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I love quick getaways. Actually, Tagaytay has always been a staple in since bagets ako for quick trips. 
Aminin nyo na, ever since highschool, I would skip class (sorry mom) to go to Tagaytay with friends!
There’s a new relaxing place to hang out in! And it’s a boutique hotel called DOMICILLO!
 photo P1480502_zpsgwelt8ic.jpg


Ok, after the blog upgrade… I’m back! Let’s start with a travel post!
Ang dami ko na kasing nakitang movie with Batanes and I’ve been wanting to go,. Since sembreak ko sa masters… this is the perfect time to go! 
Here I am with my bestie travel partner Chef Jeremy Favia!
 photo DSCF8700_zpsmc4hxsxa.jpg

Click more to read about Batanes!

I write for Kristn or Hitlist. OO, talagang curacha na yung name ko. But I decided that to make it different from my blog, that puro videos naman dun!

Here are some videos i made for them! Enjoy!

1. All about contouring!

Part 2! 

We also have fashion tips for you! Sneaks go with whut??

And of course my joint column with V! All about travel!

1, How to fly for free! 

Here, we talk about our fave place! HK!


What to pack!


Watch out for more videoblogs from us!

PS. Pagpasensyahan nyo na yung contour and highlight ko coz I did the beauty first and for camera purposes we had to exag everything. Wag nyo na i judge kung mukhang color by number yung fez ko!

Much love,


PA RAFFLE NA NAMAN! Ang fave portion natin! I love local festivals! And Masskara is one on top of my list! Honestly, I enjoy local festivals more than international because you get to hang out with more friendshipeys! photo DEEZERMASSKARAPromotedSocial_zpse77737b2.jpg

Smart Postpaid, Deezer and Skyscanner are currently running a fly-out promo to Masskara. Earn raffle when you subscribe to DEEZER bundle or DEEZER Premium plan! Pa music na on the go!

At syempre dahil music, pati sa live ganap! AVAIL! Deezer, Skyscanner and Smart are sending you and your friends to MASSKARA!

The prizes are as follows: So different plans, different prize packages!

 photo DEEZERMASSKARADailyPrizesTW_zpsff29fc87.jpgOh d ba? Ang tarush! And don’t worry automatic ang raffle entries nyo. Hindi ko namin kayo papafill up ng 10,000 coupons. hahaha! This is only until September 30, 2014! So hurry! photo DEEZERMASSKARADailyHowtoJoinTW_zps62e3aca9.jpg

Bet ko toh! All expense paid to Bacolod! Party party plus chicken Inasal! Syempre #Smart is always the front runner sa mga paandar na ganap! So bongga na makajoin kayo!

V and I both  love Deezer, gusto ko yung without effort, maayos ang playlist ko! Notorious kasi ako na magulo ang playlist, from EDM biglang OPM biglang Pop minsan meron pang lalabas na soundtrack ng becky nights! Haha! So subscribe now, para mukha kayong pro sa music! Choz!

For full ganap and info! Check out



Thank you so much ACCESS TRAVEL FOR THIS VACAY! Actually, we’ve been so busy na ilang beses na nadelay. Na push narin eventually and perfect timing coz halloween!
We usually like spending halloween in Manila coz I love dressing up my beckies. But since may chance to fly out and no work, push cart! photo 3_zps42bc8388.jpg
I have numerous sky shots, ewan ko ba kay V anong hinahanap! photo 5_zps682b7754.jpg
First ganap! We met with my 2 besties! Charmy and Elmer! Ayan, sabi ko naman sa inyo, mukha akong binudbud sa harina pag walang make up eh! Lumalabas ang chinese blood, nagtatago ang brazilian blood! choz!
 photo 6_zps0ee3bad0.jpg
Ever since bagets ako, TST (Tsim Tsa Tsui) talaga ang bet ko. I do Central minsan but bumabalik talaga sa TST!
 photo 7_zpsef74a9d8.jpg
I like how every time I go, pare pareho parin pinupuntahan ko! haha!
 photo 8_zpsf264b56a.jpg
If you plan to go to HK, make sure to book thru Access Travel. They can give you tips as to what you want to do and where you should stay for it. Since I lived in HK for sometime, keri ko na magisa. haha!
 photo 9_zps2168660e.jpg
Night before halloween, todo na ang mga tao!
 photo 10_zps4cf6f653.jpg
Hindi pa halloween nyan but dami nang naka costume!
 photo 12_zps7cb310ed.jpg
Lan Kwai Fong ang ikutan nyo for drinks and dancing. Lahat ng tao dun game!
 photo 13_zps253ce99e.jpg
Sinong naka duty sa hospital eh gumimik lahat ng nurse?!?!
 photo 14_zps78c8e8a6.jpg
 photo 15_zps519cbd66.jpg
A lot of Manila peeps were in HK that time, dami namin na sight. V saw Bea and Zanjoe, we met with Phoem also. Na in character pa sa photo! haha!
 photo 16_zps75eff7bb.jpg
Dami ding pinoy connections, Francis Ricafort baka knows nyo sya.. Pinoy model now based in HK. He owns clubs there.
 photo 17_zps2d98cf5b.jpg
D + V super power ng funda ko tignan lang natin kung makuha pa ng pawis yan! YAN ANG MATTE APPLICATION! HAHAH!
 photo 18_zps2037345e.jpg
D maka  move on si Phoem sa character nya. Haha!
 photo 19_zps3a62fb36.jpg
Saw more Pinoy connections!
 photo 20_zps6771c7ba.jpg
 photo 21_zpse979254c.jpg
V also saw Anton there! So parang isang malaking get together talaga. Hong Kong is an easy place to travel to. Ang bilis lang ng flights and easy to find your way around. photo 22_zpsc521b8cb.jpg
Labanan ng foundation!
 photo 24_zpsda05792b.jpg
Muk asim talaga?
 photo 25_zps78488338.jpg
 photo 26_zps128e5f44.jpg
When you plan to go bar hopping in HK, start kayo around 11sh to midnight. Ganun ang start ng parties dun!
 photo 27_zps881343c0.jpg
May chismis ata akong nasagap. haha! Or namimili ng filter!
 photo 28_zps2e6703b9.jpg
V as usual is our official photog!
 photo 29_zps115bc600.jpg
eto ang back to the future, mga models in Manila!
 photo 31_zps713db389.jpg
 photo 32_zpsfa44dcfe.jpg
Another tip, enjoy nyo ang ganap sa labas ng clubs! masaya din!
 photo 34_zps5f204744.jpg
After our first stop, we met Vice na sa Dragon-i!
 photo 35_zpsce7aa27f.jpg
BABALA. So wag magbayad. haha!
 photo 36_zps0b2a0d73.jpg
More pinoys in HK!
 photo 37_zps7b872190.jpg
Ayan si Bernard Cloma, inavail ang ledge!
 photo 38_zps4cf843e0.jpg
Habang Busy kami ni Vice, ivideo sya. ANNEBISYOSA.. ingat ka kay Bernard! haha!
 photo 39_zpsdf64747b.jpg
Nice to meet pinoys based in HK!
 photo 40_zps6727c992.jpg
Ayan nasa tshirt nya na!
 photo 41_zps6235b366.jpg
 photo 42_zpscb99ec10.jpg
The boys with Vice!
 photo 43_zps2542619d.jpg
 photo 44_zpsf5a5249c.jpg
 photo 45_zps64ac9fae.jpg
 photo 46_zps26e144d0.jpg
 photo 47_zps56ffb14e.jpg
Sorry, pero tinalo ni Vice ang false eyelashes ko. Mas confirm ang kanya!
 photo 48_zps20b84fd2.jpg
 photo 49_zps2f43a866.jpg
Ako lang ba ang mahilig magutom sa gimik? haha! AY WAIT! SI JAKE GALVEZ DIN PALA!
 photo 50_zps321b88c2.jpg
Night 1 done! Getting ready for the real halloween party the next day!
 photo 51_zpse694b12d.jpg
When in HK, pls do not forget to check out SPICY CRAB UNDER THE BRIDGE. A bit pricey pero sobrang sarap talaga! And ayan, the day i discovered sneakers. Now i’m on a sneaker collection spree! haha!
 photo 52_zps7c495668.jpg
I love my 9fivers shades! kakabagets noh?
 photo 53_zpse97ac1de.jpg
We decided to head to the outlets!
 photo 54_zps58aab050.jpg
And the night market in Mong Kok. Kahit wala naman kami bibilhin, we still went there.
 photo 55_zpse5b30ef3.jpg
Daming ano ano!
 photo 56_zps30b7388d.jpg
 photo 57_zps939dcd51.jpg
If you are into sneakers, make sure you drop by sneaker street in Mong kok. Lahat ng tarush andun!
 photo 58_zpsbf0d23db.jpg
The no makeup espasol look. So intindihin nyo na po bakit 2 shades darker ako mag foundation. Kasi magka peg kami sa paleness ni sadako. haha!
 photo 59_zpsd5ac7430.jpg
From getting to Kowloon side and HK side, use the ferry, Mura na may view pa!
 photo 60_zps2c5d0bcf.jpg
Wala na yung rubber ducky :(
 photo 61_zps1523ccbe.jpg
It’s so nice to have friends that last. Parang gulong.. haha! I’ve known Charmy when I was starting out sa modelling. Actually trio kami with Nicolette Bell. Then Charmy became a stylist and Nic naman nag abroad. I also went to Hk to model. But until now, ganun parin. friendship forever. Elmer naman has been my confidante for the longest time. Maspinoproblema nya pa ang love life ko kaysa sakin. Ganun kami kaattached. hahaha! Travelling with good friends are the best, Memories that can’t be bought.
 photo 62_zpsb50ac0b9.jpg
Ever wondered who SHOPHK is? Eto sya! This is Teng, she does all our bilins for pabili everywhere. She’s your fave celebs shopper. And kahit sa states or Europe kaya nya bilin for you. Check out her site or IG @shophongkong
 photo 63_zpsb8881d4f.jpg
Lakas maka lady gaga ng Thierry Lasry shades ko!
 photo 64_zps4fc9efca.jpg
 photo 65_zps2e16ee7f.jpg
Halloween! Last minute outfits! Eh paano ba naman, ang plan talaga relax lang. Di kami nakatiis. Buti nalang may lingerie yan na peg ko. Mulan Rouge!
 photo 66_zps0f816b85.jpg
 photo 67_zps294c5d88.jpg
Yung mga pulis baka isipin for sale ako! choz!
 photo 68_zps1f97012d.jpg
 photo 69_zps272fb399.jpg
I like how everyone is all out! Try Halloween in HK! Ang saya!
 photo 70_zps5186c38e.jpg
Sige na nga, may ma costume lang!
 photo 71_zps1aef3156.jpg
Bernard as Robin!
 photo 72_zps04d1c74b.jpg
 photo 73_zps261cea49.jpg
Vice Ganda as Catwoman!
 photo 74_zpsc66b9c3c.jpg
Parang awa mo na, tangalin mo na yung costume. Bet namin masight ang ABS!
 photo 75_zps1f9bee97.jpg
 photo 76_zps0ed697bf.jpg
Si popeye ang kasama ko photo 78_zps5220ef32.jpg
Ang bongga! Effort!
 photo 79_zps1eeb3cbb.jpg
 photo 80_zps3fd97035.jpg
 photo 82_zps1f080ae2.jpg
 photo 83_zpsecab929f.jpg
Bitin eh.. hahahah!
 photo 84_zps25a8e8bc.jpg
Oscar with Teng!
 photo 85_zps2a36d540.jpg
Sige, alin…alin… alin ang naiba? ANG GAGANDA NILA!
 photo 86_zpsce93fa2b.jpg
 photo 87_zps24723e04.jpg
 photo 88_zps7554bdc6.jpg
 photo 89_zps2b3af988.jpg
Wala namang pinulis that night! Marami lang police costume!
 photo 90_zpsd1f4a403.jpg
Next club!
 photo 91_zpsa2d0e60d.jpg
D rin ako makulit noh? BDAY MO TEH?
 photo 92_zps699f3fb7.jpg
Airport lunch!
 photo 93_zps283b81bd.jpg
Day of our flight!
 photo 94_zps440ff994.jpg
 photo 95_zps79f59668.jpg
You can do airport express para masmabilis to get toKowloon and Central. You either end up in Elements mall or IFC.
 photo 96_zps735bc794.jpg
Our friends left na, but we had a few more hours so we met with our loves. Keren, our manager Arnold, Ben Chan and Miguel!
 photo 97_zps3e7fa505.jpg
Try HK for your next halloween trip! And dahil generous din ako at bet ko maexperince nyo sya.

Access travel has a lot of promos and freebies! Here’s how to avail!

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Much Love,



Bongga naman talaga! First, i won 2 seats for international and another seat for domestic flight!
Actually excited to go to MACAU since they will be inaugurating that destination this December! BONGGA! 
 photo Logo_zps2a516ac5.jpg
Known as the leading low cost airline and largest, ano pa ba hahanapin nyo? TARUSH! Mura na safe pa!

AirAsia Zest operates a fleet of 13 aircraft and currently servicing six (6) domestic and six (6) international routes from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It is by far the Philippine carrier with most flights to and from Kalibo which is the gateway to the popular resort island of Boracay.

Ang beckynights best in avail na nga! Mag New Year sa Boracay!

 photo 1MoreConnections_zps1c952795.jpg
Aside from that they are adding new flights from CEBU! Oh d ba? Bongga sa mga Cebuanos! No need to head to Manila to fly out!

Cebu to Kuala Lumpur, Puerto Princesa, Davao and CDO are the new flights!

“The hype is building up for AirAsia Zest as we expand operations in Cebu. From our current Cebu to Manila daily flights, we are commencing daily service to Davao and Cagayan de Oro, and 4X weekly to Puerto Princesa City on November 15 and daily direct flights to Kuala Lumpur on December 1,” AirAsia Zest EVP and COO Joy Caneba said.

“Aside from our low fares, we are offering Filipinos more choices, enhanced services and access to AirAsia’s over 85 destinations stretching across all Asean countries as well as China, India and Australia,” Caneba said.

Ayan! Para sa mga best in info ang gusto! Here are the details!

And at least option narin satin yan, pwedeng mag Cebu Lechon muna bago gumorabells!

 Flight Schedule:

 photo Cebu_zps2fc3686c.jpg

 photo 2RightWay_zpse0c7e10b.jpgHere are the final list of destinations. Pwedeng mamakyaw na kayo!

Manila Hub

NAIA Terminal 4

NAIA Terminal 3 (Incheon, South Korea and Shanghai, China)

  • Fly from / to Manila
    • Domestic
      • Cebu
      • Davao
      • Kalibo
      • Tagbilaran
      • Cagayan De Oro
      • Puerto Princesa
    • International
      • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
      • Miri, Malaysia
      • Incheon, South Korea
      • Shanghai, China
      • Macau, China

 photo 3Hi-Lo_zpse7a893b9.jpg

Here’s another new international destination! Bet ko masight itey kasi d pako nakaka puntang Miri!

Flight Schedule for Manila to Miri:

 photo ManilatoMiri_zpsfd83e19b.jpg photo 4Worlds_zpsa83afe2a.jpg

And di sila nagpahuli, The Las Vegas of Asia! Macau!

Flight Schedule for Manila to Macau:

 photo ManilatoMacau_zps1bdc6791.jpg photo 5Team_zps68877b75.jpgSo dahil bongga sila, papa experience nila sa inyo ng GV ang flight! TARUSH! I will be giving away a flight for you guys!
 photo IMG_0452_zps523bb8c2.jpg
Details to follow! But as of now, follow @AirAsiaPH on Twitter and like AirAsia Philippines Facebook Page; to join my promo!

Look! I got my own flight form Air Asia Zest! Actually can’t decide yet where I want to go kasi parang bet ko kumimchi sa Korea or magMalaysia! Macau tarush din kasi new route!

 photo IMG_0445_zps6ff29c73.jpg
You may also visit their website; for more info!


Much love,



I like travelling, but syempre hindi naman pwede travel lang lagi. Masmatagal ata ang ipon factor bago larga! I have made it a point to transfer all possible points to my miles (kung ang Meralco may points baka pati yung trinansfer ko na). Parang ang sakit sa bulsa ko when i travel airlines tapos walang miles. haha!

I usually travel with friends because most of my Brent schoolmates have already resided in different countries. Bongga kasi tipid at madaling hatakin. Like for Paris, I would always stay with my friends there. So yung pang hotel, panglalafang ko nalang. At chef pa isa sa kanila, haha!

Here are some of the girls! Stacey from Australia but met her in Paris, Laleyna from Australia but travelled with her to Greece for Stacey’s bday, Sherry studied in Paris but from Canada/Taipei who is with my Kuya Alex who is half German/half Pinoy and Florence is my bestie from highschool who is has family in HK. This was during Stacey’s wedding in Balesin. Actually, if gagawin kong map lahat, baka masmaguluhan kayo sa connection naming lahat. haha!

So bet ko chika sa inyo yung mga party destinations that i have tried or yung bet kong puntahan!


Some I was able to do blogs on so sight nyo nalang yung links. But Zouk out is a beach party paandar. Very musicfest since maraming stage. Karamihan mga DJ sya but super fun. We went there when tourism board of Singapore invited us to go. Saya sya! One night lang and tickets are usually bought online. So bonggels toh kung gusto nyo ala Boracay party na isang stretch ang beach. This year 2 days na ang paandar! December 13 and 14 ( check tickets here)

With Mac and Tim! Ang cute nang album ko, nalalaman ko yung year based on Tim’s hairstyle. Haha!

D naman ako oily noh? hahaha!

If hindi nyo naman bet yung beach party and bands at indi kayo… Try Singapore’s Laneway festival. Smaller set-up so hindi lost valdes ang drama. I went 2x na dahil indi si V, at sapilitan pa nya akong kailangan ilibre para gumora. Haha! May kasama pang bribe na kakain kami sa fave resto ko kahit everyday!

We stayed in a hotel na full board! Yes, may lafung na kajoin! Check my blogpost!

You will also see a lot of Pinoys in this fest. So bongga yun, parang Rockwell lang! haha!

2. Mykonos Island, Greece

I LOVE MYKONOS! Parang Becky Island sya promise! It’s all day party dun. Kahit anong oras kayo magising may ganap. You just nee dto know where to go. I would segway here every time in in Europe for work. First time was for a double birthday bash of our friends, so tamang tama after work dumerecho na kami sa Greece for our vacay. Every since that time, ang hilig na ng lahat dun gumora. So ipon ipon pag may time ang peg ko. What I love about this place is that it is cheaper than most European countries. Technically, bongga din yung food!

As for the parties, nagkalat! Just go to the city center, paradise beach, super paradise beach.. mauubusan na kayo ng oras!

Kaasar talaga ako noh? Blue and white daw eh! haha! Buti ng pasok sa mood board!

OH, Manlalait pa kayo sa haba ng paa ko. haha!

At La Luna, you have to drive around so make sure to rent a car. Hati hati ang barkada!

3. Ibiza, Spain

Of course eto na daw ang party central! The top DJs that fly here, regulars dun! All year round and super huge clubs!

And madaming pa foam parties so have your swimwear and beach bodies ready!

Ayan oh! labanan ng bikini! So handa nyo ang tyanella!


4. St. Tropez, France

I’ve been here pero ayoko na naman maghakot sa hardrive ng photos. Hahaha! Ok eto ang perfect itinerary here. You fly to NICE. Stay a night there or 2 para masight nyo narin. Get a rent-a-car with GPS. Tapos from there maybe take a day trip to Monaco, and stop by EZE (old town yan na bongga). Mga one to 2 hours lang car ride. Then balik ka nalang ng Nice after your day trip (or kung bonggels and more time more fun kayo… stay a night sa Monaco). We did the whole Grace Kelly tour in Monaco and ate lunch sa EZE. Then pag nakabalik naman kayo ng Nice, take a long drive to St. Tropez.

Ayan, may map na. Can you see parang Nice yung gitna? To the right is Monaco. Then to the left is yung road to St. Tropez. While the long drive, you can stop by Antibes, Cannes, etc. Oh d ba? Pwede pa mag coffee break!

Check out clubs and nice hotels. Like Byblos! Then ikot din kayo sa city center. Mag sight kayo ng mga yacht sa dock!

This is Byblos hotel.

5. Coachella

Ayan na! Just search for Coachella sa vlaggey! Ayan masisight nyo na. Bongga sya because aside from the festival, tarush ang mga parties.

We usually drive from LA. Actually hilig namin magroad trip so pakak mga driving ganap samin. You can use your pinoy license in renting a car. Kahit sa Europe :)

7. Tomorrowland

Eto d ko pa napupuntahan. Parang tinitignan ko palang pagod nako. Haha! But this is an annual thing of all the top DJs. So at least once in my life, aavail ko toh!

D ba? Parang isang malaking party! Although, i know hirap kumuha ng tickets. Pero planuhin ko toh, baka maavail din :)

8. Brazil Carnival

I’ve been to Sao Paolo, Rio and Brasilia. Although hindi carnival dahil tinakot ako ng mga brazilian friends ko na magulo daw. haha! But I really wanna try it kahit once. Wag naman sana yung loley na akitch. Haha!

Pabonggahan ang floats at ganap. I actually saw a documentary about it how it is a whole year industry. Pati yung pag join maraming politics pala. Pati yung mga mapipiling sasayaw and muses big thing yun! The tickets are minsan black market na kasi super bongga syang event! If anything, bet ko bumalik ng Brazil kasi tarush ang pagkain!

9. Full Moon Party, Thailand

Eto, malapit lapit! Very young ang crowd ditey! I haven’t been but good reviews from friends who actually went. Party daw but if bet nyo naman magrelax, may areas din naman na more quiet.

10. Las Vegas, USA

Eto all year round. parang tourist destination talaga, whether party or shopping or relax. Masaya sya. What we did is we drove again (4-5hours from LA). Then we rented a house para masmura!

Kita nyo naman kasi, barkada package ang ganap!

masaya din yung mga stops namin while driving!

I like the weather pag summer. Maavail ko ang skirts!



There you go guys! So dream book na natin! Ipon ipon! Masarap magipon pag may goal! rather than spending on items, spend on enriching your soul (charotz). Travel really rejuvenates a person. Most of my creative ideas dyan galing sa travels!

Check my travel tab sa vlag!


Much love,



Best in delay award! Pero andito na! haha! Push cart! Gow na natin toh!

Oh d ba? parang susugod sa gera!
 photo P1010296_zps5a2fcc1d.jpg
I love waking up to this view (emo teh? haha!)
 photo P1010301_zps5feaa006.jpg
Upon entering, V saw Rumi Neely! He’s a good friend of Bryan, but hindi na kami nakapagchikahan. Tom jones na kasi ako. haha!
 photo I31B9522_zps1e8646de.jpg
Lambat lambat lang ang outfitey!
 photo I31B9527_zpse40c5fec.jpg

Ayun! Target! haha! Nakahanap kagad ng lafungan!
 photo P1010312_zpsb0d240a0.jpg

V opted for the burger. Try to eat ng maaga or late, wag kayo sasabay sa dinner time kasi aawayin kayo ng sikmura nyo sa haba ng pila!
 photo P1010314_zpsaf4b6a37.jpg
Syempre ayaw paawat ng OOTD shots! haha!


Eto na! I saw Andrej Pejic again. I thought kasama nya si Lea T. KALOOKALIKE lang pala! Pero keri si INES RAU naman sya! photo L1050740_zps40403c3b.jpg



Naperfect mo din!
 photo I31B9529_zpsd09ffbcd.jpg

Gusto nyo yung sumisideview? choz!
 photo I31B9537_zps46e31869.jpg

I like her with black hair! But cuteness parin Leigh Lezark!
 photo L1050742_zps30e2d301.jpg

Mahal na mahal ko talaga si Milan noh? haha!
 photo L1050743_zps1f611e4a.jpg

Bet ko talaga yung ultimate goth ang peg nya!

Milan super loves MAN REPELLER! Ang bait nya!
 photo L1050744_zps9d020acc.jpg

So back to the festival! hahaa!
 photo L1050749_zps1ac78f66.jpg

D + V
 photo L1050752_zpseda2066a.jpg

Kaya ayaw pahawak sakin ng jowa ko ang camera eh… tignan mo, mukhang standee lang sya. choz!
 photo L1050767_zps9e5f0792.jpg

Isa pa toh.. pwede narin siguro pumasa ng Indie shot. choz!
 photo L1050772_zps96b35501.jpg

Minsan nalang may matinong solo si V, photobomb pa si ate. hahaha!
 photo L1050781_zps11712302.jpg

I love how kahit pa lightbulbs na very fiesta ang ganda tignan! BANDERITAS NALANG!
 photo 20130414_100648_zps4e2f8b00.jpg
 photo L1050792_zps3afe27d6.jpg

Nakakafresh yung mga ganitong photos!
 photo L1050794_zps1b80d9ac.jpg

Pa relax shot naman! haha!
 photo P1010334_zps1f377d71.jpg

Kasalukuyang sinasabi ni Milan, “hanggang tuhod lang, hindi ako nagpedicure eh!”
 photo L1050799_zpsd7dfcfa3.jpg

MAJOR LAZER! Masaya sila promise!
 photo L1050815_zps98c1e380.jpg

They were not assigned sa Sahara or Main stage but dinayo talaga namin sila. Aliw na aliw ako sa paandar nila!
 photo L1050816_zps9d2902c9.jpg
 photo L1050817_zps16793608.jpg

OH D BA? GANYAN ang paandar! Magawa nga sa halloween!
 photo L1050818_zpsfea655e9.jpg

Napuno nila, umaapaw levels yung area!
 photo L1050824_zpsb74bae8c.jpg

So after Major Lazer, we headed back to the mainstage!
 photo 20130414_104906_LLS_zpse0f0060f.jpg

What i love about festivals is that hindi super siksikan levels, you can actually go in front!
 photo L1050831_zpsb143d38c.jpg

Ubud ng saya! RYZZA MAEEE! haha!
 photo 20130414_105438_zpse4fe3088.jpg

In the sahara stage, todo ang pailaw! Lahat ng area may LED screen. Sagana!
 photo L1050834_zps25559bc6.jpg

Dito bawal umupo.. choz! Todo dance, kung d nyo na practice ang dancesteps. keri lang. Medyo dikit dikit, d nila mapapansin!
 photo L1050835_zpsf8514481.jpg

Sensya na not in order ang photos! haha!
 photo L1050842_zpsbf690990.jpg

The whole scene really changes pag gabi. May liwanag ang buhay ang peg.
 photo I31B9541_zpsbab3e7e7.jpg
 photo I31B9551_zps5c9d5b1c.jpg

Coachella power station! Whole day silang ganitong paandar!
 photo L1050845_zps4d207893.jpg

Maaga pa sa halloween teh!
 photo L1050846_zps798a24fe.jpg

2nd day was more hectic for us because we wanted to catch a lot of acts. So lipat lipat ang peg!
 photo L1050856_zps0032b2a7.jpg

Kulang sa ilaw V!
 photo I31B9555_zps03ac4e88.jpg

VIP area, i saw Blonde Salad, Chiarra Ferragni! She’s super machika asking kung how long from Manila etc. She’s also the new paandar ng TODs. So bonggels ni ate.
 photo L1050864_zpsed8d1315.jpg

She also loved my Rajo top. Hiningi nya pa yung twitter handle ni RAJ! Yey!
 photo L1050865_zps604b7628.jpg

 photo I31B9565_zps3bb568e4.jpg
 photo L1050882_zps6a6d9872.jpg

Henry Holland and Rita Ora! We saw Rita again in LA when we ate at Soho House. Bonggels ni ate, malakas ang dating!

Etong mga photo bombers na toh oh!
 photo L1050898_zps9f45a7de.jpg
 photo L1050899_zps52440ab0.jpg

Second night yung may issue ako. Sabay kasi magplay ang New order and Phoenix. EH biglang may chika sa VIP na Phoenix will have Daft Punk to guest… AYAN! Dahil chismosa ako, i missed New Order :( At waley daft punk, si R Kelly lang na avail ko. haha! But kahit lahat ng tao medyo natawa, bongga naman ng mix nila. GOW! check nyo here!

 photo L1050903_zps759ccffe.jpg

I missed this… SAYANG! But V saw it!

 photo L1050914_zps9242aea6.jpg

When we saw her… WE RAN! KATE LANPHEAR! Style director of Elle US. Before from Vogue Australia. But bet ko yung mga looks nya! LOVE HER! Machika pa!
 photo L1050935_zpsb850001d.jpg
 photo L1050936_zpsa5fde4ed.jpg
 photo I31B9577_zps5ed95833.jpg

After the fest, sobrang lamig! Parang very Arabian nights ang pegaloo ko! Kulang nalang sandata!
 photo I31B9596_zps897dddb7.jpg
 photo I31B9597_zpscd68ac57.jpg

Before i end this post… i want to show my jeje moment. Nag paparazzi shot lang ako of Katy Perry. Haha! Ang layo at lumalafang sya eh, kahiya chumika.
 photo L1060294_zpsbeade443.jpg

At mukhang nakita ata nya! haha!
 photo L1060295_zpsfe26de8d.jpg

Up next! Avicii post, Wanderland and Coachella day3!

Much love,