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March is also Lazada’s Anniversay month so like the lazada philippines FB page and stay tuned for a big shopping extravaganza this month!

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I’m a big dog lover. And i think if you’ve been following me in IG you’ll know that tutok talaga ko sa puppies! That’s also why I’ve been MIA sa blog. Para akong nanganak!


Read more to learn about how to be a yaya to puppies!


Another way to help! Thank you GLOBE that aside from helping rebuild their area, meron silang option on how we can help.
 photo BangonPinoyRedCrossUDPATED_zps49ebdb30.jpg


Check details below paano ang ganap!

How to load other networks thru GCASH. {example scenario is, you have relatives in Tacloban using other networks, you can send them load using GCASH (image and step by step procedure included with screencapture using a Blackberry Q10 posted below) so that they’ll have means to communicate with their love ones}

Globe GCash Buy Load is a service wherein you can purchase prepaid denominations for other network providers via your mobile phone.  You can send varying amounts of regular prepaid denominations or promos as long as you have enough balance in your GCash wallet.

Note: There are no additional charges when sending load to other networks.  You’ll be deducted only the amount you purchased.

1    1) Dial *143# on your mobile phone

 photo 2_zpseb238461.png2) Select GCash

 photo 3_zps6af60561.png3) Select Buy Load

 photo 4_zps33409c7a.png4) Select the network you’re going to send load to
 photo 5_zps3a710771.png5) Select the desired amount you’re going to buy
 photo 6_zps5f9f61ed.png6) Input your 4-digit MPIN
 photo 7_zpsdbafb47e.png7) Enter the 11-digit prepaid number of the recipient you’re going to send load to
 photo 8_zps123ae902.png8) Select 1 to confirm sending
 photo 9_zpse3f370d1.png9) Wait for confirmation messages about the success of the transaction
 photo 10_zpsc969dc88.png10) Congratulations! You’ve successfully bought load for another network using Globe GCash!
 photo 11_zps85a4a0cc.png

The world needs more Love than hate. Mahaba pa po ang ganap, they need our help. A little something goes a long way. 🙂 GO PINOY!
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One of my besties having a baby! So ayan, kinareer namin yung invites and babay shower paandar. I wanted something personal, madali naman tumakbo sa bookstore pero parang mas cute if hirap at pawis! Choz!

Obviously baby boy! I have a lot of stock paper, mahilig talaga ako mag DIY!

 photo 1_zps43d12f88.jpg

I also have a laser cutter which Kermit and I used for clothes. But even before inaavail ko na toh. It’s important to have a graph mat!
 photo 2_zpsf37ce297.jpg
You can print out different shapes and sizes from the internet. They cutter nyo lang sya!
 photo 3_zpsd52ccf2d.jpg
Don’t throw away yung pinaggupitan ha! Baka bonggels sya! Magamit pa ulit!
 photo 4_zps81149a6b.jpg
Then I matched the blue with the white!
 photo 5_zps0cbce0ae.jpg
Or masbongga ba light blue?
 photo 6_zps5e53c372.jpg
I used the light blue as a border background!
 photo 7_zps03bd6511.jpg
Remember, wag mag tapon! Magagamit pa ulit yan!
 photo 8_zpse39926f4.jpg
 photo 9_zpsc96567e6.jpg
Glue all your pieces together. Try wag lumampas para walang tsismis!
 photo 10_zpsf193d689.jpg
 photo 11_zps52412741.jpg
OO, medyo nagsisi na ako halfway. hahaha!
 photo 12_zps6210e135.jpg
Then I used the white paper parin!
 photo 13_zps032b61d3.jpg
 photo 14_zpsa7000bdb.jpg
Eto yung mga tira tira! I will use this as the giveaways tag!
 photo 15_zpsddf211ec.jpg
Invite front!
 photo 16_zpsa5bc1441.jpg
Then use photo paper to print the actual invite! (baka hindi na kayanin ng kalyo sa kamay ko i stencil out isa isa! ) but kayo! Be creative!
 photo 17_zps42043b48.jpg
Hand made envelops! I took the small letters from the main invites “button intials” design. Walang sayang!
 photo 18_zps5deb26c1.jpg
 photo 19_zps456cd23e.jpg

There you go! DIY nyo na yan! Para personal!
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Kung may paandar, may padala din! I know most of you guys are into internet shopping, IG shopping, at kung ano ano pang bilihan.  Most of the savings I get are from really finding the best deals, hindi yan limited here ha…nationwide and international.  Actually, sa ‘kin talaga ang pinaka bonggels is food.  I can’t seem to find a better Cebu Lechon than the original in Cebu, or yung Durian Pie but sa Davao talaga.  And dahil mahilig ako lumafang I really go to the extent of ordering there then airfreight!  Yan ang gutom!  Hahaa!


 photo P1010913_zps2b7b1503.jpg

In doing this, isa lang ang trick dyan…i-Western Union mo!  Haha!  It’s so far the fastest way to send money without the hassle of pipila sa bank.  And I know sa bank nga may waiting days pa ata bago ma-process…paano pa pag-weekend!  Waley na ang lechon nun!  Haha!

 photo P1010911_zps6fe4d641.jpg



At ang bongga walang banking hours, so we get to use it also for buying our materials for LUCA, coz kahit san sa mundo avail!  I can send immediately.  May pagka-atat akong tao, I really hate waiting!  Perfect toh sa mga agad agad like me!  Haha!

 photo P1010917_zps083635ec.jpg
No need also for an account or change currency na ganap.  You only need one ID so malamang meron kayo nun!  Oo, kahit yung passport na chakey ang photo nyo pwede!


In our place, look to the left, look to the right lang ang drama because meron halos magkatabi na Western Union.  So bonggels sya dun!  It has about 8,000 or more branches worldwide!

 photo P1010915_zps7c0d2866.jpg

So check this kung bet nyo sya avail:  Western Union Money Transfer.


Push nyo yan!  Teka lang o-order nako ng spicy Cebu Lechon!  Haha!  Tinakam ako ng post na eto eh!


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NAKAKALOKA TOH! Hindi ko kinaya si girl! Watch nyo nang ma-experience nyo nang bongga. Perfect to sa mga gusto maging mag-mowdel! Salamin lang ang kailangan nyo dahil practice makes perfect! Choz!!!
Yung mga gustong gumawa nang own version nang video send you sa akin or tweet nyo koh! Ipopost ko lahat! Push! Good luck na lang sa inyo! Charot!
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Haha! Mamon na magulo look! This is what I do when I’m in a hurry! Promise 5 minutes lang yan!

This is actually the part 2, but best in fail ako sa upload of my MAC makeup tutorial, kasi naman, malay ko ba may limit ng minutes sa youtube! Hahaha!

try nyo! 🙂 Pero warning, 10 years kayo magcoconditioner. hahaha!

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