42477770.jpg

Ever heard of horror stories na may nagpa derma and lumala? or na infect? TRUEDIS! Dami kong narining na ganyan! Procedures yan so dapat it passed all the sanitary chuchu guidelines. Unfortunately, not all care centers practice this. So wag kang maggoyo! haha!

 photo TreatmentArea_zps1b716fe5.jpg

In Flawless, guaranteed yan! They have a system which ensures everything is sanitized and clean. The process is not just linisin but it’s a strict scientific procedure from years of expertise. Hindi pinakuluan lang sa mainit. haha!

 photo GuaranteedHygienic-Maxene_zps3d29ac36.jpg Flawless goes above and beyond the necessary guidelines. Ganyan kami, more is more! hahaha! And the headbands of our staff are not a fashion statement, disposable yun para sure na malinis! Staff also goes through training before sila makajoin the fun sa branch. And all tools are sealed!

 photo GuaranteedHygienic-Jasmine_zpsca1f88ad.jpg

So don’t worry, be happy!
Aside from this, Flawless also employs the latest and most advanced dermatological machines including Fractional Needling Therapy Guns, LightSheer Diode Laser Hair Removal, and Velasmooth program, among others. “Our tagline says it all. We are powered by Skin Professionals that’s why every step we take—no matter how big or small—is based on the principle of integrating high levels of professional practices with medically-sound solutions. From our doctors, receptionists and aestheticians down to our doormen, everyone in the company works by and lives by this core principle of giving clients nothing but the best care,” Sy ends.
To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit or like You may also follow or visit Flawless’ online shop,
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