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Sporty spice na talaga ako!
 photo P1010281_zpsed9161ac.jpg
Super fun day of hosting for ADIDAS MY GIRLS!
 photo P1010282_zps65574930.jpg
They had a mini fashion show. Bongga kasi dati, hindi ko talaga bet ang mga gymwear. Pero buti nalang level up na lahat ng brands! They come out with the cutest and most fashionable gym outfiteys!
 photo P1010299_zpsab50edd1.jpg
Love the whole white outfitey!
 photo P1010309_zps15a42fe8.jpg

 photo P1010312_zpsfaa66064.jpg
Tarush nung printed tights!
 photo P1010316_zps185169a8.jpg
OK tarush tong blue ganap!
 photo P1010322_zps7eca6a9f.jpg
And then they introduced the new MY GIRLS ambassadors! My gym mates! SOS AND BELLE!
 photo P1010333_zpse4f8f3d3.jpg
 photo P1010334_zps2acfb52c.jpg
Actually, I can honestly say na malakas talaga tong dalawa. I go to the same gym and bongga talaga sila.
 photo P1010336_zpscc55ca8d.jpg

 photo P1010339_zps8ca74fbb.jpg

Belle is really sporty while Sos naman is Ms. CORE! Ang tagal mag plank nyan!
 photo P1010341_zps88d5f72c.jpg
 photo P1010342_zps931f8772.jpg

 photo P1010347_zpsc015b64f.jpg
After the short Q&A, we did some games and activities. Active nga kami so bet namin may paandar!
 photo P1010355_zps3229dca4.jpg
 photo P1010356_zps6543ae18.jpg
We divided the whole room into two groups and played Truth or Dare!
 photo P1010361_zps8a2dac0e.jpg
We had a planking challenge with SOS!
 photo P1010370_zps66c5df53.jpg
 photo P1010371_zps69c1816e.jpg
And we had a “juggling” game with Belle! In fairness, magaling sa soccer si Belle!
 photo P1010377_zps466045a7.jpg
 photo P1010379_zps831d10c4.jpg

 photo P1010381_zps210b8e30.jpg
Then a burpees challenge!
 photo P1010389_zpsdf14c410.jpg
 photo P1010390_zpsb6c98131.jpg
 photo P1010393_zps845fbe46.jpg
Yoga poses up next!
 photo P1010399_zps57e6c0e2.jpg
Here’s Sos showing her fave Yoga position!
 photo P1010405_zps00e3d217.jpg
 photo P1010408_zps4922ab64.jpg
 photo P1010420_zps1d8614fc.jpg
 photo P1010421_zps7466ee12.jpg

For more sporty spice! Promise, nakakaaddict ang fitness! Parang masmahaba yung araw ko and I don’t get sick na as much! Push nyo yan for #BalikAlindog!

Much love,

If you read my Instagram and tweets, you probably know I am obsessed with Game of Thrones! So when Tessa told me her 20th Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of vows will be GOT themed! HALA! BEST IN EFFORT NAKO! I was supposed to go as Khaleesi for Halloween before but etong si Victor ayaw magDrogo… patay na daw kasi yun. Since season 4 is todo sa excitement, ayan hindi ako makadecide sinong character na talaga gusto ko!  photo I31B7135_zpsd0edf147.jpg  photo I31B7146_zpsa39f61f0.jpg
So Boom Sason and I came up with a white neoprene dress with inspiration from my 3 fave characters: Cersei, Khaleesi and Margaery! photo I31B7155_zps72cf7eec.jpg
Wala yung dragons ko sa parking… photo I31B7160_zps6b1ef30d.jpg
Ayan may emotion oh! ahaha! photo I31B7165_zps6847416b.jpg
Bongga nito, kasi pwede ko pa mareuse yung dress! The cape also! photo I31B7167_zps2ba9e7d4.jpg photo I31B7171_zpscb6db24e.jpg
AND JON SNOW was my date! ahaha! photo I31B7173_zps789d3752.jpg
I’m sure init na init na toh sa costume nya! photo I31B7175_zpse238ac1c.jpg
Everyone came in costumes! Hello Jun! photo I31B7180_zpse9e060be.jpg
And syempre, si Tessa ang best in concept! I LOVE THE WHOLE SET UP! With matching soundtrack of GOT! Feeling ko talaga anytime may sususgod samin! photo I31B7183_zps0721e22e.jpg  photo I31B7185_zps153ce75e.jpg
OUR LOVELY BRIDE! photo I31B7193_zps41cab4cf.jpg
King Joffrey! photo I31B7194_zps15f9f37d.jpg  photo I31B7195_zpsf3f1b9e0.jpg
House Valdes and House Prieto! photo I31B7204_zpsaef435ee.jpg  photo I31B7206_zps6fac72b0.jpg
Full production talaga si Tessa! photo I31B7210_zpscc1d9a42.jpg
Did my own makeup! Kasi aga nung kasal! :)  photo I31B7214_zps6a90b0c8.jpg  photo I31B7218_zps735b1eac.jpg  photo I31B7222_zpsf07bacfb.jpg photo I31B7229_zps2ec7a073.jpg
Pati gulay naka set design! photo I31B7245_zps510a7445.jpg  photo I31B7246_zpsc7fe2a91.jpg  photo I31B7247_zps4612a5fe.jpg
We had cocktail games ala GOT din!  photo I31B7249_zpsfd2115b6.jpg
ETO.. NIX! Sige todo mo yan! photo I31B7251_zpsa26c3c03.jpg
Maurice! photo I31B7256_zps96aa160e.jpg  photo I31B7258_zps65d5e849.jpg
Men of Night’s watch! photo I31B7263_zpsc9e4babf.jpg  photo I31B7265_zps824b5155.jpg
THAT CHAIR! WOOHOO! IRON THRONE! Ok, pag hindi kayo GOT fan, you wouldn’t understand bakit ako nagpapanic! hahaha! photo I31B7268_zpsa4ef9a15.jpg  photo I31B7273_zps5c7d0218.jpg photo I31B7283_zps2be54c60.jpg
Ayaw ni King Joffrey! photo I31B7286_zps351e0b77.jpg  photo I31B7287_zps4460fb68.jpg photo I31B7303_zpsdff00ba2.jpg
Ayan yung pa games before fireworks! More like “house” games and show! photo I31B7308_zpsa47831de.jpg  photo I31B7309_zpsf0a0c27a.jpg  photo I31B7313_zps30c4397f.jpg  photo I31B7327_zps55ad002b.jpg
Eto ba yung dragon ko? photo I31B7336_zpsd86672fd.jpg photo I31B7343_zps98013a97.jpg photo I31B7364_zpsb6fceefb.jpg photo I31B7374_zpsdec3ffc2.jpg  photo I31B7380_zps3608a668.jpg
Inside the venue! Mastodo pa ang production design! photo I31B7387_zps907d7d84.jpg  photo I31B7388_zpsdfc6bfbb.jpg
Feels like the Red wedding… but yung set up lang! Wala namang kaguluhan but all laughter and fun! photo I31B7389_zps4cf2afee.jpg  photo I31B7391_zps97958fd8.jpg
V and I are part of Tessa’s “house” and we are part of the parang entourage to dance. Ang tarush nga coz she made it like Knights Tale. photo I31B7393_zpse173ac91.jpg  photo I31B7394_zpsd77afcb1.jpg photo I31B7409_zps2bded8aa.jpg  photo I31B7414_zps818ad675.jpg
Tessa and Dennis watching the event! photo I31B7424_zpsd41e8973.jpg  photo I31B7427_zpsf0bac29d.jpg
LOVE THIS CAKE! photo I31B7442_zps1ca7b47b.jpg  photo I31B7443_zps6d9df6f4.jpg  photo I31B7445_zps20acfd0b.jpg  photo I31B7449_zps08db2327.jpg
Our side of the table! photo I31B7457_zps006adcf0.jpg  photo I31B7459_zpsf4ab2b37.jpg
TYRION??? photo I31B7473_zpsf4e37a21.jpg  photo I31B7478_zps8fda4fb8.jpg
Cris and Anton! photo I31B7482_zps23808081.jpg
Pag si Tessa, expect a lot of costume changes!  photo I31B7483_zpsf2c4c787.jpg  photo I31B7485_zps9dc29c3f.jpg
So right after dinner, our group had to rehearse one last time. Susko, hindi talaga ako pang ASAP! Haha! Mas ok sakin yung single single double double na dance step! photo I31B7492_zpsacea2c50.jpg photo I31B7508_zpsd9abaea8.jpg
Etong tandem na toh, kinakatakutan! Para daw Cersei and Jofrrey according to V! haha! photo I31B7512_zpse9ba56df.jpg  photo I31B7517_zpscb1b15f1.jpg
They showed videos from their medieval wedding 20 years ago! Ang sweet sobra! photo I31B7536_zps33913f98.jpg  photo I31B7538_zpsf3df4831.jpg photo I31B7549_zpsc39091eb.jpg photo I31B7556_zps0b4cf4b0.jpg
V won in the raffle! photo I31B7581_zps48ce6822.jpg
V and I really admire Tessa and Dennis. We love them so much. Everytime may peg kaming couple we always go back to their relationship. :)  photo I31B7589_zps61582481.jpg
Ano ba tawag dito? Curtina dancers ba?
 photo I31B7592_zps1e96a1d1.jpg  photo I31B7593_zps23e2fba1.jpg photo I31B7603_zpse513bb19.jpg  photo I31B7604_zpsb417f4f7.jpg photo I31B7635_zps41457377.jpg  photo I31B7636_zpsa00708a9.jpg
Phoemy! photo I31B7638_zpsb541dca5.jpg  photo I31B7640_zps4158c2a3.jpg
Don’t have photos from our dance coz si V kasali din. But we danced to LATCH of disclosure. Ang cute kasi they remixed it in a way na very classic in the start with people dancing very pang GOT, then it shifts to hiphop! Eh since nilagay kami sa Kiddie group ni Tessa, I had to dance bothe segments.. in my mermaid gown! Haha! Tinawid ko nalang sa dami ng smile! haha! photo I31B7658_zps517f7a08.jpg
Athena! This is Tessa and Dennis’s youngest! I get along with her, mahilig kasi ako sa bagets. V gets along with their other daughter Anicka :)  photo I31B7665_zps23bba874.jpg
Congrats Tessa and Dennis! Wonderful wedding! I wish you both forever :) I hope V and I can accomplish even just half of what you guys have done with your relationship! Peg for life! 

Much love,

Tim Yap planned a bday surprise for our love Ruffie!
 photo P1010174_zpsabc721be.jpg
Well, pangilang bday celebration nya na nga toh! Haha! I actually missed the first two. So V and I decided to split. He went to one, and I went to this! RUFFIE MONTHLONG KA KASI MAGBDAY!
 photo P1010175_zps43372793.jpg
We were asked to come as “Ruffa”. Hulaan nyo nga anong role ni Ruffie toh? LORETTA! hahaha!
 photo P1010178_zps7808cf99.jpg

Student Ruffie, when she went to London to study!
 photo P1010181_zpse652f3fd.jpg
 photo P1010183_zpse1f3cba2.jpg
Pie as Miss World Ruffie!
 photo P1010184_zps365091c0.jpg
MY LOVES! Eto talaga ang favorite ko kasama sa mga ganap!
 photo P1010186_zps80c8ec60.jpg
SURPRISE! Tim had to pretend that they had an “endorsement” meeting!
 photo P1010189_zpsd74d098e.jpg
And of course Tita Annabelle!
 photo P1010190_zps7d58484c.jpg
 photo P1010191_zps7eef1c8f.jpg
 photo P1010192_zpsb17fc624.jpg
 photo P1010193_zps962e3450.jpg
 photo P1010194_zpsc29484a6.jpgJimmy, bday mo rin? Hahaha!
 photo P1010195_zps83ccc913.jpg
 photo P1010196_zps107f4172.jpg
 photo P1010197_zps6c5a3b06.jpg

 photo P1010199_zpsaa4aef21.jpg
 photo P1010201_zps21c0a46c.jpg
Tito Eddie was there too! Sorry ang gulo ng photos. Alam nyo naman pag wala si V, always BLURRED! hahaa!
 photo P1010203_zps4e9eb0a2.jpg


 photo P1010205_zpsa39cbf0a.jpg
 photo P1010206_zps22260d30.jpg

 photo P1010209_zps6eb2478a.jpg

Parang open forum pa ginawa ni Tim, we had to each say something about Ruffie- how we met and mga memories namin!
 photo P1010210_zps54a98fb5.jpg
The party was hosted in CHI spa Shangri-la! Thank you! AT pumyag kayo sa kaingayan namin!
 photo P1010213_zps38d2f2e3.jpg
 photo P1010215_zps9b6ebe19.jpg
 photo P1010216_zpsa0b25798.jpg
 photo P1010217_zps758e0b29.jpg
 photo P1010218_zpscb08d47f.jpg
 photo P1010219_zps7c9ea927.jpg
 photo P1010220_zpsdad4514f.jpg
NAKU! Rajo’s turn! Mahaba toh! Hhahaa!
 photo P1010224_zpsca14cb63.jpg
 photo P1010225_zpsfa9e746d.jpg
Tita Annabel’s message is the funniest. While Tito Eddie cried habang sinasabi “you’re my only girl”. Ang sweet!
 photo P1010226_zpsdb4727d6.jpg

 photo P1010228_zps9708eec4.jpg
 photo P1010229_zps34d0216f.jpg

 photo P1010232_zpsb0044f11.jpg

 photo P1010235_zps616578d4.jpg
 photo P1010236_zps5a68f875.jpg

CJ came as workout Ruffa, but never daw umaabot sa gym! ahhaa!
 photo P1010239_zps97b8014e.jpg
 photo P1010240_zps723b045d.jpg
 photo P1010241_zpsf35c2d2e.jpg
 photo P1010245_zpsb27d6b14.jpg

 photo P1010247_zps78d86d03.jpg
 photo P1010248_zps90c647ee.jpg

Group shot!
 photo P1010249_zps24dcad0d.jpg
 photo P1010250_zps7a50e128.jpg
Hahaha! Ako ata lang nakatingin sa camera ko!
 photo P1010251_zpsc17f0216.jpg

Happy birthday Ruffa! AGAIN! So make sure if BDAY month ni Ruffie hindi kayo masyadong busy! Thank you Ruffie for being such a good friend and one of the funniest! My best memory of Ruffa was during her BDAY celebration in Singapore. We wanted to “walk” around but since pareho kaming ayaw paawat sa high heels, we ended up taking cabs everywhere kasi super sakit na ng paa namin! hahaha! Kahit sa kanto lang nagtataxi pa kami! Ruffie is also one person who can use the word “caboodles” for anything. Haha! LOVE YOU!

To more memories with you girl! LOVE! :)

Much love,

Catch us on MYX FORUM!
 photo P1010260_zpsf68d3847.jpg
 photo P1010261_zps4e5d02ea.jpg
Here we talked about technology and how it affects us. Different generations yan! From Gloc-9 na generation of landline, kami ni V represented the 90s kids na pager and cellphone, while Ella represented the generation now na hindi na nakaexperience lang pager!
 photo P1010262_zpsd6cd1129.jpg
 photo P1010264_zpsfce21fcd.jpg
Actually, and swerte ng generation namin because I feel like half and half. Na-experience namin yung mga agawan base, patintero, when activities were really outdoor pa. When ang ligawan is telebabad pa! But na avail din namin yung mga social media and tech tech ganap of today!
 photo P1010266_zpsd18b8060.jpg
 photo P1010267_zps07f986f7.jpg
It’s my second or third time on Myx forum! Bet ata nila ang super kadaldalan ko! haha! Debater kasi ako nung highschool and college! hahaha!
 photo P1010270_zpsdfb7f9a2.jpg
 photo P1010271_zps509659cf.jpg

Tune in sa chikahan!
Much love,

First of all, thank you Jeffrey Rogador for my Jeepney top! You can buy this online thru! Super cute Pinoy pride items! check out his site!

 photo photo_zpsd2de17e3.jpg

Early flight with baby blue Allison!
 photo P1010014_zps48a95e7f.jpg

After an hour from the airport, we finally got to Centrio! Yey, early pa kami sa calltime, may chance pako maligo at magkulot!
 photo P1010020_zps06525dd9.jpg

I was pretty amazed how complete na ang brands sa Centrio. They have most of our fave manila brands there and a lot fo home grown ones too!
 photo P1010023_zps2cb5d55e.jpg
We stayed in Seda hotel, so bonggels sya kasi right beside the mall!
 photo P1010027_zpsa909bb6e.jpg
 photo P1010028_zpse05c87dd.jpg
 photo P1010031_zpse43104b5.jpg
My room! If you are planning to go to CDO, check out Seda since very convenient ang location!
 photo P1010034_zpsb7f34e26.jpg
 photo P1010037_zps88fe4a81.jpg
For this leg, they got me to host para si Tim and Allison ma-interview naman! It’s usually just Tim and Allison but this time they made me a special guest!
 photo P1010040_zps5477be33.jpg
I love hosting with Tim! Para talagang chikahan lang!
 photo P1010043_zpsfc0b7dd9.jpg

Here pointing out the CDO fierces!
 photo P1010044_zpsfec58f3f.jpg
 photo P1010046_zpsa14cbda5.jpg
 photo P1010047_zpsc2067a93.jpg
After Timmy comes… ALLISON!
 photo P1010049_zpsb082f028.jpg
 photo P1010050_zps5622e474.jpg

I really enjoy our trio ganaps! Super fun!
 photo P1010052_zpsac6e023d.jpg
 photo P1010053_zps9b0976ee.jpg

They shared their favorite style icons and dos and don’ts of fashion!
 photo P1010054_zps128fa755.jpg
 photo P1010056_zps7c904a30.jpg

Allison also shared her ANTM experience with our CDO friends!
 photo P1010057_zps07cbce9e.jpg

 photo P1010061_zps99e91fc2.jpg

 photo P1010067_zps1575b36d.jpg

Honestly, hilig ko talaga sa grounds madalas. I like being able to interact with people.
 photo P1010076_zps2ed9d73e.jpg
Ang tarush ng mga taga CDO! Best in participation!
 photo P1010082_zps7e1741c0.jpg
 photo P1010085_zpsa45c7a49.jpg
Nest segment was tyhe styling portion. We ran a video contest and picked winners to be styled by Tim and Allison!
 photo P1010097_zpsf20093b1.jpg

Ang bongga na game na game lahat!
 photo P1010104_zps4be20a53.jpg
After the talk, was the official meet and greet segment. While ako muna ang clown! haha! Choz! I decided to jump in with everyone.. SELFIE TIME!
 photo P1010127_zpsfc26b1d9.jpg
 photo P1010128_zpscb64b56f.jpg
With our Ayala friends!

 photo P1010133_zpsd1156092.jpg
 photo P1010134_zps9752d3dd.jpg
Super duper fun ganap! Too bad overnight lang kami!
 photo P1010139_zps8393cf0b.jpg
 photo P1010141_zpsa554e8bd.jpg

 photo P1010145_zps5910f0e1.jpg
 photo P1010147_zps5d5b0814.jpg
More options more fun d ba?
 photo P1010154_zps9eb7c848.jpg
 photo P1010155_zpsc24fd02c.jpg

 photo P1010158_zpsda6e4111.jpg

Thank you to Ayala for inviting us to visit! Plus ang sarap ng pasalabongs ko na hindi umabot sa bahay kasi kinain ko na! hahahhaa!
 photo P1010159_zpse7d863a4.jpg
 photo P1010160_zps49e72eed.jpg
We also had dinner with the Ayala friends! Kami pa! More energy!
 photo P1010164_zps91ec7903.jpg
 photo P1010166_zps36156a4f.jpg

After dinner, Tim and I even met with the friends and fierces of CDO! I had so much fun talking to them. Bet ko kasi yung ganun, when I visit place, I look for my twitter friends and I really try to spend some time with them. Best in friendly nga ako! Thank you for taking the time out to chika plus nagdala pa kayo pasalubong for V!

Here are some of the many fierces I met!


Sorry mix and match na yan from my IG. I just screen grabbed yung mga tag nyo sakin! I’ll keep you guys posted on twitter IG and this blog for the next ganaps. I wanna meet and chika all of you!

Much love,


Pa bagets ng pabagets si Jake Galvez! Happy Happy birthday! It was really a sunset party but I missed the sunset kasi tambak labada. But for sure I won’t miss his bday!
 photo I31B6932_zps30b017f1.jpg
We all went to ANTIPOLO for this. Ikaw Jake, effort talaga ang requirement sa freindship noh?
 photo I31B6943_zpscb8e3d94.jpg
May requirement pa syang puti daw suotin! ANG DAMING PAANDAR!
 photo I31B6944_zps9f864b55.jpg
It was a pretty small group, pero alam nyo naman ang noise level namin maximum!
 photo I31B6947_zpsa8912622.jpg
Liza Lorena… choz!
 photo I31B6949_zps5bdd2fa7.jpg
 photo I31B6950_zps35e5b96a.jpg
Nice to see everyone relaxing on a sunday! Sabi ni Elmer, maldita ka Jake. Pinagwhite mo kami tapos lahat ng handa mo may sarsa!
 photo I31B6954_zps84048d8f.jpg
Albright owns ONEA events place and I love the cozy feel! Thanks for having us AL!

 photo I31B6959_zps325821ab.jpg

 photo I31B6965_zps1457c324.jpg
Hindi mag work ang traditional beer pong samin dahil lahat maarte. So we don’t drink from the cup. We have a side cup for the drinks. Haha!
 photo I31B6967_zps8cb6f6df.jpg
 photo I31B6969_zpsab47dade.jpg
 photo I31B6970_zpsb815228a.jpg
 photo I31B6972_zps08c9f0b1.jpg
 photo I31B6973_zps512c00bb.jpg
In fairness Jake, pumayat ka na talaga!
 photo I31B6975_zps6ad94428.jpg
Ang soft ni Xtina!
 photo I31B6976_zpsb41c1e72.jpg
 photo I31B6987_zps7e67d723.jpg
 photo I31B6988_zps597fb6be.jpg
AYAN! Inaasinta pa ni Margie!
 photo I31B7004_zps16f33028.jpg
 photo I31B7005_zpsab33db1c.jpg
 photo I31B7007_zps6d0c4254.jpg
Hahaha! Akala nyo naman may prize! WALEY! Competitive lang talaga ang friends namin!
 photo I31B7009_zps6267679a.jpg
 photo I31B7023_zpsdd2f1092.jpg
Hindi ako talented sa mga pa games at pikon ako. So hindi ko na inattempt. Haha!
 photo I31B7031_zpsd6c69591.jpg
 photo I31B7044_zps259c287a.jpg
 photo I31B7049_zps481a04a9.jpg
Ubod ng saya naman Milan! In fairness, maputi ka sa black and white!
 photo I31B7066_zps8a886889.jpg
Black and white nyo na yan. Kilay lang mukup ko eh. hahha!
 photo I31B7073_zps95d9d919.jpg
 photo I31B7077_zps6725dd3c.jpg
 photo I31B7088_zps339ce163.jpg

Happy birthday Jake! We labs chu very much!

Actually, we don’t need big parties to celebrate talaga. Kami kasi yung party. Choz! As I said sa bday message ko. Jake is the glue that holds all of us together. Kung wala sya, kalat kami lahat sa becky nights. He makes sure he organizes ganaps, nagyaya lumafung, pa activities. Thank you for my life. Choz! Next bday mo, sana size 2 ka na.
Much love,

Yehey! I love SM Megamall’s new wing! Love the choices and we have Dorothy Perkins there!
They also have Burton for menna naunahan akong iblog ni V! Maganda tong tag team namin! He can do the menswear while I do the womens! Check out Burton in V’s blog here! photo P1000800_zps195e17e7.jpgI picked out my outfitey for the day! I love laser cut outs! ANG KLAZZ! photo P1000806_zps501e03db.jpg

When you have intricate designs or patterns, it’s nice to stick to plain cuts for silhouette! photo P1000810_zps8f35afae.jpg

Sige pagbibigyan ko yung OOTD mo.
 photo P1000814_zpsa0c45826.jpg
OH D BA? With or without jacket pa!

 photo P1000821_zps8140eff5.jpg
I love how ang wide ng collection, you have dressy clothes like the one I picked out or casual ones like these.
 photo P1000824_zps1db22799.jpg

 photo P1000827_zps93e18a6f.jpg

With Maggie and Marc!
 photo P1000830_zps01cc1727.jpg

UYY! Kasama pala namin si Randy Santiago! choz! Makashades naman si V!

 photo P1000833_zpsc28da1e0.jpg
OK, i love games. I think Bea and I were discussing our “strategy” sa games ng program. Haha! We both won! And I won twice pa nga, medyo nakakahiya na! haha!
 photo P1000840_zpsba4d1ab1.jpg

Proud pa sya, sabi TAKE A PHOTO! Pareho kami shirt! At least hindi naging fashion miss because he made it all light and funny. GINAYA mo naman ang trick ko! haha! Yung unahan mo silang laitin ang sarili mo strategy! ahaha!
 photo P1000841_zps9af67403.jpg
THE WINNING SMILE! Haha! Tuwang tuwa lang kami nung nanalo kami!
 photo P1000845_zpsf7745e43.jpg
 photo P1000846_zpsdff25342.jpg
 photo P1000847_zps7b24b0b8.jpg
V also won a round!
 photo P1000850_zps7305ecdf.jpg

 photo P1000852_zps9d764c28.jpg
It was actually a double celebration! Dorothy Perkins and Burton!
 photo P1000856_zpsad044343.jpg
 photo P1000857_zpsdd78b57f.jpg

BTS of bloggers haha!
 photo P1000864_zps5cc65c7e.jpg

Syempre dapat may photo check!
 photo P1000868_zpsff81074d.jpg

SUPER CUTE dessert table!
 photo P1000869_zpsb71476b1.jpg
 photo P1000870_zps960ea600.jpg
OK! bungisngis ako. I won again. hehehhee!
 photo P1000880_zpsd0c11b51.jpg
 photo P1000881_zps84e1aa36.jpg

From the store, we were escorted to the main fashion show area by models.
 photo P1000886_zps6ae01ce7.jpg
 photo P1000887_zpsab6a8ea3.jpg

Nice to see Dani!
 photo P1000889_zpsa1998be4.jpg
 photo P1000892_zpsf30e7b30.jpg

Tito Jackie was the director of the show!
 photo P1000901_zps4f96ef82.jpg

I like the pants!
 photo P1000906_zpsf09467b2.jpg

Also this mala floral na ganap!
 photo P1000907_zps1cd414f1.jpg
Jumpsuits are love! Para hindi ka na magisip anong terno mo!
 photo P1000910_zps2663dc00.jpg

Simple shift dress!
 photo P1000911_zpscfa03415.jpg

Don’t be afraid to go full matching sa prints! Tarush sya and nakakabuo ng look! With the right print, it can even make you look taller.
 photo P1000912_zpsd90fcfd3.jpg

They showed both brands for the show.
 photo P1000916_zpsd471fbe7.jpg

 photo P1000919_zpsb7759b15.jpg

 photo P1000922_zpsd5930069.jpg

I also like the drop hips skirt!
 photo P1000924_zps23d41c90.jpg

 photo P1000927_zps9bf0f5f9.jpg

Fatima always look soooo gorgeous!
 photo P1000932_zps8d064c4b.jpg
 photo P1000933_zps416602ee.jpg
 photo P1000934_zps26d165a5.jpg

Ayan so may casual and formal for Burton. I like how the mens items are so easy to mix and match.
 photo P1000936_zpsf8f6a5cc.jpg
 photo P1000937_zps50d9022e.jpg
 photo P1000938_zps1e3f36a8.jpg
 photo P1000939_zps73e5e491.jpg

Best in chika…
 photo P1000943_zps466f9579.jpg
 photo P1000949_zps614c8db4.jpg
This one is cute too! It actually comes with a purple blazer. Super love suit ternos.
 photo P1000953_zps4db924d9.jpg
 photo P1000957_zps3681d251.jpg

Pleated skirts, lakas maka fresh!
 photo P1000959_zps626d5eaf.jpg
 photo P1000960_zpsb30e2b5f.jpg
Here! Ito yung katerno na suit jacket!
 photo P1000965_zpsd70581a0.jpg
 photo P1000966_zpsaa520e54.jpg

They have nice jackets and suits for men too!
 photo P1000968_zps647701a8.jpg
 photo P1000969_zps6cd763e5.jpg
 photo P1000970_zpsb1d81e0e.jpg

LOVE THIS SUIT! Gusto ko yang pagka blue!
 photo P1000976_zps821aa78a.jpg
 photo P1000977_zps3a336cb0.jpg

 photo P1000979_zpsb0f1b6a5.jpg
 photo P1000981_zpsb81d73e5.jpg

 photo P1000987_zps554084e1.jpg
 photo P1000988_zps924a1799.jpg
 photo P1000989_zps2470c839.jpg

Group shot! Congratulations DP and Burton!
 photo P1000990_zps0ab227a6.jpg

Til next ganap! Head on to Dorothy Perkins and Burton SM MEGA FASHION HALL! Daming bonggang damit! photo P1130927_zpsfd4d0efb.jpg

Also, if you want to join me sa mga ganaps, pls like my FB page coz I announce ganaps there.

Much love,


Super fun night! Thank you for this! To my P&G family, my fierces and friends an game na game, I LOVE YOU for making this night so memorable!

 photo P1000365_zps008d4355.jpg
Run thru! Yes, d talaga ako nagpaawat. Most endorsers would not “host” their own event. Eh marami akong friendship that night so I wanted to make sure machika ko sila coz the program was super aliw!
 photo P1000370_zps8c0589ca.jpg
Naglagay talaga ng shower sa Gram!
 photo P1000371_zps8ebaa0ff.jpg
My sis and her friends were there to support!
 photo P1000375_zps9d65c3e1.jpg
V with Eerie!
 photo P1000376_zpsa7ca7c04.jpg
College friends in attendance! As I said sa intro ko, you know my friends.. WHEN IT’S FREE, THEY’RE FREE! Choz!
 photo P1000377_zps0ab6f99b.jpg
TV5 Family sent their peeps too! Syempre si partner MJ was there!
 photo P1000379_zps4e4ca71a.jpg
 photo P1000380_zpsa829cfb5.jpg
 photo P1000382_zps7fa0f266.jpg
Becky Nights Peabo, Buern and Jacob!
 photo P1000383_zps6bcad2b4.jpg
Syempre hindi mawawala ang loves kong si Charm, Elmer and Martin! Thanks for coming guys!
 photo P1000384_zps8e153567.jpg
Gaganda oh! Shameless!
 photo P1000385_zps7ae4ce93.jpg
My fierces were there too! Allen, NC20 ang funda!
 photo P1000386_zps7913ddb0.jpg
PLAKADO SI MATT OH! Hoy sis, launch ko!
 photo P1000390_zpsae8fe35f.jpg
 photo P1000394_zpsb822fa88.jpg
Erica did one of the monologues. We went to Brent together. Higher btach sya sakin!
 photo P1000397_zpsd6f70962.jpg
Finally worked with Direk Rich!
 photo P1000399_zps1a7a8472.jpg
Program started with Erica doing her monologue about shameless pleasures.
 photo P1000401_zps792959eb.jpg
Then Kat’s turn. Parang poem with singing yung kay Kat.
 photo P1000416_zpsc9a43952.jpg
 photo P1000417_zpscba700fc.jpg
 photo P1000418_zps4d1b5c8d.jpg
 photo P1000419_zps362a033e.jpg

Yes, it was supposed to be a minute monologue. But I had fun eh! Hahaha! D naman nila ako pinigilan!
 photo P1000424_zpsffd319c4.jpg
I was supposed to talk about my shameless pleasures, but I realized in a crowd of shameless people… Inisa isa ko yung shameless pleasures of my guests! ahaha!
 photo P1000429_zpseec3bd92.jpg

Like Buerns habit ng magic skin sa IG. So what? Masbongga sya dun eh!
 photo P1000432_zpsfc04d629.jpg
Elmer’s skimpier than thou bikinis in Boracay! Makinis naman sya eh!
 photo P1000440_zps606bf692.jpg
Tawang tawa naman sila sa pangbabalaj ko!
 photo P1000470_zps8bfc8a61.jpg
 photo P1000476_zps62724ca0.jpg
You really can’t take the bungisngis of me….
 photo P1000515_zps49a19141.jpg
By the way, Thanks to Rajo for my outfit, Charmaine Palermo for styling me, Buern Rodriguez for my hair and Owen Sarmiento for my makeup. Raj, ginawa tyo ni Kendall Jenner! Naunahan natin sya sa double slit! Dapat pala tinaas pa natin!
 photo P1000521_zpsaa472478.jpg
We had a twitter game and more active games. Bet ko toh, kasi very interactive kami!
 photo P1000545_zps7d279c91.jpg
GRABE OH! Shameless talaga ko, best in kuda!
 photo P1000559_zpsdb1724e7.jpg
MATT for first contestant!
 photo P1000575_zpsa8052843.jpg
Matt won our moaning challenge!
 photo P1000580_zps2355e975.jpg
I love how everyone was so game!
 photo P1000593_zps60b091ba.jpg
 photo P1000595_zps913f5758.jpg
College friends! Architects Sonny and Arnold of Jagnus Design!
 photo P1000598_zps402f4b0b.jpg
SOBRANG SAYA KO NAMAN DYAN! I guess for those who saw me host, alam nyo na normal yung tawanan na ganito. Pati si Eerie d nakatiis at hindi naging formal. haha!
 photo P1000611_zps41538d3c.jpg
 photo P1000614_zpsee0edd65.jpg
Ino of Viktor jeans!
 photo P1000633_zps991317e4.jpg
Thanks for all the support! In fairness umapaw tayo hanggang sa dulo!
 photo P1000634_zps7ea6c60f.jpg
Syempre papayag ba si Peabo na walang ganap? SAY YOUR NAME THROUGH MOANING!
 photo P1000635_zps29f127fd.jpg
Even my friends with babies came out to party!
 photo P1000640_zps8cb6d808.jpg
 photo P1000645_zpsd6176fd4.jpg
 photo P1000668_zpsf72f57b3.jpg

 photo P1000684_zps1bb7ad22.jpg
Holding hands ba kami ni MJ? ahha!
 photo P1000701_zps807836c5.jpg
 photo P1000702_zpsd7248106.jpg

Yes, ang gandang buntis! Kahit kailangan ni Elle magsign nang waiver push parin for support! LOVE YOU ELLE!
 photo P1000704_zpsf5be234d.jpg
Special thanks to my handler Benj, na punong abala :) Love you!
 photo P1000706_zps3b858a45.jpg
My fierces! Thank you for the love and support. At fierce talaga kayo, plakado lahat!
 photo P1000707_zps52527e24.jpg
They made sure na they didn’t miss V’s bday! Ang sweet!
 photo P1000708_zpscebed454.jpg
 photo P1000709_zpsdcf94116.jpg
Launch mo rin V????
 photo P1000710_zpse951ecfc.jpg
 photo P1000711_zps25f28aac.jpg
Kulang si Jake and Margie! Jake kasi honeymoon and Margie nasa taping!
 photo P1000712_zpsbc3156d4.jpg
 photo P1000713_zps04c44910.jpg
The boys with charmy!
 photo P1000715_zps213904dc.jpg
CUTE COUPLE! Kara and Ivan!
 photo P1000716_zps9cca9a6a.jpg
 photo P1000717_zpsc73fd2fd.jpg
Milan kahit late ka pagbibigyan kita.
 photo P1000719_zps39e87fce.jpg
Highschool friend andun din! I actually picked friend na talagang nakasama ko. Hindi yung chika friends lang to share this special day :) Lumampas nga kami sa guestlist buti nalang mabait ang P&G! haha!
 photo P1000721_zps56e120f7.jpg
 photo P1000722_zpse6aa0358.jpg
 photo P1000723_zps55ea5002.jpg

 photo P1000725_zpsa64d6c12.jpg

Si Elle and Pam, ang iced teas girls! ahaha! One is still breastfeeding and another is preggers. Thank you for the love!
 photo P1000726_zps7e9ff695.jpg
 photo P1000727_zpsbb57fd1c.jpg
 photo P1000728_zpsfa5b549c.jpg
 photo P1000729_zpsa49fd059.jpg
My ATE. Choz!
 photo P1000730_zpse0b4bf7f.jpg
V with fierces!
 photo P1000731_zpsab276085.jpg
 photo P1000732_zpscf64d9fe.jpg
 photo P1000733_zps6d15973d.jpg
Thanks for taking photos love!
 photo P1000734_zps5b3ba1e1.jpg
 photo P1000736_zps77fa23fc.jpg
 photo P1000737_zps4a410d53.jpgFLO! My bestie!

 photo P1000739_zpsa705ffdd.jpg
 photo P1000740_zps116d3ce6.jpg
 photo P1000741_zpscbae18de.jpg
 photo P1000742_zpse0ad8f2c.jpg
 photo P1000743_zps728c88a4.jpg
 photo P1000744_zps2c317f3f.jpg
 photo P1000745_zps63acd875.jpg
Bang Pineda!
 photo P1000748_zps64789c28.jpg
NIXY! Isa ka pang late! Mommy Tina Daniac!
 photo P1000749_zps9e7648da.jpg
 photo P1000751_zps743fd16f.jpg

 photo P1000754_zps4641cfd5.jpg

I have stylish friends :)
 photo P1000756_zps715738c7.jpg
 photo P1000758_zps3bc6577f.jpg
Niccollo was there too!
 photo P1000760_zps1cf0aea6.jpg
 photo P1000763_zpsd0721443.jpg
Friends from highschool! Grabe last year lang yun. Choz!
 photo P1000765_zps9e1f0e13.jpg
 photo P1000766_zpse33cf35b.jpg
 photo P1000767_zps9d4ecdb6.jpg
 photo P1000769_zps39685bcc.jpg
Leah and Diodee!
 photo P1000770_zps3175609a.jpg
 photo P1000771_zpseed701b2.jpg
Selfie ba?

 photo P1000772_zpsbb2fec08.jpg

 photo P1000776_zps27f5fffc.jpg
Elle and matt were classmates in Highschool. I love how everyone is inter related! Elle now is going out with my friend from college naman.
 photo P1000778_zps9df6142f.jpg
 photo P1000779_zps9d7f057c.jpg
My shy girls are out tonight!
 photo P1000781_zps09c8ea37.jpg
 photo P1000785_zpsd0ae3000.jpg

Eto ang Ate ko nung highschool and gym partner!
 photo P1000786_zps073e5830.jpg
 photo P1000787_zpsfd433d9c.jpg
 photo P1000788_zpsd1b4b666.jpg
 photo P1000789_zps9960f319.jpg
 photo P1000790_zps1ce2bc00.jpg
To my loving manager, ALV! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!
 photo P1000791_zpsb8fc7646.jpg
 photo P1000792_zps4e8382bd.jpg
Mega team supports!
 photo P1000797_zpse330d9df.jpg
Charina ARTE! hahaha! Love you Chari!
 photo P1000798_zps556b18fc.jpg
I love how the whole event was about letting go of your inhibitions. Ang pinoy kasi likhang mahiyain daw, minsan nga kahit extra gravy nahihiya tayong magrequest kahit sa totoo lang nakaka 4 na gravy talaga tayo sa isang order. Paano pa kaya yung ibang ganap? We wanted people to know that there is nothing wrong with Shameless Pleasures as long as wala kayong nasasaktan or natatapakan.
Go ahead, ilabas nyo na yang Shameless Pleasure. Parang freedom yan :) Then soon enough you will realize na bakit nga ba ako mahihiya? CAREBEARS! Bet nyo mag magic skin like Buern? GO! Bet nyo mag skimpy bikini like Elmer? GO! Bet nyo na pag post nyo ng bikini shots pilitin nyo friends nyo ilike like Florence? GO! Bet nyo kausapin yung boylet na crush nyo kahit d nyo sya knows like IC? GO!
Marami pa taying chikahan and I will personally help you with all these SHameless pleasure. Baka ako pa sumama sa inyo achieve yan! So what are your shameless pleasures? More chikahan soon!

Much love,