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It’s not a usual thing to have this much artists that cut across multiple genres in one music festival. But that’s what Paradise IMF promises to deliver. The promise, to take you back on a journey into what a Music Festival really is. Unlike the past festivals that were either Indie, EDM or Hip-Hop specific. Paradise cuts across all into one.


Paradise as a music festival began with the announcement of Kanye West. All the Kanye fans were astounded by the fact Yeezus himself confirmed it the same date as his new album release.
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Happy Chinese New Year! So I hosted the recent Chinese New Year for Manila Hotel. And bongga that they flew in a Feng Sui expert!
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Since we are doing this whole SOBER CHIC kinda thing (which means no drinking, napagod kasi kami sa Holidays and Sinulog), we found was to get healthy and entertain ourselves! UntitledThe couple who wakes up at 6am…..


And the annual becky party is back! This year our theme is popstars! Actually, mahirap pala sya noh? Especially for the guys!
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We recently had a quick trip to Cebu for the Vios cup!
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Ang tarush! So many celeb drivers and ganap! read more to see our adventures!

Every year, for 9 years, we’ve been doing our annual kagulo party.
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I really don’t celebrate birthdays, kahit akin. But I only celebrate the most important bday. Yung kay Jesus! 
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