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Sporty spice na kasi talaga! BORTABELS!
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So itey! We launched our own line called Fit and Fashion for team manila!
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4 shirts , 2 from me and 2 from V. So malamang yung mga patawa akin galing! Barbel by day, Borta by night! Haha! Habang yung kay V super serious! Hit the gym!
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AYAN! Will make another blogpost for the items! itey launch muna!
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AYAN! Tubig lang ang pahinga water jug! haha!
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The bongga part about the shirts, habang sumesexy kayo, pasexy din yung shirts! For the large version (since dapat loose loose ganap ang cut outs) we printed how to cut instructionals! Since I am notorious nga for cutting my clothes, ayan different ways to cut for you! Meron sleeves, necklines, hem and back!
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 photo P1010484_zps28728255.jpg
 photo P1010485_zps18035738.jpg
Thanks to all my fierces who came!
 photo P1010489_zpse198ed7a.jpg
Ayan! Sample yung shirt ko how I was able to cut it!
 photo P1010494_zpsa99ac425.jpg
 photo P1010506_zps2706f75b.jpg
Kay V yang idea nyan! Very formal compared to my slogans!
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Thanks Arniel!
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Geeky nights Abe and JAKE! at ang pinakamagandang photobomber! haha!
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Thanks for everyone who came and supported!
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Chikahan portion with BOK!
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Ganda ni Peabo oh!
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Santi with Pao and Juj!
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For more borta na! Will post details soon! Full line and online shopping! Syempre pa giveaway narin!

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Sporty spice na talaga ako!
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Super fun day of hosting for ADIDAS MY GIRLS!
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They had a mini fashion show. Bongga kasi dati, hindi ko talaga bet ang mga gymwear. Pero buti nalang level up na lahat ng brands! They come out with the cutest and most fashionable gym outfiteys!
 photo P1010299_zpsab50edd1.jpg
Love the whole white outfitey!
 photo P1010309_zps15a42fe8.jpg

 photo P1010312_zpsfaa66064.jpg
Tarush nung printed tights!
 photo P1010316_zps185169a8.jpg
OK tarush tong blue ganap!
 photo P1010322_zps7eca6a9f.jpg
And then they introduced the new MY GIRLS ambassadors! My gym mates! SOS AND BELLE!
 photo P1010333_zpse4f8f3d3.jpg
 photo P1010334_zps2acfb52c.jpg
Actually, I can honestly say na malakas talaga tong dalawa. I go to the same gym and bongga talaga sila.
 photo P1010336_zpscc55ca8d.jpg

 photo P1010339_zps8ca74fbb.jpg

Belle is really sporty while Sos naman is Ms. CORE! Ang tagal mag plank nyan!
 photo P1010341_zps88d5f72c.jpg
 photo P1010342_zps931f8772.jpg

 photo P1010347_zpsc015b64f.jpg
After the short Q&A, we did some games and activities. Active nga kami so bet namin may paandar!
 photo P1010355_zps3229dca4.jpg
 photo P1010356_zps6543ae18.jpg
We divided the whole room into two groups and played Truth or Dare!
 photo P1010361_zps8a2dac0e.jpg
We had a planking challenge with SOS!
 photo P1010370_zps66c5df53.jpg
 photo P1010371_zps69c1816e.jpg
And we had a “juggling” game with Belle! In fairness, magaling sa soccer si Belle!
 photo P1010377_zps466045a7.jpg
 photo P1010379_zps831d10c4.jpg

 photo P1010381_zps210b8e30.jpg
Then a burpees challenge!
 photo P1010389_zpsdf14c410.jpg
 photo P1010390_zpsb6c98131.jpg
 photo P1010393_zps845fbe46.jpg
Yoga poses up next!
 photo P1010399_zps57e6c0e2.jpg
Here’s Sos showing her fave Yoga position!
 photo P1010405_zps00e3d217.jpg
 photo P1010408_zps4922ab64.jpg
 photo P1010420_zps1d8614fc.jpg
 photo P1010421_zps7466ee12.jpg

For more sporty spice! Promise, nakakaaddict ang fitness! Parang masmahaba yung araw ko and I don’t get sick na as much! Push nyo yan for #BalikAlindog!

Much love,

Yehey! I love SM Megamall’s new wing! Love the choices and we have Dorothy Perkins there!
They also have Burton for menna naunahan akong iblog ni V! Maganda tong tag team namin! He can do the menswear while I do the womens! Check out Burton in V’s blog here! photo P1000800_zps195e17e7.jpgI picked out my outfitey for the day! I love laser cut outs! ANG KLAZZ! photo P1000806_zps501e03db.jpg

When you have intricate designs or patterns, it’s nice to stick to plain cuts for silhouette! photo P1000810_zps8f35afae.jpg

Sige pagbibigyan ko yung OOTD mo.
 photo P1000814_zpsa0c45826.jpg
OH D BA? With or without jacket pa!

 photo P1000821_zps8140eff5.jpg
I love how ang wide ng collection, you have dressy clothes like the one I picked out or casual ones like these.
 photo P1000824_zps1db22799.jpg

 photo P1000827_zps93e18a6f.jpg

With Maggie and Marc!
 photo P1000830_zps01cc1727.jpg

UYY! Kasama pala namin si Randy Santiago! choz! Makashades naman si V!

 photo P1000833_zpsc28da1e0.jpg
OK, i love games. I think Bea and I were discussing our “strategy” sa games ng program. Haha! We both won! And I won twice pa nga, medyo nakakahiya na! haha!
 photo P1000840_zpsba4d1ab1.jpg

Proud pa sya, sabi TAKE A PHOTO! Pareho kami shirt! At least hindi naging fashion miss because he made it all light and funny. GINAYA mo naman ang trick ko! haha! Yung unahan mo silang laitin ang sarili mo strategy! ahaha!
 photo P1000841_zps9af67403.jpg
THE WINNING SMILE! Haha! Tuwang tuwa lang kami nung nanalo kami!
 photo P1000845_zpsf7745e43.jpg
 photo P1000846_zpsdff25342.jpg
 photo P1000847_zps7b24b0b8.jpg
V also won a round!
 photo P1000850_zps7305ecdf.jpg

 photo P1000852_zps9d764c28.jpg
It was actually a double celebration! Dorothy Perkins and Burton!
 photo P1000856_zpsad044343.jpg
 photo P1000857_zpsdd78b57f.jpg

BTS of bloggers haha!
 photo P1000864_zps5cc65c7e.jpg

Syempre dapat may photo check!
 photo P1000868_zpsff81074d.jpg

SUPER CUTE dessert table!
 photo P1000869_zpsb71476b1.jpg
 photo P1000870_zps960ea600.jpg
OK! bungisngis ako. I won again. hehehhee!
 photo P1000880_zpsd0c11b51.jpg
 photo P1000881_zps84e1aa36.jpg

From the store, we were escorted to the main fashion show area by models.
 photo P1000886_zps6ae01ce7.jpg
 photo P1000887_zpsab6a8ea3.jpg

Nice to see Dani!
 photo P1000889_zpsa1998be4.jpg
 photo P1000892_zpsf30e7b30.jpg

Tito Jackie was the director of the show!
 photo P1000901_zps4f96ef82.jpg

I like the pants!
 photo P1000906_zpsf09467b2.jpg

Also this mala floral na ganap!
 photo P1000907_zps1cd414f1.jpg
Jumpsuits are love! Para hindi ka na magisip anong terno mo!
 photo P1000910_zps2663dc00.jpg

Simple shift dress!
 photo P1000911_zpscfa03415.jpg

Don’t be afraid to go full matching sa prints! Tarush sya and nakakabuo ng look! With the right print, it can even make you look taller.
 photo P1000912_zpsd90fcfd3.jpg

They showed both brands for the show.
 photo P1000916_zpsd471fbe7.jpg

 photo P1000919_zpsb7759b15.jpg

 photo P1000922_zpsd5930069.jpg

I also like the drop hips skirt!
 photo P1000924_zps23d41c90.jpg

 photo P1000927_zps9bf0f5f9.jpg

Fatima always look soooo gorgeous!
 photo P1000932_zps8d064c4b.jpg
 photo P1000933_zps416602ee.jpg
 photo P1000934_zps26d165a5.jpg

Ayan so may casual and formal for Burton. I like how the mens items are so easy to mix and match.
 photo P1000936_zpsf8f6a5cc.jpg
 photo P1000937_zps50d9022e.jpg
 photo P1000938_zps1e3f36a8.jpg
 photo P1000939_zps73e5e491.jpg

Best in chika…
 photo P1000943_zps466f9579.jpg
 photo P1000949_zps614c8db4.jpg
This one is cute too! It actually comes with a purple blazer. Super love suit ternos.
 photo P1000953_zps4db924d9.jpg
 photo P1000957_zps3681d251.jpg

Pleated skirts, lakas maka fresh!
 photo P1000959_zps626d5eaf.jpg
 photo P1000960_zpsb30e2b5f.jpg
Here! Ito yung katerno na suit jacket!
 photo P1000965_zpsd70581a0.jpg
 photo P1000966_zpsaa520e54.jpg

They have nice jackets and suits for men too!
 photo P1000968_zps647701a8.jpg
 photo P1000969_zps6cd763e5.jpg
 photo P1000970_zpsb1d81e0e.jpg

LOVE THIS SUIT! Gusto ko yang pagka blue!
 photo P1000976_zps821aa78a.jpg
 photo P1000977_zps3a336cb0.jpg

 photo P1000979_zpsb0f1b6a5.jpg
 photo P1000981_zpsb81d73e5.jpg

 photo P1000987_zps554084e1.jpg
 photo P1000988_zps924a1799.jpg
 photo P1000989_zps2470c839.jpg

Group shot! Congratulations DP and Burton!
 photo P1000990_zps0ab227a6.jpg

Til next ganap! Head on to Dorothy Perkins and Burton SM MEGA FASHION HALL! Daming bonggang damit! photo P1130927_zpsfd4d0efb.jpg

Also, if you want to join me sa mga ganaps, pls like my FB page coz I announce ganaps there.

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“The point is to be audacious, even jaw-dropping or button-pushing — while remaining true to yourself.” – Anna Wintour on Rihanna, CFDA Fashion Icon Award 2014

Kabog ni mamang! Panalo ang quote nya na “She can beat me, but she can’t beat my outfit!” Lavet! Winner ka dyan! Very true! Hahaha! Here’s the transcript of her speech. Love love love Riri!

“Growing up I didn’t have a lot of access to fashion. But as far as I could remember, fashion has always been my defense mechanism. Even as a child I remember thinking, “She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.”And to this day I mean, that is how I think about it. I can compensate for all my weaknesses with my fashion. And so really, you really can … I enjoy the most that you can tell so much about who someone is just by their style — the way they put fashion together. And I think fashion has been an outlet for me to express myself, to speak up, to say who I am and to be very loud about it at times, and I just like to have fun with it. Fashion is just a world of thrills, it’s exciting, there’s no rules, there’s just … I mean, SHE has tons of rules [gestures at Anna Wintour] … Scratch that! Scratch that! There are RULES! But rules are meant to be broken.”


 photo rihanna-sheer-dress-cfda-fashion-awards-2014-01_zps5d5aef3e.jpg
 photo rihanna-sheer-dress-cfda-fashion-awards-2014-06_zps55fcf5d3.jpg
 photo rihanna-sheer-dress-cfda-fashion-awards-2014-10_zps5566ff7b.jpg
 photo rihanna-sheer-dress-cfda-fashion-awards-2014-18_zps7697d728.jpg

Watch the acceptance speech here!

NEW DISCOVERY! Don’t we all love new discoveries? Since alam nyo naman gaano ako kahilig sa shades, eto na!
 photo P1000248_zps56ffc081.jpg
I’m so tired of normy looking shades. So when ONKLER was shown to me.. BETTY MAE!
 photo P1000249_zpsfd03ffa7.jpg
Bongga maginvest sa shades because quality is everything. Una ayoko yung bumabagsak yung flaps sa gilid. Dapat sturdy!
 photo P1000250_zpsf5ec4131.jpg
Second, important yung may todo appeal! Hello, kadalasan ginagamit ko sya pang tago pag hindi nakaayos at least kabowg parin yung shades ko!
 photo P1000251_zps2612ae7c.jpg
 photo P1000252_zps82078d86.jpg
Fave ko tong CAPIZ looking chenes! MAKA BAYAN! Choz!
 photo P1000253_zps7192949e.jpg
 photo P1000254_zps4cc11069.jpg
Ok, how to pick the perfect shades? I did an old blog post on the normal shades na alam natin. Aviators, circle, square. Eh since level up na naman ang shapes, baka nga hindi ko pa alam yung ibang shapes (nagstop ata ako sa decagon… haha!). How does one find the perfect fit?
 photo P1000255_zps2a6a7483.jpg
Know your face shape… and go against. Kung bilog na ang mukha mo, wag mo na imatching teh! ANO TOH? SMALL CIRCLE SMALL CIRCLE BIG CIRCLE? (Uyyy! Napakanta kayo noh?)
 photo P1000256_zpscda7f184.jpg
Frames come in different sizes. Use your eyebrows as your distinguishing line. Pag XL ang ganap, dapat sumisilip lang ang kilay unless is maleficent kayo na 5’8 ang kilay. Small frames should reveal kilay and just hide eyes. While standard ones should visually “touch” kilay.
 photo P1000257_zps5244fc96.jpg
 photo P1000258_zpse97d1b6f.jpg
Cat eyes will always give you that mataray look. Bet kong ternohan yan ng pusod. Also, instant botox yan for the illusion of lift.
 photo P1000260_zpsd52595d3.jpg
 photo P1000261_zps418fa463.jpg
Colored shades maganda yung medyo slight transparent sya since it gives dynamic effect. MAKA DYNAMIC NAMAN AKO TEH? Naubusan ako ng words eh. CHoz! MEMA. Memasabi lang.
 photo P1000262_zps3448d124.jpg
 photo P1000263_zpsa1dfb110.jpg
 photo P1000264_zpscd20fe67.jpg
Etong mga ganito agaw pansin yan. Remember my tip… wag small circle, small circle….. BIG CIRCLE.
 photo P1000265_zps85213eb8.jpg
 photo P1000266_zps5a1008c0.jpg

 photo P1000268_zps59358216.jpg
Check the quality of your shades. Important ang quality, mata mo yan teh! it serves as protection too. At haggard yung minuto minuto ka nagaadjust ng shades mo.
 photo P1000270_zpsa6eb22b0.jpg
 photo P1000271_zps4ee800f7.jpg
 photo P1000272_zps424c1f3d.jpg

SO ALAM NA! Kung dati SUPER ang hilig ko, seems like I found a new favorite.

Since bongga ang @ONKLERPH on instagram! Bet nilang magkaron ka din!

Follow them because giveaways, discounts to be announced soon!

If bet nyo naman bumaylamos!

Visit VIVIAN SARABIA Ground floor Rockwell

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Best in fitness award na kasi akey! haha!
Pls buy a copy of Women’s Health this month! With Sos on the cover!
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 photo 2_zps060f5a45.jpg
 photo 3_zps1f491b8a.jpg
 photo 4_zps4dc6f808.jpg
Much love,


OK ang bonggels nito! Manang mananahi, si mudak nga kinaya bakit d mo maachieve?

 photo 1_zps10dc7f42.jpg
Ang bonggels ni bagets! ANG CUTIE!
 photo 2_zps2cc35aaa.jpg
Level up na ngayon! Nung bagets ako, ang gamit ko lang kumot at kurtina. Yung kurtina bawala pa tanggalin. haha!
 photo 3_zpsb48875d6.jpg
 photo 4_zps09f18b63.jpg
Now, I really need to borrow my inaanak!
 photo 5_zps9fb367a9.jpg
 photo 6_zpsf42b4097.jpg
Bet ko yung with shoes element!
 photo 7_zps4766262d.jpg
In fairness sa mudak nito, masmasaya ang arts class nila!
 photo 8_zps996b6340.jpg
 photo 9_zps6d57e5c3.jpg
 photo 10_zps3dc8e4e3.jpg

Ayan! Summer, para d mabored ang bagets! Art class na!

Much love,