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I was never talented sa play doh nung bagets ako. But magaling ako sa ipad.. candy crush! choz! (hindi rin, stick pako sa level 35).

I really want this! SANTA?

I really want one! Wala namang age limit ang Play doh noh! haha!

It connects to the ipad!


  • The most economical and fun entry-level 3D printer on the market.
  • Uses Play-Doh as a print medium, so it’s safe for kids and noobies.
  • Can print in up to 3 colors at once (blending them like soft serve ice cream).
  • Connects to iPad for easy designing with free iPlay-Doh 3D app.
  • iPlay-Doh 3D app also lets you share designs with others (and print their designs).
  • Build Volume: 5″ cubed.
  • Power: 2 C Batteries and you (it’s mostly crank powered).
  • Includes: Play-Doh 3D Printer with conveyor belt, cranks, and printing head; plastic knife; 3 2oz cans of Play-Doh; and instructions.
  • Dimensions: approx. 15.5″ x 8″ x 19″

Bongga naman!


Much love,


WOOOHOO! Reyna tayo this month! Women’s month and SM Supermalls have a lot for you guys! All wednesdays of March may special treats and ganaps for you!
Watson’s: Instantly get 10% off for every Php1,500.00 purchase! Bongga! Agad agad! And Watson’s have most of your pharma and beauty needs! San ka pa?
Ace hardware: Believe it or not, matagal din ako tumatamabay dito kasi ng best in OC ako! haha! 5% discount on every P3,000.00 single receipt purchase! Tambay kayo dito, because honestly, you can only fully utilize and effectively use all your things kung properly organized sya. Kasi kita mo lahat! 🙂 Push! Maraming home solutions ditich!
Our home: 5% for every Php15,000.00 purchase of furniture and 10% on every Php5,000.00 worth of accessories! Kabowg! Now is the time to renovate! Invest in your living space! Important bongga ang tulog at gising!
SM Store: Or better known as SM Department store. Avail nyo ang SM Advantage card! 10% for every Php 3,000.00 single receipt purchase! Bongga ang accessories, must yan sa summer time in the city!
SM Hypermarket and supermarket- single single, double double! choz! DOuble your points ang ganap on wednesdays! So Wed na magshopping!
SM Appliance Center: Gusto nyo ng fans? Marami dito! Electric fans, standfans, ceiling fans! Choz! 10% on selected merchandise!
And last but not the least your SM ADVANTAGE card may mga members-only privy for avail nyo yun. Special events, sales and freebies! In and out of SM MALLS! Kabowg!
TAKBO NA! See you there?
ADD THEM ON FB to know our ganaps!
Also para makajoin ka sa mga pasabog naming promos which we will announce soon!
Tweet this! ” Go women’s month! @smsupermalls @divinemlee read all the freebies and promos here “
Ayan! Of course follow them on twitter @smsupermalls
Much love,


I love her raw emotions! And bet ko yung pinagtatawanan nya yung sarili nya! Being real really charms everyone 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.01.16 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.01.27 AM

Check out her after win interview. Ang aliw!

Check out her fangirl moment!

Tommy na daw sya! At least totoo, baka nga naman nakakagutom ang Oscars! haha!

Nakakaaliw sya!


Much love,


Since Vacay mode na! You all have a couple of days to chill or tengga mode or NGA NGA! choz! Sincebest in ganap ako, kahit vacay bawal mabakante.. Lemme give you a list for punong abala.

Good BOOKS! Well, let’s stick to fashion muna since lahat ata ng genre bet ko basahin coz i usually finish 3-5 books a month.

1. GRACE: If na watchaloo nyo yung SEPTEMBER ISSUE ni Lola Anna Wintour nyo. You would see a red curly hair girl there. Yup, that’s Grace Coddington. The magic hand behind Vogue. Avail nyo sya, because it talks about her life as a model and paano sya naka avail sa VOGUE

2. ISABELLA BLOW: Blow by Blow. She discovered Alexander Mcqueen and muse of all muses ang peg nya. Although teggybells na sya, it’s nice to read about how this bonggang heiress became such a mover in fashion! Thank you to Charmaine Palermo for this! I’m starting it now!

3. Alexander McQueen: We all know about his lobster shoes. But sino ba tong sanid ba bonggang designer na nakaisip nito? Nice to see how he battled everything while coming up with the best designs that made fashion history.

4. Coco Chanel: Marami nang books about yung lola nyo., pati movie avail din sya. But I guess, never ako magsasawa kakabasa sa kanya. So since may bago, avail!

5. Kate Moss: Isa lang masasabi ko dito. OUT OF STOCK SYA! EVERYWHERE! Kalurx! But this is on my hitlist. I really wanna read it since si Mareng Kate, may pagkaelusive ang peg. Best in avail din yan kasi may 8 covers!

If hindi nyo bet ang fashion.. here are some books nainavail ko din. I have the range na pambata all the way to mature novels. So take your pick!

6. Romanov Conspiracy: I’m starting this palang. But if bet nyo daw yung mga Da Vinci code levels. Ganito daw peg nun. Technically, I am immediately interested since it’s about the Romanovs, and bet na bet ko yung ganap kay Anastascia and the whole family. Check my travel to Russia here on my old blog.

7. A fault in our stars: Iyak fest! Eh sensitive ako eh! choz! If you want a love story to make you cry. Eto na yun!

8. Love story: This is already a movie way back 70s. But kahit gaano ka luma inaavail ko sya lagi kasi bet ko talaga sya. So i’m now reading the book even if knows ko na ang ganap.

9. Delirium, Insurgent series / Divergent series: Kung bet nyo yung mga twilight ganap or hunger games. You can check out the DELIRIUM SERIES or DIVERGENT series

10.  Luxe saga: If bet nyo naman yung mga period novels, bongga toh! Actually for me, The author Anna tried to ganap with another era, yung mga flapper. Pero masbet ko parin toh.

Ok, next naman tayo at dun tayo sa TV series sa mga tamad magbasa! haha!

1. Revenge: Drama na mystery. It reminds me of Gossip girl and The O.C. but may mystery portion. Bongga sya!

2. Scandal: Eto naman bet ko, very CSi na Suits series. I love Olivia Pope. Mga lawyesr and government ganap toh.

3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Bet nyo ng real deal ala Gossip girl? This is my fave! Actually i haven’t seen the other “housewives” franchise. BUt love ko toh. Season 3 na ongoing!

4. Homeland: Eto mga conspiracy, war and the government. May sanib yung role ni Claire Danes dito.

5. Suits: Eto bongga naman about lawyers. I like the pacing of the series and the cases they take up. After nito, parang gusto mo mag law bigla.

6. Girls: Very Sex and the City on steroids and with more explicit ganap. Waley mga fashion chuchu. But about lives of friends in their 20s.

7. Suburgatory: Very very light comedy about a dad and his daughter na lumipat sa suburbs from NYC.

8. Pawnstars: Cute nitich! You see a family who owns a pawnshop in Las Vegas tapos paano yung mga items hinahaggle and all.

9. 2 broke girls:  Very Friends yung format and mabilis. I really missed friends. But keri na din toh. Funny naman.

10.  Here comes honey booboo: Ang cute kasi ni HONEY BOOBOO! Accent and all. Kung may ganito ako kabibong anakis, ang saya saya!


So happy holidays! And enjoy your vacay!

Merry bonggang xmas sa inyo!


Much love,


I am obsessed with anything Xmen, Starwars and Twilight. Well, bet ko nga kasi yung may mga super powers. If nabasa nyo yung twilight book alam nyo sya, but para dun sa mga best in tamad. Bigyan ko kayo ng rundown! Para nabrief na kayo! choz!

Read para knows nyo!