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Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Well ako betty mae ko talaga! And may bagong paandar na site. If you are like me na usually hindi na umaabot sa mall coz late natatapos sa work and pag start naman ng araw ko di pa bukas ang mall, buti nalang hindi na 1980s at may online malls na! Just discovered!

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It has practically everything! From women, men, home, kids lahat ata andito na! Mas bongga pa sa suking tindahan! And they are having the biggest sale in a couple of days, wherein may new sale launch every half an hour from 60 brands! Pero wait there’s more ang ganap!

Dahil bongga kayo, we have a few more goodies for you!

May pa voucher tayo. This voucher can be used for a P300.00 discount for a minimum of P1,000.00 purchase! Ang tarush naman! Valid from May 1-31 so make sure na ganapan nyo kagad!

All you have to do is type in MYSALESAVE19 upon check out for your discount. And eto pa, may share usage tayo nito ng 100 times (unahan nalang tayo), each account can use it once pero pwede nyo pa ipaavail sa ibang account! So ayan! Pasign na ang buong barangay para nakashop sa


Trust me, pwede kayo magkamali sa food and clothes but giving furnitures and accessories as gifts, impossible kayo maflop!
So head on over to Mandaue!
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One stop shop na while sale! Avail of the sale and buy your love ones something na talagang maaalala nila kayo. Part of the home or office ang ganap!
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Much love,

Sino bang ayaw ng promo? Christmas is just around the corner! And I think the best gift to buy for friends and family yung pang balur! At least, parte ka na ng environment nila! Kung maka environment ako very animal kingdom! haha!

Bongga ng Mandaue foam because they are giving 24 months installment at 0% interest! Oh d ba? Tipid value!

Wag na magpahuli! Check their website kasi ang dami nilang promos and nice things for the house! Yes, fave stop ko toh for accessories!

You may visit their website by clicking this link:

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But wait there’s more! Avail of their homecard para may additional 10% pa kayo on regular items! No need to wait for a sale! Sale na everyday! And applicable sa lahat itey! For 700 pesos, i think mas bongga ang matitipid nyo!


Click the link below for more details about Mandaue Foam’s Home Card:

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One of my besties having a baby! So ayan, kinareer namin yung invites and babay shower paandar. I wanted something personal, madali naman tumakbo sa bookstore pero parang mas cute if hirap at pawis! Choz!

Obviously baby boy! I have a lot of stock paper, mahilig talaga ako mag DIY!

 photo 1_zps43d12f88.jpg

I also have a laser cutter which Kermit and I used for clothes. But even before inaavail ko na toh. It’s important to have a graph mat!
 photo 2_zpsf37ce297.jpg
You can print out different shapes and sizes from the internet. They cutter nyo lang sya!
 photo 3_zpsd52ccf2d.jpg
Don’t throw away yung pinaggupitan ha! Baka bonggels sya! Magamit pa ulit!
 photo 4_zps81149a6b.jpg
Then I matched the blue with the white!
 photo 5_zps0cbce0ae.jpg
Or masbongga ba light blue?
 photo 6_zps5e53c372.jpg
I used the light blue as a border background!
 photo 7_zps03bd6511.jpg
Remember, wag mag tapon! Magagamit pa ulit yan!
 photo 8_zpse39926f4.jpg
 photo 9_zpsc96567e6.jpg
Glue all your pieces together. Try wag lumampas para walang tsismis!
 photo 10_zpsf193d689.jpg
 photo 11_zps52412741.jpg
OO, medyo nagsisi na ako halfway. hahaha!
 photo 12_zps6210e135.jpg
Then I used the white paper parin!
 photo 13_zps032b61d3.jpg
 photo 14_zpsa7000bdb.jpg
Eto yung mga tira tira! I will use this as the giveaways tag!
 photo 15_zpsddf211ec.jpg
Invite front!
 photo 16_zpsa5bc1441.jpg
Then use photo paper to print the actual invite! (baka hindi na kayanin ng kalyo sa kamay ko i stencil out isa isa! ) but kayo! Be creative!
 photo 17_zps42043b48.jpg
Hand made envelops! I took the small letters from the main invites “button intials” design. Walang sayang!
 photo 18_zps5deb26c1.jpg
 photo 19_zps456cd23e.jpg

There you go! DIY nyo na yan! Para personal!
Much love,

I am not the expert in making home vignettes, but that’s the whole point! Kung kinaya ko kaya nyo rin! haha! Vignettes are small tableaus in certain parts of your home that gives a house more character. Kung 80s sasabihin ng mudak ko, mga “arrangement” nya! Hahaha! photo 20130801_111124_zpsb3d19a96.jpgVignettes are usually a combination of different things. Actually sakin padami ng padami ang nadadagdag from small trinkets i get from my travels and flea markets. But you need some “anchors” to make a vignette work. photo 20130801_111132_zps4069fdde.jpg

So to actually make this blog post, my first stop is Mandaue Main branch in Ortigas Extension. One thing I love about this place is that.. AFFORDABLE but Bongga mga accessories! photo 20130801_111138_zpsf719f977.jpgWhen picking your accessories, I always pick something na may depth, different heights and widths. But in the end, ang important yung bet nyo sya! photo 20130801_111143_zps66219775.jpgIba ibang materials din para may mas character! photo 20130801_111149_zps79f0f5fe.jpg

Vases range from below Php1,000.00 to Php1,800.00 max! photo 20130801_111207_zps78f3fd3c.jpg

And vases ngayon hindi lang pang bulaklak, since mahirap sya maintain minsan. I use twigs, vines at kung ano pa magaya ko sa internet! haha! photo 20130801_111213_zps3ee44364.jpgMy place is very neutral in color, so sa accessories ako bumabawi ng colors. And the best part is pag na bore ako, madaling palitan. Unlike kung yung sala set ko ang may kulay, pag tinamaan ako ng sapak, mahal papalitan! photo 20130801_111218_zpsea8c0dc9.jpg

I got that printed vase! photo 20130801_111240_zps5f0f55c2.jpg

 photo 20130801_111248_zps76106cbd.jpg

Kabowg din toh! photo 20130801_111253_zpsc8174070.jpgI’m not fond of plastic plants but kung ganito kaliit pwede na!

 photo 20130801_111335_zps75f1d290.jpg

And low maintenance sya if you want some greens.

 photo 20130801_111413_zps798bd237.jpg

That’s me behind! haha! Namimili ng ceramic balls. photo 20130801_111429_zpsa3329e85.jpg

Most of the balls range only from Php50.00 to Php100.00!

 photo 20130801_111448_zps5dc83e1e.jpg

Take your pick!

 photo 20130801_111535_zps7ed12635.jpg

Got this too! Reminds me of yung pinilit ko i-crossstich na ballerina nung bagets pa ako. haha! I’m sure alam nyo yung ballerina cross-stitch na yun! photo 20130801_111603_zps5de9b1aa.jpg

See? Vases and twigs or bamboos!

 photo 20130801_111652_zpse542f32d.jpg

Mix patterns para mas tarush!

 photo 20130801_111800_zpsa406a25c.jpg

All of these are from Php400.00 to Php1,000.00! photo 20130801_111814_zps224e7b17.jpg

Huli na naman ako may sinisilip!

 photo 20130801_111847_zps65cf56b1.jpg

Big plates can serve as centerpieces or pwede sya display na vertical! Kuha lang ng stand!

 photo 20130801_111951_zps29a2c711.jpg

They also have wall mounts you can use! I didn’t get na kasi ubos na ang wall space ko. haha!

 photo 20130801_112207_zpsb6b1b25a.jpg

You can pick paintings that will match your mood, home and taste! photo 20130801_112217_zpsbea50560.jpg

 photo 20130801_112225_zps940a38ce.jpg

JACKPOT! Love mirrors!!! Pang GGSS. haha! Marami pang iba! photo 20130801_112256_zpsf24b0e65.jpg

Add some texture, marami din silang pillows! photo 20130801_112415_zps6910b5e4.jpg

Throw pillows can follow your theme or be totally iba. Parang shock value! That’s how I do it in the house.

 photo 20130801_112439_zpscfb2102e.jpg

Lamps are nice sa balur plus nakaka dramatic lighting, maganda pa sa photo! photo 20130801_112602_zpsdece4698.jpg

 photo 20130801_112623_zpsb096311d.jpg

 photo 20130801_112643_zps82fb5fdc.jpg

OK, so I’m finally home with my loot! Check nyo! photo 20130801_135658_zpsd906afc9.jpg

Yan mga inavail ko! And will show you how i put everything together. photo 20130801_135854_zps4396b40f.jpg

Ang affordable ng ceramic balls, dinamihan ko nga! haha! photo 20130801_135902_zps99bfbc08.jpg

This is one of my wall cabinets. Actually, lalagyan talaga sya ng stand alone aircon, since aksaya sa electricity yun and I prefer the normal aircon. I covered this area with a ledge. So ayun, I was left with cubby holes! Ang chaka! Pero perfect for a vignette!

Squares Mirror (PHP690.00; discounted from PHP2,300.00) || Square Lantern (PHP700.00)

 photo 20130801_142210_zpsd521ffc9.jpg
 RULE 1: The vignette is you.

So kahit ano pa yan, lagyan nyo ng character by making it a mix of things that represent you. Actually no rules nga if your really think of it, you just have to study the placing. So check out what i did!

The glass head is from my friend Nix Alanon, the skull was from mga bangketa sa Mexico when I went, the lamp is from Mandaue but outdoor talaga sya (but sabi ko nga walang rules… haha!), books on styling, yung potpourri gawa ng inaanak ko for school so parang remembrance, the mirror I decided not to hang but instead gawing backing kasi ang plain nung white wall, and the vase to add color and the silver tree to add depth.

Squares Mirror - 690.00 discounted from 2,300.00 Square Lantern - 700.00 photo 20130801_142216_zps34f1944d.jpg


This is more a stand alone. Since may merienda sa balur, and may space pa sa table. I decided to use some to make a vignette. Para mukhang mas pinaghandaan. haha! Judgemental pa naman sila Jake! haha!

Wide Polyresin Plate (PHP700.00) || 4Pcs Mini Succulents (PHP460.00) || Starfish Plate Cream (PHP750.00)

Honey Comb Ball (PHP260.00) || Ceramic Ball (PHP60.00)
Wide Polyresin Plate - 700.00 4Pcs Mini Succulents - 460.00 Starfish Plate Cream 750.00 Honey Comb Ball 260.00 Ceramic Ball 60.00 photo 20130801_153113_zps3578884c.jpg
Rule 2: Have an “ANCHOR”

Sometimes in making a vignette pwedeng symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical means same on one side and another kung baga medyo similar heights etc, terno kung baga, but you can do asymmetrical which is not really following a specific form. But always try to have an anchor when doing asymmetrical vignettes. In this case yung plate na nilagyan ko ng stand.

Most of the items in this vignette are from Mandaue! Except for the glass thingamagiggy (yung pang candle.. haha!) which was from Jenni Epperson’s exchange gift for me, then the white eggshell horizontal vase is from an old flower arrangement.


This is the table’s centerpiece. Or better yet, mga tira tirang balls when i hoarded. haha! I didn’t take out the price tags para maniwala kayo na Php60.00 talaga lang sya! (Tinangal ko na sya now… haha!)
Stick Basket - 900.00 Ceramic Balls 60.00 Small  150.00 (Silver) Medium Polyresin Ball - 210.00 photo 20130801_153152_zpsfc696908.jpg

The variety of colors gives it more character :) Nabuhay yung table! And if you can see under may plate sya. I got that also from Mexico.

Stick Basket (PHP900.00) || Ceramic Balls: Small (PHP60.00) – Medium (PHP120.00) || Polyresin Ball (PHP210.00 )

Stick Basket - 900.00 Ceramic Balls 60.00 Small  120.00 Medium Polyresin Ball - 210.00 photo 20130801_153202_zps8503d7f0.jpg

Rule 3: Height is might

I like some assortment in height. This is actually my “extras” table. Kahit hindi ayos, pwede parin! So usually i like moving things around in the house. And since hoarder nga ako, ayoko pa-box any of it. So i put the extras in one corner. I move it around pagnabobore ako.

Here are some more items which you may like!

Buddha Head (PHP500.00) || Ceramic Balls (PHP60.00) || Long Neck Giraffe (PHP700.00)
Buddha Head - 500.00 Ceramic Balls - 60.00 Long Neck Giraffe -700.00 photo 20130801_153524_zps231a3b25.jpg

This is the upper cubby hole. So technically, you can;t really see the white backing so no need to put attention there since naka-LOOK UP (very Ryzza mae) ka when you see this vignette.
Eiffel Tower - 800.00 Ram - 600.00 photo 20130801_153955_zps23614915.jpg

Again! Assortment of thingamagiggys! The painting is from Phoenix or my friend Nix Alanon, the Eiffel is from Mandaue and adds color to the vignette, the shell we painted silver pasalubong ng driver ko from his province Aklan, the sculpture I got from an auction ung fund raising ni Judai for Ploning (sabi ko sa inyo may chika lahat ng items eh! haha!), The branches are actually bookends na ginawa kong display, then the vases were from my old unit pa when I was in high school if I remember correctly!

Eiffel Tower (PHP800.00) || Ram (PHP600.00)

 photo 20130801_154003_zpsa0debd7d.jpg


This is by my window area na sabi ni Milan..more is more ka talaga noh? haha! Pag tinotopak naman ako nagbabawas, but just to show you i mounted all the vignettes.

Starfish (PHP200.00) || Chop Fish Table Decor (PHP1,200.00)
Starfish - 200.00 Chop Fish Table Decor - 1200.00 photo 20130801_154131_zps98639f76.jpg

Eto naman ang chika dito! haha! I have a lot of books to the point na ubos na ang bookshelf ko. So ginawa ko na syang decor. haha! Actually quick fix sya for added color, height, volume (parang buhok lang noh? haha!).

The shoe is from Kermit Tesoro, pair yan nung isang sinubmit nya sa museum in Sweden, the block under the shoe is actually a candle holder that I flipped and made into a stand, the glass contained is actually a flower vase that i used nalang for books, and again another shell from my driver na tinernohan ko ng starfish and fish stand from Mandaue.

RULE 5: Have a Theme

As you can see, i really started from shell, and added “beach/sea” items around.


PASENSYA NA KAYO! At fail etong si Mavs magphoto. Wala kasi si V so we don’t know how to work the free standing flash! haha!

Lady - 950.00 Warrior - 250.00 Gold Leaf - 1200.00 photo 20130801_154145_zps04fb92c5.jpgSo here naman i worked with similar color. All grey. Ahh, baka tinerno din ni Mavs dun kaya grey yung photo. Haha!

Lady (PHP950.00) || Warrior (PHP250.00) || Gold Leaf (PHP1,200.00)

Lady - 950.00 Warrior - 250.00 Gold Leaf - 1200.00 photo 20130801_154155_zps9ee16f1d.jpg

Rule 6: Mix and Match!

See how i utilized my silverware na plate as a decor since hindi parati nagagamit eh. Then the horse bookends, yung isa pa side, isa pa harap (wala lang.. masabi lang artistic..haha!), and keep all old candelabras! Fave ko sya!

Horse Book End (PHP700.00) || Candles – Part of the Truncated Candle Holder (PHP750.00)

Horse Book End - 700.00 Candles - Part of the Truncated Candle Holder - 750.00 photo 20130801_154249_zps9f2ead17.jpgSEVENTH VIGNETTE: Oh Mavs, we can see your reflection! hahaha!

Hidden meanings kung may hidden mickeys sa Disney! haha! I like my house to be full of surprises kahit ako lang nakakaintindi. Since the book there is Art of War, i decided to put the Chinese soldier on top of it. Then hinabol ko yung height ng painting by adding the roman looking figure and the brass sculpture on the side.

Silver Leaf Plate (PHP400.00) || Warrior (PHP250.00)
Silver Leaf PLate - 400.00 Warrior - 250.00 photo 20130801_154313_zps8d91f888.jpg
EIGHT VIGNETTE: I need a bigger side table, so instead of buying a new one.. i got the Octagon Mirror and made it a table top!

Rule 7: Add pops of color!

I got all the bright colors na ceramics sa Mandaue and scattered it sa house! Check out the yellow display and contrast with the orange starfish!

Octagon Mirror (PHP2,100.00) || Hippo (PHP800.00) || Starfish (PHP200.00)
Octagon Mirror - 2100.00 Hippo - 800.00 Starfish - 200.00 photo 20130801_154329_zpsf4409c3a.jpg

Here’s another ceramic animal with a pop of color! photo 20130801_154524_zpsaaa35e0e.jpg

This is my Memory lane area…

Fan Leaf Plate 650.00 photo 20130801_154550_zps1b624765.jpgI lost my 2 dogs, Coco (17 years old..human years ha) and Oreo a few years ago. So this area is for them.


 photo 20130801_154611_zps13f348cd.jpg

All over my house you will see different things from my friends. The sketch of Rajo is there, postcard from a friend in Paris na nilagay ko sa frame, photo of my bestie during our first Europe trip together!

So enjoyin nyo yan! Your home should be full and overflowing with character, memories and trinklets from your trips. Masaya yan! make your vignette! I think I showed you that hindi naman kailangan mahal, ang important is thatit’s very personal :)


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Much love,



You cannot buy a good night’s sleep. But you can increase the chances of winning! Choz! My friends know that I really invest in good mattress and sleep chenes. Honestly, we all want to buy different things, but before buying that bag or pair of shoes, isip isip pag may time kung ano talaga yung ginagamit nyo 8 hours a day. And that is your bed unless bet niyo matulog ng nakatayo. CHOZ!

 photo IMG_0731_zps8eb5519f.jpg
Mandaue is a good place to start when in comes to investing a good bed. First, they really specialise in mattresses before anything else. photo IMG_0732_zpsb1347c05.jpgAnd the idea na one stop shop, bongga sya! photo IMG_0733_zps03d83f9c.jpgWhen you visit their showroom, you can have a consultation to find the best mattress for you.
 photo IMG_0739_zps949b9f7e.jpgActually, buong bedroom mo pwede mo paconsult. You can start with the mattress then work your way to pillow, sheets, and bed frames. photo IMG_0740_zps8ce6182c.jpgAnd finding the right mattress for you will save you money. I come from family with Scoliosis. So talagang important na orthopaedic ang mga mattress or else baka pag nag aging gracefully na siya umatake. photo IMG_0742_zps3ce272c0.jpg photo IMG_0744_zps593cb96c.jpgAnd hindi nyo ba napapansin na masarap matulog sa hotel? You can actually replicate that feeling sa sarili niyong bed. Mandaue is a known supplier for hotel beds and foams. So avail nyo yung hotel feel bed! photo IMG_0745_zps52f563ad.jpgMy mattress I copied from one of the hotels in Manila. Pati pillows and bed foam na extra. Known sa friendships ko na paghumiga daw sa kama ko, wala nang urungan. photo IMG_0746_zpseef62da0.jpgIn their showroom, they will explain to you the different kinds and what you can do with it. I really prefer spring with a thick foam coz i need support and i want softness.
 photo IMG_0749_zps38b9b5fc.jpgMeron din silang memory foam! Kung bet niyo yun! photo IMG_0750_zpsdd713067.jpgEverything can be customized according to what you need. My bed size is in between sizes kasi nga sa room ko sya binagay. So I had my mattress made to order to the size I needed. photo IMG_0751_zpsb8478bfd.jpgEto yung hotel mattress! AVAIL NIYO! photo IMG_0752_zps85659aba.jpgI’m not an expert on what each foam does to your body, pero keri nila explain lahat yun. photo IMG_0753_zpsbd26ca95.jpgThis is important sa may mga sakit sa kasu-kasuan! hahaha! photo IMG_0755_zpse4e5078d.jpgI tried this, it’s more firm but soft parin sya. photo IMG_0756_zpsf48b06c0.jpg photo IMG_0757_zpsfea92c28.jpgPadding is important! And I love their stitching kasi hindi sirain. Remember, ang kama niyo once in a lifetime niyo lang palitan and daily niyo ginagamit. So make sure to invest. photo IMG_0758_zps7d4ed091.jpgVisit their showroom asap! Ang masarap ang tulog, fresh ang gising! Nabibili na ang freshness ngayon thru better mattress! photo IMG_0760_zps1805d4b9.jpgThey have samples wherein you can actually “road test”. Yes, hinigaan ko! haha! photo IMG_0761_zps24cd89b5.jpgThe firm is for people who need maximum support and ayaw yung parang natutulog sa marshmallow. Haha! Ako yung mahilig sa parang nasa clouds. My sister wants a firm bed, kaya nung bagets kami pinaghiwalay yung kama namin. photo IMG_0763_zps6e011921.jpg photo IMG_0764_zpsd13c4f57.jpgI visited the Ortigas extension branch! So run there, it’s their biggest and most complete :)  photo IMG_0765_zpsa19ce9eb.jpgWag niyo nang hintayin pang mag calcium drink kayo, fix your sleeping area! photo IMG_0766_zpsca778aee.jpg

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Excited for the next post on how to make VIGNETTES at home!

Much love,



We all wish for a bonggang house or kahit na ba room. Nasa dreamlist ko parin ang balur na may lawn and overlooking ganap. But since wala pa, parating work in progress ang bahay. Umiikot lang ata ang workers sa unit ko kasi parati akong may idea to change or what have you.

What I’ve learned from years of cutting and keeping dreambooks of interiors or making peg boards is that IT IS POSSIBLE to replicate looks without millions of dollars. Pagalingan lang humanap!

Bigyan ko kayo ng sample. I’ve been to Mandaue lately and i decided to replicate some of my fave interior decorators looks. Check nyo!

Barbary Barry

 photo BarbaryBarry_zps2fd0d91c.jpg

-She’s known for her classic and clean designs. In short, mukhang mayaman! haha! Very french levels yung taste nitey! Her taste reminds me of my mom, kaya pala nung bagets ako hulaze na hulaze si mudak nung dinikitan ko ng lifesize stickies ng BACKSTREET BOYS yung wallpaper ko. EH gandang ganda kaya ako na paggising ko nakatitig si NICK CARTER! haha!

Sige look first look from her. Start with white walls. Tapos hanap kayo ng photo sa net ng atonement of Kiera or yung parang Marie Antoinette times. Paprint nyo and frame in white. Buy a rug na may pattern, tapos books and an old mirror frame (marami sa mga recto and cubao mga antique na mura) and arrange with books. Then check out the items from Mandaue that will complete the look. Promise madali lang sya.

 photo BarbaryBarry1_zpsc9c604a8.jpg

If bet nyo naman toh, copy the gray/powder blue walls. Usually ganito na naman flooring sa mga condo so no need to change. Mix and match 2 types of sala set. I would get a gray sala set na plain mixed with the Mandaue sala set below (parang pinagpalit ko lang yung printed paandar ng peg). Arrange the center table! Magagamit nyo na ang coffee table books!
 photo BarbaryBarry2_zps1852e2c0.jpg

You don;t always have to stick with the exact colors. Mas important yung form to get the look. Look for items na pareho ang form. But if bet nyo na sakto, Mandaue customizes! So pwede nyo request yung colors!
 photo BarbaryBarry3_zps5282c23c.jpg

Every ghel or becky needs a classy dresser! fave ko mga dresser shots! Although mine is modern, may pagka mhin kasi ang balur ko. Masculine taste nga daw ako. But would love to see this. Parang princessa ang peg! The mandaue dresser below gives the same regal feel like the peg! Perfect toh parang maiimagine ko na yung 100 brush strokes sa buhok na dito nagaganap!
 photo BarbaryBarry4_zpsb4969556.jpg

Jonathan Adler

 photo JonathanAdler_zps9d535ce5.jpg

I love Jonthan Adler books! Nakakafresh how he is not scraed to mix colors and themes. I actually have all his books. Kaya nga parati papalit palit ang balur ko kasi ang hilig kong mangaya! haha!

Do not be scared of prints. Nakakabuhay ng room yan! But guilty ako sa takot sa print. Up to now, ottoman ko palang and throw pillows ang may print. But more than anything pay special attention to your accessories. Minsan yan talaga ang bumubuo ng room. Check the accessories of Mandaue. Very affordable!

 photo JonathanAdler1_zpsb56dce5c.jpg

I would change the upholstery of the chair below to a printed one for the top. Malapit na kayo sa pegaloo! Ang trick lang sa look na toh is the more frames, the better! Since masyado pa tayong bagets at wa pa anda masyado for real art. You can start by collecting from new artists! Malay nyo, treasure na pala sya!
 photo JonathanAdler2_zpse3867db4.jpg

WHite can look bland, so haluan lagi ng big prints! One thing you have to consider is that “room labels” are only guides. Haha! I got my computer table in the dining section. So guide lang yan, don’t limit yourself!
 photo JonathanAdler3_zps18987c8a.jpg

Para sa mahilig sa PINK! BARBIE KA! choz! Wag nyo naman gawing rainbow din. Pick certain palettes para hindi magmukhang rainbow brite ang balur. The use it throughout the space. Para talagang mag pop sya lalo. In my house, accessories lang nagbabago and upholstery sa sala. But parang naiiba yung look. This year SEA FOAM GREEN (SUSYAL NOH? choz!) ang theme ng accessories ko.
 photo JonathanAdler4_zpsd7007a16.jpg

Speaking of green. Kitchens don’t have to be boring. Actually, tambay kami ng kusina coz V cooks a lot. WIll work on this peg for next years look. Check the Mandaue board below, halos sakto! May DIY ka din. You can use old lampshades as lighting fixtures too! Pwede mo gawing DIY etong ganap na green shades dito.
 photo JonathanAdler5_zps50a8bb94.jpg

 Kelly Wearstler

 photo KellyWearstler_zps82efd354.jpg

Who doesn’t love this girl? Lahat na pinasok nya. Clothes, prints, interior and madami pa! I love her books! ETo ang tinatawag ko na hindi takot sa masikip. D uso sa kanya ang Zen look. Organized mess. Peg ko nga sya sa next renovation ko. When you see my house, very puno din sya. D kasi ako makuntento, like kahit sa tiangge, bazaar, talipapa, and especially in flea markets when i travel I always get small things I can display sa balur.

For this look, if you cannot find a white chandelier, wag kang matakot. KULAYAN MO. I did that before. Bongga naman lumabas! Hindi rin sya takot sa print on print on print! Look at the walls, carpet and chair!

 photo KellyWearstler1_zps09075666.jpg


Softness si lola mo ditey! I love this room! Gusto ko yung may pa bubbles na ganap sa taas! remember another tip not all lighting fixtures have to work :) Nakagora ako sa isang bahay before puno yung buong cieling ng vintage mixed with modern lighting fixtures. Ang cute! Para syang museum! Mandaue has those balls in green, you can opt to color or just leave it green to get this look. Try to find different sizes and hang in different layers! photo KellyWearstler2_zpsf5833d29.jpg

Kumaclassic with a twist! I love old furniture, try nyo mang salvage ng mga luma ni lola at lolo, then re finish and reupholster. Actually dahil waley ako masalvage sa grandma ko, i got the the extent of having some dining chairs sanded para magmukhang old. use classic shapes and furnitures like the sofa below. Then add modern prints. That way masmadaling magchange look everytime.
 photo KellyWearstler3_zps162a0302.jpg

I love this room! Parang maganda parati gising mo dito!Keep your sleeping area clean and regal. Yung the more ganap sa sala or entertaining area. When i lived in a studio nilagyan ko talaga ng bookcase to divide my area before. I like my sleeping space clean.
 photo KellyWearstler4_zps273d596e.jpg

Lahat ng kanto may gamit talaga! haha! But it stuill looks nice, not makalat! Mix and match sala sets, patterns and designs! Check the Mandaue set you can mix below!
 photo KellyWearstler5_zpsccf1bfea.jpg


 photo MillionDollarDecorators_zps6b8d5896.jpg
i Iove this show! Aliw to see how designers work with clients and mga stress drillon na deadlines! I put some works you can duplicate with Mandaue pieces below.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

 photo JeffreyAlanMarks_zpse90821fc.jpg
Monotone ang peg. Yan ang old rich! haha! You can duplicate but for the stool, get one color lang para ma keep yung monotone look. photo JeffreyAlanMarksDesigns1_zps91d1b693.jpg

Kung bored ka na sa monotone but takot sa rainbow brite, do this trick.. One accent color/piece! Or you can opt for a painting like the one below!Madaling palitan yan kung shokot ka sa kulay!
 photo JeffreyAlanMarksDesigns2_zps9d3a93bb.jpg

 Kathryn Ireland

 photo KathrynIreland_zps64930110.jpg

Boho chic ang peg niya! Very Olsen twins ganap. This is well suited sa mga Pinoy homes with veranda. Play with throw pillow colors! And utilize lawns, pangarap ko ang lawn! Check out mandaue madami din silang outdoor paandar!

 photo KathrynIrelandDesigns1_zpsec70f22c.jpg

Sometimes kapos tayo sa budget, hindi naman needed to renovate to chnage the look. Get the plain furniture and spice it up with bedsheets and pillows with loud colors! Mandaue has a big line of bedsheets too. Mura so pwede talagang maghoard. I always tell my friends pagpinapagalitan ako abroad kasi ang hilig ko mamili ng sheets. Alam nyo ang bag at sapatos hindi nyo araw araw gamit. Ang kama tinutulugan nyo for 8 hours every day! So logical na dun ka maginvest. At masarap matulog d ba? Especially pag pagod, imagine sleeping in a really good bed (Don’t worry will talk about foams in next post). Ang peg ko sa room parati should have that hotel feel. Yung gusto mo humilata. Invest in good sleeping paandars!
 photo KathrynIrelandDesigns2_zps9976b2c5.jpg

 Martyn Lawrence Bullard

 photo MartynLawrenceBullard_zps973613f9.jpg

I like black and white! But i like it more outdoor. I saw a villa in Italy na ganito ang paandar, so tumatak na sakin tong look. Indoor furnitures can actually be used outdoor, pa upholster nyo lang na pang all weather. Ask mandaue about it!

 photo MartynLawrenceBullardDesigns1_zpsf85f3094.jpg

I always eat sa dining table. Actually sa bahay yun ang pinakagamit na area because dun kami tumatambay. Make it nice and trust me tatambay din kayo dun.
 photo MartynLawrenceBullardDesigns2_zps85284fef.jpg

 Mary McDonald

 photo MaryMcDonald_zps7b85c99c.jpg

Burst of colors all the way!kahit small things pakak, but super nice is same tone.

 photo MaryMcDonaldDesigns1_zps4da6f6a3.jpg

Lahat tayo may hallway. Kaya utilize. Wag nyong gawing tambakan! Make use of vases and paintings, mirrors (to make it look big) to accessorize your hallways!
 photo MaryMcDonaldDesigns2_zpsdd5463cf.jpg

 Nathan Turner

 photo NathanTurner_zps0ff7c2d1.jpg
Eto relax lang, yung hindi ka matatakot itaas yung paa mo sa sala. I like comfy houses. And i love big sofas!  photo NathanTurnerDesigns1_zps9ff676c0.jpg

yellow is a nice color as accent. Nakakafresh!
 photo NathanTurnerDesigns2_zpsc65acf8f.jpg


So gawa na nag peg, email me if you need help or head to mandaue. They have people who can assist you with your dream space!


Much love,


Ok aminado nako na ang mga ghelay minsan fickle minded talaga. OO, guilty ako dun. I’ve been living in my unit for 7 years and more or less, palagi syang work in progress. Kasi naman ang taste ng tao nagbabago talaga. But if anything masculine talaga ang peg ko.
 photo LivingRoom1_zps26a99e3c.jpg
 photo LivingRoom2_zpse5c4d031.jpg

We have all the podcast sa unit so mons to wed full house ang ganap! So ang pinakaneed talaga namin sa balur mga movable seats na pwedeng pang ariba!

 photo GeekyNights_zpscb4a715c.jpg
 photo BeckyNights_zps21ab8dee.jpg
 photo GirlsonTop_zps305e877f.jpg

So san pa ba tayo gumogora pag nagreresearch.. si Mr. Google! So eto, sa kakahanap, nainlove ako sa isang ottoman.. kasi naman yung mga beckynights minsan sa sahig nakajupo! So i need something na best in ganap, yung multi ang peg!
I saw this cube… pero best in kamahalan and kahit saan mong gutter hanapin  sa manila, waley!
Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.37.14 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.37.21 PM
Hindi kadalian yung peg ko ha, but i went to Mandaue Foam showroom in Ortigas extension. In fair, kareer! Game daw sila! In 2 weeks, patok! kuhang kuha!
Check it out!

 photo 1_zpsf7801c39.jpg
 photo 2_zps09a5fa9e.jpg
 photo 3_zps6a035bcb.jpg
 photo 4_zps87f9ca68.jpg
 photo 5_zps0fa5463e.jpg

In fair hindi sya madali, but the craftmanship.. perfect! So eto ang share ko, if may bet kayo at gusto nyo affordable budget… made to order na with Mandaue! Kaya daw nila lahat, wag lang ipabago ang mukha ni Margauax ng becky nights. choz!
They are now selling my cube for Php3,100.00! Affordable, made to order na yan ha!
After this, we’ve been thinking of making my own line. Kasi naman gusto ko talaga yung mga exotics ganap na skin. Kaya daw ila maka source ng faux animal skins for my line!
I’m giving away a cube like this! bet nyo?
Join kayo!
1. Like my fb page and mandaue page
2. tweet “hey @mandauefoam_ph and @divinemlee, i want to see that exotics line. And make me win free funiture! check the link
3. WAITING GAME for the winner!
I’m excited! Want some sneak peak? eto! Pag natuloy ang project papagive away tayo!
Much love,