Check out this photo and video first!

 photo 1_zps2d8ee225.jpg

So what is Wakudoki? Hindi sya cartoon character! Feeling sya! It’s actually a combined word from Japanese na galing sa “Waku-Waku” which means when your heart is pumping with joy and “Doki-Doki” which is the sound of your heartbeat! So technically, Wakudoki is sobrang good vibes nyo when you feel your heart pumping with joy!

UYYY! Very much the feeling na nag text ang jowa or crush nyo na “eat your lunch” with sangkatutak na emoticons, na pilit mong binibigyan ng meaning. haha!

Watch the video of Toyota ng magets nyo yung feeling! Ang cute! The Japanese group World Order and may paandar nyan!

Bet ko talaga jumoin the fun sa wakudoki! Join tayo!

 photo 2_zps68fb59da.jpg


The “Wakudoki” Dance!!!

1. Avail nyo yung wakudoki dance by logging on to or by using the app WAKUDOKI dance available on iOS and Android.

2. If naka career na kayo nung mga dancing games of playstation parang ganun lang! For PC you can use your webcam!

3. For beginners, you can start with BEGINNER mode with a tutorial. Just follow the silhuoette!

4. If feeling mo talented ka pala talaga, try EXPERT MODE!

5. Contest has 2 rounds. Each round, the user whose video gets the highest number of views wins “Beats by Dr. Dre” earphones. There will be one winner from each country.

6. Among all posted videos, yung pinakabongga wins a trip for two to Tokyo! One grand prize per country! So bongga ang chance!

  • 1st round closes on the morning of 25 August 2014.

 photo 3_zps3bb5dbc5.jpg


Wakudoki Dance Contest (PC)
 photo 4_zpsa6600002.jpg
 photo 5_zpsfc8d9d9a.jpgWakudoki Dance Contest (smartphone)
 photo 6_zps1de15345.jpgWakudoki logo
 photo 7_zpseaae7cc2.jpg


Dance and win! Bongga nito! Teacher Georcelle! Wag kang sasali! Haha!


Much love,


Giving away more DISCLOSURE TICKETS!

Disclosure SM Accs

Let’s make this round easy!

1. Follow @smaccessories and @divinemlee on twitter

2. Like my page so I can monitor:

3. Tweet this ” Hey @divinemlee @smaccessories giving away DISCLOSURE TICKETS! Check here” 

4. Look for my disclosure post on FB page and tag a friend you want to bring with you! She/he must also like the page to qualify!

5. DON’T SPAM ME! Hindi ako breakfast! haha! JK! I’m using an online raffle software that disqualifies spammers, so sayang pag nag spam. But you can tag as many friends on my page!


Much love,

Dennis and Tessa’s Wedding! GOT STYLE!

If you read my Instagram and tweets, you probably know I am obsessed with Game of Thrones! So when Tessa told me her 20th Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of vows will be GOT themed! HALA! BEST IN EFFORT NAKO! I was supposed to go as Khaleesi for Halloween before but etong si Victor ayaw magDrogo… patay na daw kasi yun. Since season 4 is todo sa excitement, ayan hindi ako makadecide sinong character na talaga gusto ko!  photo I31B7135_zpsd0edf147.jpg  photo I31B7146_zpsa39f61f0.jpg
So Boom Sason and I came up with a white neoprene dress with inspiration from my 3 fave characters: Cersei, Khaleesi and Margaery! photo I31B7155_zps72cf7eec.jpg
Wala yung dragons ko sa parking… photo I31B7160_zps6b1ef30d.jpg
Ayan may emotion oh! ahaha! photo I31B7165_zps6847416b.jpg
Bongga nito, kasi pwede ko pa mareuse yung dress! The cape also! photo I31B7167_zps2ba9e7d4.jpg photo I31B7171_zpscb6db24e.jpg
AND JON SNOW was my date! ahaha! photo I31B7173_zps789d3752.jpg
I’m sure init na init na toh sa costume nya! photo I31B7175_zpse238ac1c.jpg
Everyone came in costumes! Hello Jun! photo I31B7180_zpse9e060be.jpg
And syempre, si Tessa ang best in concept! I LOVE THE WHOLE SET UP! With matching soundtrack of GOT! Feeling ko talaga anytime may sususgod samin! photo I31B7183_zps0721e22e.jpg  photo I31B7185_zps153ce75e.jpg
OUR LOVELY BRIDE! photo I31B7193_zps41cab4cf.jpg
King Joffrey! photo I31B7194_zps15f9f37d.jpg  photo I31B7195_zpsf3f1b9e0.jpg
House Valdes and House Prieto! photo I31B7204_zpsaef435ee.jpg  photo I31B7206_zps6fac72b0.jpg
Full production talaga si Tessa! photo I31B7210_zpscc1d9a42.jpg
Did my own makeup! Kasi aga nung kasal! :)  photo I31B7214_zps6a90b0c8.jpg  photo I31B7218_zps735b1eac.jpg  photo I31B7222_zpsf07bacfb.jpg photo I31B7229_zps2ec7a073.jpg
Pati gulay naka set design! photo I31B7245_zps510a7445.jpg  photo I31B7246_zpsc7fe2a91.jpg  photo I31B7247_zps4612a5fe.jpg
We had cocktail games ala GOT din!  photo I31B7249_zpsfd2115b6.jpg
ETO.. NIX! Sige todo mo yan! photo I31B7251_zpsa26c3c03.jpg
Maurice! photo I31B7256_zps96aa160e.jpg  photo I31B7258_zps65d5e849.jpg
Men of Night’s watch! photo I31B7263_zpsc9e4babf.jpg  photo I31B7265_zps824b5155.jpg
THAT CHAIR! WOOHOO! IRON THRONE! Ok, pag hindi kayo GOT fan, you wouldn’t understand bakit ako nagpapanic! hahaha! photo I31B7268_zpsa4ef9a15.jpg  photo I31B7273_zps5c7d0218.jpg photo I31B7283_zps2be54c60.jpg
Ayaw ni King Joffrey! photo I31B7286_zps351e0b77.jpg  photo I31B7287_zps4460fb68.jpg photo I31B7303_zpsdff00ba2.jpg
Ayan yung pa games before fireworks! More like “house” games and show! photo I31B7308_zpsa47831de.jpg  photo I31B7309_zpsf0a0c27a.jpg  photo I31B7313_zps30c4397f.jpg  photo I31B7327_zps55ad002b.jpg
Eto ba yung dragon ko? photo I31B7336_zpsd86672fd.jpg photo I31B7343_zps98013a97.jpg photo I31B7364_zpsb6fceefb.jpg photo I31B7374_zpsdec3ffc2.jpg  photo I31B7380_zps3608a668.jpg
Inside the venue! Mastodo pa ang production design! photo I31B7387_zps907d7d84.jpg  photo I31B7388_zpsdfc6bfbb.jpg
Feels like the Red wedding… but yung set up lang! Wala namang kaguluhan but all laughter and fun! photo I31B7389_zps4cf2afee.jpg  photo I31B7391_zps97958fd8.jpg
V and I are part of Tessa’s “house” and we are part of the parang entourage to dance. Ang tarush nga coz she made it like Knights Tale. photo I31B7393_zpse173ac91.jpg  photo I31B7394_zpsd77afcb1.jpg photo I31B7409_zps2bded8aa.jpg  photo I31B7414_zps818ad675.jpg
Tessa and Dennis watching the event! photo I31B7424_zpsd41e8973.jpg  photo I31B7427_zpsf0bac29d.jpg
LOVE THIS CAKE! photo I31B7442_zps1ca7b47b.jpg  photo I31B7443_zps6d9df6f4.jpg  photo I31B7445_zps20acfd0b.jpg  photo I31B7449_zps08db2327.jpg
Our side of the table! photo I31B7457_zps006adcf0.jpg  photo I31B7459_zpsf4ab2b37.jpg
TYRION??? photo I31B7473_zpsf4e37a21.jpg  photo I31B7478_zps8fda4fb8.jpg
Cris and Anton! photo I31B7482_zps23808081.jpg
Pag si Tessa, expect a lot of costume changes!  photo I31B7483_zpsf2c4c787.jpg  photo I31B7485_zps9dc29c3f.jpg
So right after dinner, our group had to rehearse one last time. Susko, hindi talaga ako pang ASAP! Haha! Mas ok sakin yung single single double double na dance step! photo I31B7492_zpsacea2c50.jpg photo I31B7508_zpsd9abaea8.jpg
Etong tandem na toh, kinakatakutan! Para daw Cersei and Jofrrey according to V! haha! photo I31B7512_zpse9ba56df.jpg  photo I31B7517_zpscb1b15f1.jpg
They showed videos from their medieval wedding 20 years ago! Ang sweet sobra! photo I31B7536_zps33913f98.jpg  photo I31B7538_zpsf3df4831.jpg photo I31B7549_zpsc39091eb.jpg photo I31B7556_zps0b4cf4b0.jpg
V won in the raffle! photo I31B7581_zps48ce6822.jpg
V and I really admire Tessa and Dennis. We love them so much. Everytime may peg kaming couple we always go back to their relationship. :)  photo I31B7589_zps61582481.jpg
Ano ba tawag dito? Curtina dancers ba?
 photo I31B7592_zps1e96a1d1.jpg  photo I31B7593_zps23e2fba1.jpg photo I31B7603_zpse513bb19.jpg  photo I31B7604_zpsb417f4f7.jpg photo I31B7635_zps41457377.jpg  photo I31B7636_zpsa00708a9.jpg
Phoemy! photo I31B7638_zpsb541dca5.jpg  photo I31B7640_zps4158c2a3.jpg
Don’t have photos from our dance coz si V kasali din. But we danced to LATCH of disclosure. Ang cute kasi they remixed it in a way na very classic in the start with people dancing very pang GOT, then it shifts to hiphop! Eh since nilagay kami sa Kiddie group ni Tessa, I had to dance bothe segments.. in my mermaid gown! Haha! Tinawid ko nalang sa dami ng smile! haha! photo I31B7658_zps517f7a08.jpg
Athena! This is Tessa and Dennis’s youngest! I get along with her, mahilig kasi ako sa bagets. V gets along with their other daughter Anicka :)  photo I31B7665_zps23bba874.jpg
Congrats Tessa and Dennis! Wonderful wedding! I wish you both forever :) I hope V and I can accomplish even just half of what you guys have done with your relationship! Peg for life! 

Much love,

SM Accessories Concepts

GUILTY sa pag ka OC! Guys, if you look at my old post, halatang bet na bet kong nagaayus ng kahit ano. Hahha!
 photo 2_zpsaae82bd6.jpg
Perfect for my shoes! I bring this to the gym. Dahil OC nga akey, d ko kaya yung ginagawa nung iba na nakahalo yung clothes with shoes! TINATAPAK MO SA LUPA YUN GURL!
 photo IMG_7776_zps32ef262e.jpg
Travel packing essential! This is the best for me! I usually do it per outfit. Minsan sa pagkaOC ko may photo pa sa net, para kita ko ano nakalagay! In sets na sya!
 photo IMG_7783_zps24b169fb.jpg
V is more for the smaller stuff. Betty mae nya yung mga ganito. Essential sa beach!
 photo IMG_7808_zpsbe003f27.jpg
 photo IMG_7815_zpsb25ac736.jpg
When I travel best in options ako, I usually use this pouch para yung shades ko hindi mapipi. Ayan!
 photo IMG_7834_zps7f2cddac.jpg
Swak sya for cosmetics also!
 photo IMG_7842_zps5edbcb8b.jpg

 photo IMG_7870_zpsbe6e8165.jpg
Lahat kayo nagtatanong kung paano ko ba napagkakasya dalhin lahat ng gamit without being excess baggage. Eto talaga ang solution and proper planning!
 photo IMG_7959_zpsd455a431.jpg

Shampoos and lahat ng paandar ko sa banyo ditey!
 photo IMG_7965_zpsed1376f3.jpg
 photo IMG_7970_zpsbeb7b138.jpg
The bag organizer is also handy! Para sa mga tamad magpalit ng baggelya, eto solution!
 photo IMG_7982_zps4a3ca6a7.jpg
Shoes bags for heels!
 photo IMG_7994_zpsc4aa0107.jpg
 photo IMG_8007_zpsaa38d317.jpg
I’m so glab that SM accessories came out with this line!
 photo IMG_8028_zps219796ea.jpg

Eto fave ko sa beach!
 photo IMG_8035_zps4352e2c1.jpg
Boxes na ganito, bet for organizing at home. I label most of it para alam ko ano nasa loob!
 photo IMG_8060_zps44ba2c91.jpg
 photo IMG_8073_zps69ccfc1c.jpg
You can never have too much organizing chenes.
 photo IMG_8121_zps931a9a56.jpg
 photo IMG_8152_zps6e7389c3.jpg
 photo IMG_8159_zpseb771260.jpg
Ang cuteness din nung plain colors. Ang klazz tignan!
 photo IMG_8237_zps507ee97b.jpg

Head on to your fave SM STORE! Para umayos ang mga buhay nyo! Haha!

Much love,



I love watching on my smartphone! Pero ang haggard ng download download ever tapos transfer pa! No need to do that now!

Nimble is your solution!

Watch the latest episodes of your favorite US TV shows on your mobile device

NimbleTV (, a cloud-based, cable TV streaming service, enables subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows, as they happen, across multiple devices, anywhere in the world, with nearly infinite HD-DVR capacity.  NimbleTV was launched in New York last year.  It will soon be available in other cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

1. Watch your favorite US TV programs in real-time.

  • Upon creating an account, NimbleTV gives you access to over 140 popular US channels like ESPN, HBO, Showtime, ABC, and USA without the hassle of setting up a cable box.
  • It has an intuitive search feature which categorizes programs by channel, show, or genre.

2. Record shows and watch them whenever you want

  • NimbleTV’s built in HD-DVR lets you record multiple shows and movies all at once.
  • It has a virtually limitless storage space that has a default value of 20, 40 or 90 hours, depending on your choice of plan.
  • If you need extra space, just go through your account and add the extra hours you need in your plan.

3. Practically runs on any device.

  • It can work practically on any device; may it be PCs, smartphones, tablets and even TVs via Roku or Apple TV via Airplay. All you need is an internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 0.54 mbps.
  • It supports iOS devices with an iOS 5 and above.
  • It is compatible with the latest web browsers such as Google, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9+) and Opera.
  • It runs on Chrome 3 and Windows 7.
  • It supports HD viewing.


  • Avail of a free trial at
  • If you’re living in the U.S. you can immediately sign up for the complete NimbleTV package.
  • Want NimbleTV access in the Philippines? Find out more by adding Nimble on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NimbleTV)

 photo Biglogo_zps841bc019.jpg
 photo NimbleTVGuide_zps949070c7.jpg
 photo NimbleTVRecordings_zps846253d8.jpg
 photo NimbleTVScreen_zps1dd7fa11.jpg
 photo NimbleTVWorldCup_zps7cabcec1.jpg
 photo NimbleTVonyourdevice_zps602aca8c.jpg
 photo NimbleTVonanydevice_zps9a74264d.jpg
 photo TVForASmarterWorld_zps108512ef.jpgI signed up already! How about you?

Much love,



Ruffa’s Birthday! AGAIN! haha!

Tim Yap planned a bday surprise for our love Ruffie!
 photo P1010174_zpsabc721be.jpg
Well, pangilang bday celebration nya na nga toh! Haha! I actually missed the first two. So V and I decided to split. He went to one, and I went to this! RUFFIE MONTHLONG KA KASI MAGBDAY!
 photo P1010175_zps43372793.jpg
We were asked to come as “Ruffa”. Hulaan nyo nga anong role ni Ruffie toh? LORETTA! hahaha!
 photo P1010178_zps7808cf99.jpg

Student Ruffie, when she went to London to study!
 photo P1010181_zpse652f3fd.jpg
 photo P1010183_zpse1f3cba2.jpg
Pie as Miss World Ruffie!
 photo P1010184_zps365091c0.jpg
MY LOVES! Eto talaga ang favorite ko kasama sa mga ganap!
 photo P1010186_zps80c8ec60.jpg
SURPRISE! Tim had to pretend that they had an “endorsement” meeting!
 photo P1010189_zpsd74d098e.jpg
And of course Tita Annabelle!
 photo P1010190_zps7d58484c.jpg
 photo P1010191_zps7eef1c8f.jpg
 photo P1010192_zpsb17fc624.jpg
 photo P1010193_zps962e3450.jpg
 photo P1010194_zpsc29484a6.jpgJimmy, bday mo rin? Hahaha!
 photo P1010195_zps83ccc913.jpg
 photo P1010196_zps107f4172.jpg
 photo P1010197_zps6c5a3b06.jpg

 photo P1010199_zpsaa4aef21.jpg
 photo P1010201_zps21c0a46c.jpg
Tito Eddie was there too! Sorry ang gulo ng photos. Alam nyo naman pag wala si V, always BLURRED! hahaa!
 photo P1010203_zps4e9eb0a2.jpg


 photo P1010205_zpsa39cbf0a.jpg
 photo P1010206_zps22260d30.jpg

 photo P1010209_zps6eb2478a.jpg

Parang open forum pa ginawa ni Tim, we had to each say something about Ruffie- how we met and mga memories namin!
 photo P1010210_zps54a98fb5.jpg
The party was hosted in CHI spa Shangri-la! Thank you! AT pumyag kayo sa kaingayan namin!
 photo P1010213_zps38d2f2e3.jpg
 photo P1010215_zps9b6ebe19.jpg
 photo P1010216_zpsa0b25798.jpg
 photo P1010217_zps758e0b29.jpg
 photo P1010218_zpscb08d47f.jpg
 photo P1010219_zps7c9ea927.jpg
 photo P1010220_zpsdad4514f.jpg
NAKU! Rajo’s turn! Mahaba toh! Hhahaa!
 photo P1010224_zpsca14cb63.jpg
 photo P1010225_zpsfa9e746d.jpg
Tita Annabel’s message is the funniest. While Tito Eddie cried habang sinasabi “you’re my only girl”. Ang sweet!
 photo P1010226_zpsdb4727d6.jpg

 photo P1010228_zps9708eec4.jpg
 photo P1010229_zps34d0216f.jpg

 photo P1010232_zpsb0044f11.jpg

 photo P1010235_zps616578d4.jpg
 photo P1010236_zps5a68f875.jpg

CJ came as workout Ruffa, but never daw umaabot sa gym! ahhaa!
 photo P1010239_zps97b8014e.jpg
 photo P1010240_zps723b045d.jpg
 photo P1010241_zpsf35c2d2e.jpg
 photo P1010245_zpsb27d6b14.jpg

 photo P1010247_zps78d86d03.jpg
 photo P1010248_zps90c647ee.jpg

Group shot!
 photo P1010249_zps24dcad0d.jpg
 photo P1010250_zps7a50e128.jpg
Hahaha! Ako ata lang nakatingin sa camera ko!
 photo P1010251_zpsc17f0216.jpg

Happy birthday Ruffa! AGAIN! So make sure if BDAY month ni Ruffie hindi kayo masyadong busy! Thank you Ruffie for being such a good friend and one of the funniest! My best memory of Ruffa was during her BDAY celebration in Singapore. We wanted to “walk” around but since pareho kaming ayaw paawat sa high heels, we ended up taking cabs everywhere kasi super sakit na ng paa namin! hahaha! Kahit sa kanto lang nagtataxi pa kami! Ruffie is also one person who can use the word “caboodles” for anything. Haha! LOVE YOU!

To more memories with you girl! LOVE! :)

Much love,

Myx Forum!

Catch us on MYX FORUM!
 photo P1010260_zpsf68d3847.jpg
 photo P1010261_zps4e5d02ea.jpg
Here we talked about technology and how it affects us. Different generations yan! From Gloc-9 na generation of landline, kami ni V represented the 90s kids na pager and cellphone, while Ella represented the generation now na hindi na nakaexperience lang pager!
 photo P1010262_zpsd6cd1129.jpg
 photo P1010264_zpsfce21fcd.jpg
Actually, and swerte ng generation namin because I feel like half and half. Na-experience namin yung mga agawan base, patintero, when activities were really outdoor pa. When ang ligawan is telebabad pa! But na avail din namin yung mga social media and tech tech ganap of today!
 photo P1010266_zpsd18b8060.jpg
 photo P1010267_zps07f986f7.jpg
It’s my second or third time on Myx forum! Bet ata nila ang super kadaldalan ko! haha! Debater kasi ako nung highschool and college! hahaha!
 photo P1010270_zpsdfb7f9a2.jpg
 photo P1010271_zps509659cf.jpg

Tune in sa chikahan!
Much love,