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I love watching on my smartphone! Pero ang haggard ng download download ever tapos transfer pa! No need to do that now!

Nimble is your solution!

Watch the latest episodes of your favorite US TV shows on your mobile device

NimbleTV (, a cloud-based, cable TV streaming service, enables subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows, as they happen, across multiple devices, anywhere in the world, with nearly infinite HD-DVR capacity.  NimbleTV was launched in New York last year.  It will soon be available in other cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

1. Watch your favorite US TV programs in real-time.

  • Upon creating an account, NimbleTV gives you access to over 140 popular US channels like ESPN, HBO, Showtime, ABC, and USA without the hassle of setting up a cable box.
  • It has an intuitive search feature which categorizes programs by channel, show, or genre.

2. Record shows and watch them whenever you want

  • NimbleTV’s built in HD-DVR lets you record multiple shows and movies all at once.
  • It has a virtually limitless storage space that has a default value of 20, 40 or 90 hours, depending on your choice of plan.
  • If you need extra space, just go through your account and add the extra hours you need in your plan.

3. Practically runs on any device.

  • It can work practically on any device; may it be PCs, smartphones, tablets and even TVs via Roku or Apple TV via Airplay. All you need is an internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 0.54 mbps.
  • It supports iOS devices with an iOS 5 and above.
  • It is compatible with the latest web browsers such as Google, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9+) and Opera.
  • It runs on Chrome 3 and Windows 7.
  • It supports HD viewing.


  • Avail of a free trial at
  • If you’re living in the U.S. you can immediately sign up for the complete NimbleTV package.
  • Want NimbleTV access in the Philippines? Find out more by adding Nimble on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NimbleTV)

 photo Biglogo_zps841bc019.jpg
 photo NimbleTVGuide_zps949070c7.jpg
 photo NimbleTVRecordings_zps846253d8.jpg
 photo NimbleTVScreen_zps1dd7fa11.jpg
 photo NimbleTVWorldCup_zps7cabcec1.jpg
 photo NimbleTVonyourdevice_zps602aca8c.jpg
 photo NimbleTVonanydevice_zps9a74264d.jpg
 photo TVForASmarterWorld_zps108512ef.jpgI signed up already! How about you?

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Who doesn’t love loyalty programs? Kulang nalang magdala ako ng filing cabinet sa dami ng “suki cards” ko. I actually get free trips by converting points to miles! Free gas din minsan! So eto bagong paandar! More points, more fun! Posted the instructions!
First off, what is Smart Rewards anyway?? It’s sort of our loyalty program where you get rewards points to get freebies and exclusive discounts; one of those freebies/discounts is the ZAPtag card. To register your Postpaid line to Smart Rewards, just send REWARDS to 9800. If it’s your first time to do so, your six months’ worth of rewards points will still be counted! For Smart Postpaid lines, it’s P1.00 = 5 points. So for instance, if your previous bill for the past six months is P2,500 x 6 months = P15,000 = you instantly get 75,000 points. Here’s the conversion from Smart rewards points to ZAPtag points:
That’s 300 ZAP points instantly! ZAP points are good as cash (1 point = P1.00)!  Now that you have an idea on what Smart Rewards is, here’s the main reason why we partnered with them: they really have a wide array of partner establishments! (!/merchants?sort=highest-jackpot&show=25&page=1) Once you have a ZAPtag card, you may visit any partner merchant and start earning more points by entering your mobile number in the ZAP terminal in the partner merchants or by turning your SMART Rewards points to ZAP points! Also, you may use your registered Smart ZAPtag in any ZAP partner merchant to get 5-20% cash back points. Cash back points depends on the restaurant; ex. a restaurant gives 10% cashback points, so if your bill is P2000, you instantly get P200/cash back points! Postpaid subs can get additional freebies to the ff merchants:
Full list of partner merchants can be seen here:!/merchants?sort=highest-jackpot&page=1
For more inquiries on the ZAPtag, you may read:!/how-it-works/faq
D ba ang simple? Pati mga cellphone charges nyo may points na!
Avail nyo itey! Agad agad!
Much love,

 photo IMG_1934_zps936e3b52.jpg
 photo IMG_1936_zpscd05c4d3.jpg
 photo IMG_1937_zps092be0aa.jpg
 photo IMG_1939_zps47ad506c.jpg
 photo IMG_1942_zpsafdd456c.jpg
 photo IMG_1944_zps08d7084a.jpg
 photo IMG_1946_zps914b3e9e.jpg
 photo IMG_1949_zps4c21bd63.jpg
 photo IMG_1950_zps9f3891bf.jpg
 photo IMG_1952_zps256856fd.jpg
 photo IMG_1953_zpsaf1025e4.jpg

I love watching series and my job requires me to always have visual paandar. And honestly visual din naman akong tao. And technically i really work and play using my tablet. It made life easier and more comfortable, kasi ba naman dati lahat nalang dala ko, kulang nalang pati yung desktop ko sa bahay dalhin ko. Haha! Buti nalang may pwede nang iapasok sa bag!


I think important we get good quality tablets pero yung hindi naman presyong yamashita gold. That’s where HP Slate 7 Extreme comes in! Php14,000.00 only and todo pa ang high quality audio!


The android platform allows freedom na mag games, movies, browse at lahat lahat na! Ako this is what i use for my MBA! So kahit saan wala akong lusot hindi magaral!


Ok dahil bongga sila sa giveaway! More chances of paandar tayo! I will be giving away an HP Slate 7 Extreme.


All you have to do is


1. Tweet why you deserve it to @HPphilippines

2. Use the hashtag #GVday

3. like fb page


Ganun lang! Push!

ANG BONGGA! MAY APP NA ANG FLAWLESS! Uso ang sirena d ba? 
 photo 4P3C9472_zps699d18ce.jpg photo 4P3C9492Edited_zpsad3c7d3c.jpg
Easy instructions below!
 photo A_zpsac5cbfad.jpg
#stayFLAWLESS Mobile App Mechanics
1. Using your browser on your mobile phone, go to and tap on GET STARTED. photo A1_zps8f732ea6.jpg
2. Fill in the required info and tap GET STARTED.
 photo A2_zps5e9f5589.jpg
3. The HOMEPAGE shows you what amazing deals you can claim.
 photo A3_zpsf20b5258.jpg
1. Click REDEEM THIS button on any deal that you want to claim. You will be redirected to the DEAL PAGE, where you will see the mechanics in order to redeem the deal.
 photo B1_zps030b94e5.jpg
2. Select friends you wish to invite.
 photo B2_zpsfe55b4b7.jpg
3. Once your friends confirm your invite, your chosen item will bear the REDEEM NOW watermark. Click on it to continue.
 photo B3_zpsc87b06aa.jpg
4. Click the REDEEM NOW button to continue.
 photo B4_zps942ce0db.jpg
5. You will receive a notification saying that a voucher has been sent to your e-mail.
 photo B5_zps06e304b8.jpg
6. Once a voucher for a certain deal has been sent to your e-mail, the same deal will bear the YOU’VE REDEEMED THIS mark.
 photo B6_zpse4964240.jpg
7. Sample e-mail:
 photo B7_zpse25acd84.jpg
1. You will receive the following notification when a friend invites you to the #stayFLAWLESS app. Click GET STARTED to continue.
 photo C1_zps76a5a021.jpg
2. Click OK to allow Facebook to use the aforementioned information in order for them to use the app as well.
 photo C2_zps2c1eb283.jpg
3. Fill in the required details to continue and click GET STARTED
 photo C3_zpsc835fedd.jpg
4. Click ACCEPT INVITE to join the #stayFLAWLESS community.
 photo C4_zps75dfc019.jpg
You now have access to fabulous Flawless deals!
1. Homepage – Shows all deals offered, for redemption, redeemed or out of stock and navigation button (white box with pink lines)
 photo D1_zps2d9d8f56.jpg
2. Navigation Bar – Appears when the navigation button is clicked. Gives you access to other features of the app.
 photo D2_zps32444f65.jpg
3. Locate Clinics – Interactive map showing the location of all Flawless clinics. Click on a pin icon to see branch details.
 photo D3_zpsb099e3f1.jpg
4. Social Feed – All photo posts (Twitter or Instagram) with the hashtag #stayFLAWLESS are featured here.
 photo D4_zps46b6d8c8.jpg
5. Terms and Conditions – Shows the whole app’s general Terms and Conditions. There is also a pop-up Terms and Conditions per deal (right), found on each deal page.
 photo D5_zps9e07892f.jpg
6. “Share” feature – Allows users to share the buzz about the app via Facebook and Twitter.
 photo D6_zpsa6cf7483.jpg
Hindi ko po audition piece ito as sirena. Ganyan lang talaga ako pagbagong ligo. Choz!
 photo 4P3C9526_zps4a7e521f.jpg photo 4P3C9528_zps9805b62d.jpg
Let’s go techy! Ayan! Mag app na kayo!

Much love,


I am a TV person. If you guys follow me on twitter, parati akong nagtatanong which series to watch, what shows are on, at kung ano ano.

I’m sure naexperience nyo narin ang live updates ko sa boxing at beauty pageants. Haha! (D ba, host for all seasons? haha!)

And now that I am with V, insist nya parati na HD ang panoorin coz masbongga nga naman. Bet ko yung parang anytime lalabas sa screen ang mga characters! TARUSH!

 photo SKYCABLEhorizontalresized_zpsd88784bb.jpg

But of course, I can’t let go of my usual SD channels and mga iba ko pa. Buti nalang Sky cable may choices at hindi namin split ang mga tv with different plans. haha!

So very turo turo itey ha! You can add channels na bet nyo to your plan!

FOX Pack (P299/month): Fox Channel HD, FOX Crime HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, Star World HD, Channel M HD
 photo Fox_zps082e3937.jpg- Fave ko ditey yung Nat Geo. Para naman masight ko yung mga friendship kong animal kingdom!

HBO Pack (both SD and HD at P350/month): HBO Family, HBO Hits, HBO Signature
 photo hbo_zps87531534.jpgMovie Pack (P550/month): CinemaWorld HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, HBO HD, Sundance Channel HD

- Go to pack ng barkada! Pag best in tamad ka mamili ng movies. For sure, meron dito.

Sports Pack (P550/month): ASN HD, FOX Sports News (SD), FOX Sports Plus HD, NBA Premium TV HD, Outdoor Channel HD
 photo Sports_zpsd30ea6a8.jpg- Eto si V ang umaavail nya. Ako yung kinuha ko pay per view ni Pacman!

Kids Pack (P249/month): Baby TV, Cartoonito, Cbeebies, Discovery Kids, Disney Jr., Jim Jam, Kids Co., Nick jr.
 photo kidspack_zpsadd92d19.jpgKorean Pack 1 (199/month): Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, YTN

Korean Pack 2 (P900/month): Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, MBC, YTN

HD 40 Pack (P1999/month): ASN HD, Balls HD, Bio HD, Cartoon Network HD, Channel M HD, CI HD, Cinema World HD, Cinemax HD, Classica HD, CNN HD, Comedy Central HD, Discovery Channel HD, E! HD, Fashion TV HD, Food Network HD, Fox Action Movies HD, Fox Channel HD, Fox Crime HD, Fox Family Movies HD, Fox Movies Premium HD, Fox Sports Plus HD, H2 HD, HBO Family HD, HBO HD, HBO Hits HD, HBO Signature HD, History Channel HD, Lifetime HD, MTV Live Asia HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, NBA Premium  HD, Outdoor Channel HD, RTL-CBS Entertainment HD, Star World HD, Sundance Channel HD, Syfy Channel HD, Travel Channel HD, Universal Channel HD


At may bongga pa palang addition! Alam nyo yung TiVo sa states? Parang ganun! You can record na sa box nyo! You can record, pause and play! ANG HI TECH! I usually record my guestings and mga series na bet ko!

Then may pa extra gravy din sila! haha! Pay-per0view for special events. Abangan nyo ang debut ko dyan! haha!

GO! for more tipid this 2014, tambay sa balur! At dahil dyan! Gusto natin more ganap kayo sa house! Here’s the contest!

Just tweet me @divinemlee your fave channel from Skycable and why! Get a chance to win these goodies! Will announce on twitter the winner!
 photo SkyCable-ContestPrize_zps39212fb7.jpg

Much love,




I’ve been working out a lot lately. Mabuti nang unahan ko si summer! So I’ve been looking for the perfect earphones! ETO NA!


” Kransen Lilac is a premium in-ear headphone in a light purple shade that has all the features you need and a few you didn’t expect. Delivering precise and powerful bass, Kransen is finely tuned across the entire bandwidth, so you can hear more of your music. The built-in mic and remote lets you pick up calls, while the CableLoop solution keeps your cord neat and tidy and the SnapConstruction feature makes sure your earphones are always easy to find.”

Well, dati kasi madali lang akong kausap. Basta cute, keri na. Eh importnat pala ang function! haha!

 photo 1_zpse23b1f55.jpg
 photo 2_zps883096ed.jpg
 photo 3_zpsff66bf7f.jpg
 photo 4_zpsf2557782.jpg

Check the cool features!

Cable Loop

Keep things nice and neat

The Urbanears patent-pending CableLoop allows you to wrap your cord and secure it into place. You’ll never have to spend another minute untangling your headphones after they’ve been in your bag ever again. Nice, huh?


So you always know where it’s at

Inspired by the building blocks we played with as children, the SnapConstruction feature lets you connect your ear buds around your neck. That way, you can easily find them and continue enjoying your music whenever you’re ready.

Microphone & Remote

For hands-free talking

Most music devices today are also cell phones. That’s why all our headphones come with a built-in microphone and remote. Use it to pick up calls, or fast forward or rewind your music.


Ok, sporty spice na ako! haha!
Much love,

Sa panahon ng Instagram at Twitpic. Mahirap nang hindi agad agad magshare! And i realized that the best gadget I ever bought to any fest or vacation is the Samsung Smart Camera. Alam niyo naman, lahat tayo may lahing stalker! haha! I was able to quickly share (or pagyabang) na todo higpit ang hawak sakin ni Jared Leto!

A lot of you guys where asking anong phonelia gamit ko as to why my photos are so crisp. Mali! Samsung Smart Camera WB250F with Wifi ang avail ko! Instant upload sa Facebook, keribels na.

 photo 1_zpsa01e44b2.jpg photo 2-1_zps1d45a6eb.jpgNaging conversation topic pa namin siya ni Just Jared! haha! Ganun din daw camera niya. In white (pinaandaran ako!) haha!

So if addict kayo sa ano mang best I share online, push nyo toh!

 photo 3_zpsd2d71b74.jpg

Kung mahirap kayo mag kodakan ng lafur…
2013-04-08 09.15.13 Nongga…2013-04-08 09.41.21 Gandang d mo akalain…2013-04-09 00.14.28 GGSS (Gandang ganda sa sarili)2013-04-09 00.15.20 Pa sight seeing…2013-04-09 00.29.26 Pa candid kuno…2013-04-09 01.13.07 Pa hangin effect…2013-04-10 00.09.27 Paandar sa balik alindog program…2013-04-10 03.36.19-2 Mas paandar pa…2013-04-10 04.04.16Pa indi…
2013-04-11 01.13.05Pa groupshot.. at madami pang iba!

To know more.. push the button! choz!

Push nyo yan!


Much love,


Watchaloo nyo muna toh. Bilis na pinaghirapan namin yung bobo proof ang video. haha! But super easy talaga!


So since lahat tayo mahilig sa SALE! These are so top picks as to where you can shop.

Eto pa pala before anything else, d ba palagi nating issue yung shipping from around the world? When you use gcash it gives you a FREE account sa MYSHOPPINGBOX meaning kahit hindi keri magship sa Manila ng site kung saan kayo nagshoshopping it can ship to MYSHOPPINGBOX then my shopping box will ship it for you here sa Pinas! Bonggels!

When you do your registration it will give you a US addy, so no need worry about your goods! pakak!

I love Amazon! I buy all my hard to find coffee table books here! so avail nyo yan!
 photo Amazon_zps0f5f672a.jpg
Aminin na natin… Dito ang sagot sa mga sumpa! choz!
 photo Sephora_zps71105929.jpg
Puro beauty shops talaga top pick ko noh?
 photo Beauty_zps63c96c2a.jpg
May beauty products parin here! haha!
 photo Drugstore_zps69897d06.jpg
Not all the designs are released in Manila, so avail nyo ang inet shopping!
 photo Zara_zpsc3a73bf7.jpg
This is super cute! Alam nyo yung mga bloggers look abroad, parang ganito ang pegaloo ng clothes here!
 photo Nastygal_zps743581e4.jpg
I LOVE THEIR BUTINGTINGS HERE! daming paandar! eyeing the portable turntables.. wala lang nga akong plaka! haha!
 photo Urbanoutfitters_zps0e3e6721.jpg
All your fave brands are here and useful ang comments!
 photo Strawberrynet_zps4f366d08.jpg
 photo Solestruck_zps28616959.jpg

Basics are super nice here! Ang prob kasi natin sa Manila, minsan pare pareho na clothes natin since we go to the same stores. Ngayon, maiiba ka na. Nagiisa! You alone! choz!

 photo Freepeople_zps37eb482b.jpg

And last but not the least… I will be working on Gcash more because… BUBUKSAN KO NA ANG SHOP MY CLOSET part of this blog! I realized kasi tuwing garage sale or bloggers bazaar ubusan ang ganap!

So i will be giving a private internet sale to the first 500 to retweet and repost this! Watch the video then tell me (nasa video ang answer) WHAT IS THE WEBSITE FOR GLOBE GCASH?

tweet in this format!

Hey guys! Want to join @divinemlee’s private online garage sale? check out and my answer is “(put the answer here…) RT #Gcash


Much love,