Senti Sabado!

So i posted this recently and parang maraming naka-relate. Sige push na natin. Ang limited kasi tumalak sa IG.

A year ago I was rushing from one place to another. Sleep was a luxury. Balancing school, work and all other things. All my trips made me extremely tired. Energizer bunny got nothing on me. I was usually up by 8 when I came home at 5am. One of my friends told me “if you don’t slow down, Magkakasakit ka and you will be forced to slow down”. Fortunately, I didn’t get sick but I did slow down. Late last year, I learned to eat breakfast (not after gimmick meal ha), sit for hours in a cafe with a book (nope, no phone activities), turn off my phone, leave my phone on silent the whole day, not panic when I don’t get to charge my powerbank, break my cardio records, sleep before midnight (heck, I even sleep at 9pm sometimes) and study while really absorbing what I was learning (not just for the sake of completing my module papers). I may not be doing 20t things in a day, but I kinda enjoy this laid back me more. I get to appreciate each activity more and have more meaningful conversations because I’m not in a hurry to finish everything. Now I look forward to my no itinerary trips, I sleep my full 8 hours, my papers are ahead of time, and I barely remember when was the last time I was really tired. Tama nga sila dun sa “stop and smell the flowers”. So 2016, I’ll try to drink more water, beat more cardio records, listen to more old music, and stop and smell more flowers 🌸🌸🌸——- This is how chill I am. I’m enjoying my pandan tea while catching up with @margauxmedina. Sige, live the adventures for me muna. Quota nako last year! Hahaa!

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Becky Xmas Party 2015!

And the annual becky party is back! This year our theme is popstars! Actually, mahirap pala sya noh? Especially for the guys!
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Oslob, Cebu!

Since parati naman ako sa Cebu, lemme share naman mga ganap na na avail ko na.
Let’s start with OSLOB!

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Japan 2016! SKI TRIP!

I’ve been to Japan a couple of times. Pero I think recently mas dumami ang nag #Jafun for vacation because multiple na ang Visa ganap!
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Before you have to keep on applying kasi pa single single (double, double) ang visa!
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So aside from the usual Route which is Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. We did something different… we went down North to HOKKAIDO! Turuan ko kayo!
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Flawless Lipaddict

Who doesn’t want Kylie Jenner lips?
Umabot na nga yung mga tao sa ganito …. 
NO NEED TO WORRY NOW! hahaha! Dahil hindi na kailangan magmukhang sinampal ng bouncer sa club!
Flawless is offering us the best painfree solution! Lippies to make you pout!

Travel necessities!

People always wonder, paano mo ba nagagawa magdala ng sangkatutak na outfit for your trips? The major question is always how do you pack?

Let me tell you my packing tips!


Singapore 2015

Another travel blog for you! Actually, my plan is to go through all my travels and blog. Kasi naman hindi ko nga natutukan! My last Europe trip was not blogged. Love life ko kasi blog ko nun. hahahah! So here we go, expect more travel posts!

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