Wedding stories!

Ok, medyo late on the comments but I got a pretty interesting comment from a reader


Ms. D! Kakasal na ako. I actually have ideas but I’ve been reading your blog and I know na best in production ka (i saw your blog regarding your best friend). I will not steal you idea but with someone with so much personality and kabowg ano ba yung gusto mo sa wedding mo? Naiimagine ko na kasi gaano sya kasaya and kahit inderectly baka matutunan ko apply sakin. Help!



Hmmn… something to think about. I never really plan my wedding kasi una… matagal pa yun! Haha! baby pa kaya ako! Mauuna pa magbuntis yung mga pets kong si Liempo at Pritchon bago ako magpakasal noh. And second I think my mind will change when the time comes!


Para hindi kayo lost in space, here is my blog regarding my best friends wedding.


The actual reception:

My bestfriend’s gown!


My maid of Honor speech

To my best friend, my love, my funny girl and blushing bride. Atty. Wyanet Zaragoza-DImacali…I love you :)


I didn’t get to say my whole speech because I was really holding back my tears. Although I was able to state the idea. So here’s my speech…


I’m known Wyanet since middle school so making a speech that will fit in 5 minutes or less will truly be challenging for me. There’s so much to say but i know papatayin nya ako if I make this longer than 5 minutes. And of course to those who know me, making a speech less than 5 minutes is a real challenge sa kadaldalan ko… so try natin ha. Here goes…


We are a barkada of four in highschool. So thats me, wyanet, florence and theresa. In our group, Flo and I were always know as the GO-TO girls. The boyfriends and hubbies always run to us for help them with their girl friends. This role consist of finding xmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gift, suprise parties and the list goes on. My girl friends deserves nothing but the best and some our our guy friends are not so creative or imaginative actually clueless sila. So they need some help from me. With this job or task, nakapagwrap nako ng 26 gifts for someones 26th birthday, I made an actual ligaw plan on blackboard kung pano papasagutin yung girlfriend, I had to spy and ‘borrow’ someones ring to get the ring size of my friend, I had to give a guy friend exact lines na sasabihin para yayain nya maging official yung gf nya (well, actually the line is not from me but from a Sharon and Gabby movie na napanood ko the night before sa pbo), I had to rescue a guy friend nung naiwan nya ang wallet nya during a date and plus this comes numerous ring shopping trips and mall escapes with the bfs or hubbies. A lot of people will find this task boring and annoying… but I dont. Because I believe in fairy tales. And I try to help the guys because I want my girl friends to all have their own fairy tales. So when I heard that Dima was ready to pop the question. I offered unsolicited advice -where to get the ring, what to do, etc. I was even mapping out where the proposal will be, how it should go etc, etc.
After he got the ring, we had lunch with him and he showed us! Gosh, good work on the ring! Matutuwa si wyanet sa mga turo namin ni Flo and Ina. haha! That got me even more excited about the proposal. So there I was mapping na what to do… fireworks, candlelight dinner, I even thought about the philharmonic orchestra to “help” with the proposal. After a week from our lunch, Wyanet called me… she got the ring na daw. SHE GOT THE RING SA BAHAY ng bagong gising sya! Walang makeup, walang blowdry and hindi pa nakapagmanicure. BOO YOU DIMA! Anong nangyari? no videos, no cameras, no photos? Ano bang nangyari dito? I was close to tears! Ang labo naman ni Dima. How dare you give Wyanet anything less than perfect! So ayun, medyo masama loob ko but of course nandun na… so i just forgot about it. A week later, we all had merienda- me, wya, flo, ina, vic and dima. I wanted to tease dima sa bulok nyang proposal. So i asked him, “what happened? pano ka ba nagpropose?”. Then he told me… one morning daw he was calling Wyanet pero d sumasagot. he was kinda getting worried na. So he texted fayinna and aniccka (the bride’s sisters). But unfortunately, hindi din sumagot yung 2 magkapatid. This was the day that tito ed (Bride’s dad) was confined so he was so worried. he tried calling and texting, wala talagang sumasagot… then at that point. it hit him. it made him realize something daw. here he is worrying about Wyanet. He has the ring, he loves the girl, he knows what he wants… so what is he waiting for? Days, months weeks for a grandoise celebration or divine’s enagement plan? Sabi nya sakin. DIV, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. At that instance he realized that this girl is so precious and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time. he cant take that risk with Wyanet. He’s really in love with my friend. In a snap, he rushed to Wyanet’s house. Fortunately nothing bad happened, but tulog lang pala si Wyanet. So there, in her no makeup bagong ligo, basang buhok and unmanicured yes… WYANET said “OF COURSE” to Dima.


Dima, i really have to congratulate you. You beat me this time. Maybe theres no fireowrks, candlelight dinner or my “asa ka pa” philharmonic orchestra… but your gave Wyanet her fairytale. Because in the end, its not how Cinderella fit into the shoe, or how Belle turned the Beast into a prince or how Sleeping Beauty was awaken by her prince that matters. But in the end what really matters is the “happily ever after”. Thank you for loving Wyanet. We love her very much. I know that you can and will take good care of her. Thank you for making her happy. To wyanet naman… sumunod ka na next time sabihin ko magmanicure ka every day, blowdry at makeup up. haha! Bawiin nalang natin marami pang bday at xmas. haha! I’m so happy for you. i rarely go senti with you, but i love you very much and i love you both.


Before I end my speech, last night Wya, Dima, Flo and I were watching fireworks from the balcony of our hotel. Suddenly Wya and Dima started panicking…Gusto daw nila ng fireworks. Wya and Dima, your friends love you so much. We prepared fireworks for you even before you thought of it……
Here’s your fireworks!



Here’s another bestie of mine! Karylle! 


But since you asked, may on going joke na kami ng mga becks on my perfect wedding.

1. Invites: Gusto ko may konting effort from my friends… OO, since papakainin ko kayo at paghahandaan. Umeffort kayo! hahaha! Ang invite ko, will be in this form….

OO, kukulong ko kayo sa room at magsolve kayo ng puzzles para mainvite kayo!


Ang hindi makasolve… walang dessert! choz!

2. Pre nup: Eh since sa dami kong becky friends. Kailangan may appearance lahat. Naperfect ko na yung theme ng pre-nup ko! Yung groom hinahabol ng sangkatutak becky friends ko in a wedding gown! OH D BA? ADVENTURE?

D ba? Very true to life? hahaha!

3. Entourage gowns and my gown- Since best in phone in question eto. ETO NA! Lahat ng friends ko gusto ako kabowgin that day… mga hayop! Sabi nga nila if you can’t beat them… join them d ba? FINE! Lahat sila pwede magputi at mag wedding gown!

Ganito ang peg ko para sa entourage ko



Pero since special day ko, mas special ako sa inyo! Choz! hahaha! Ang peg ko ng gown ko is very Lady of Manaoag na fave ng mudak ko!

AKALA NYO HA! Inyo na ang white! basta may sun rays ako! hahaha!


4. Wedding cake: Since masaya naman ang friends ko sa rave.. ETO INYO! Ganito ang cake ganap ko!

PARTY PALA HA! AYAN! hahahaha!

5. Flowers: Since mahilig kayo mag take home ng mga table arrangements at bulaklak sa kasal. D ko na kayo pahihirapan

PASO! Paso ang papadala ko sa inyo! Sige, keri nang uwi nyo! At least additional giveaways pa! Hahaha!

6. Giveaways: Actually marami akong ideas for this. But sige share ko isa. Hahaha!

Bigyan ko kayo ng planner, pero filled out na ng special days ko. BDAY, Xmas, etc. Para walang lusot at makabawi naman ako sa mga ginastos sa kasal! hahaha!


Hanggang dyan na muna. Hahaha! Hope napatawa ko kayo kung hindi kayo nainspire. haha! Don’t worry, hindi ko pa na trademark yung ideas ko. Pwede nyo avail yan!

Much love,


Alexander Wang for H&M

Happy shopping sa H&M today! Officially open ’til midnight this weekend! While talking about H&M lumabas narin yung official collection ng Alexander Wang for H&M!


I love this piece! Fave ko toh!1 Eto naman ready daw for boxing! Charez!2 Medyo makapal yung collection pero fightwear!3 AYYY! BET KO DIN TOH!4Malamig daw teh! Ayan!
5 In case hindi ma gets ng friends mo na naka Wang ka… AYAN! IN BIG BOLD LETTERS!6 7

SWIMWEAR! Bawal ang busog!8 Gandang pang laban!9

Eto bet ko din! Pa long sleeves!10 Magandang pang cover up itich sa swimwear!11Pwedeng pang work out itey!
12 13

Kinasual tayo ni ate girl!14 Eto din bet!15 16 Pang mhin naman!17 Cute shirts! I wanna touch it, may issue ako parati sa tela! I feel bongga toh!18 19

Ganda ng shorts!20

Bongga din yung jackey!21 22

Medyo makapal tignan yung collection, parang pang snowwwww… Sabay hirit nalang ng “the cold never bothered me anyways”The cold never bothered me anyway,” CHOZ!23 May bagelya din!24 Fave sweater para sa mens!25 Eto talaga… snowman peg!26Ganap na jackey!

Will blog about the H&M VIP opening soon! Congrats H&M Philippines, dan, Jacqs, Nikki and the whole team!

Much love,


Changing the game Chanel!

Last night, Chanel launched a new short film!
From lola Coco to Karl, I love how Chanel transports us to different scenes, periods, eras and emotions. Last show, may pa people ower ganap sila!
 photo 1_zps80c5b94f.jpg
Galeng nito very streets of Paris ! photo 1-ChanelSpring2015_zpsf7a5456b.jpg
CHANEL COUTURE FALL 2014 – Bongga that they always come up with the most creative set designs!
 photo 2_zps69585896.jpg
 photo 2-ChanelCoutureFall2014_zps7fdeaeed.jpg
CHANEL RESORT 2015 – D ba? yung resort talagang may pa puno!
 photo 3_zps33c5161f.jpg
 photo 3-ChanelResort20151_zps543fa673.jpg
 photo 3-ChanelResort20152_zpsbca0e992.jpg
CHANEL FALL 2015 – One of my faves! Grocery!
 photo 4_zps7cf195a8.jpg
 photo 4-ChanelFall20151_zps94928acf.jpg
 photo 4-ChanelFall20152_zps3be7fedf.jpg
CHANEL COUTURE SPRING 2014 – Bongga when the brand doesn’t only think of the clothes. Talagang full experience!
 photo 5_zps9378e7e8.jpg
 photo 5-ChanelCoutureSpring2014_zpscba5fd6b.jpg
CHANEL SPRING 2014 – Eto very museum!
 photo 6_zpse47b250c.jpg
 photo 6-ChaneSpring20141_zps20e83772.jpg
 photo 6-ChaneSpring20142_zps707a7f25.jpg
 photo 6-ChaneSpring20143_zpsd275a4a6.jpg
 photo 6-ChaneSpring20144_zps96f8d840.jpg
CUTE! Puro art installations!
 photo 6-ChaneSpring20145_zps9ae4fe9f.jpg
CHANEL FALL 2013: Ang saveh ng around the world ganap?
 photo 7_zps192e258d.jpg
 photo 7-ChanelFall2013_zps585dd9aa.jpg
 photo 8_zps5272f2ed.jpg
 photo 8-ChanelCoutureSpring20131_zps580a782e.jpg
 photo 8-ChanelCoutureSpring20132_zpsb750f45f.jpg
CHANEL SPRING 2013 – Tapos pumunta naman sa Ilocos!
 photo 9_zpse24bb016.jpg
 photo 9-ChanelSpring2013_zps355f21b6.jpg
CHANEL FALL 2012 – At umabot sa Kweba ng Palawan! bet pala talaga nila ang Pinas! Choz!
 photo 10_zps9b1a03bf.jpg
 photo 10-ChanelFall2012_zps821fa258.jpg
CHANEL COUTURE SPRING 2012 – Airplane!!!!
 photo 11_zps07f2c434.jpg
 photo 11-ChanelCoutureSpring2012_zps7a59d939.jpg
 photo 12_zps4e58b12c.jpg
 photo 12-ChanelPre-Fall2012_zpsae8adab9.jpg
CHANEL SPRING 2012 – Very snow na under the sea!
 photo 13_zpsd44e0ad0.jpg
 photo 13-ChanelSpring2012_zpsb86d4601.jpg
CHANEL COUTURE FALL 2011- Midnight Paris!
 photo 14_zpsbf30c782.jpg
 photo 14-ChanelCoutureFall2011_zps7375a42b.jpg
CHANEL FALL 2011 – OHHH! Bet ko toh! Yung naglalakad tapos may pa andar sa bawat step!
 photo 15_zps5a61086b.jpg
 photo 15-ChanelFall20111_zps18822ffa.jpg
 photo 15-ChanelFall20112_zps421b54b3.jpg
 photo 16_zps9d36c093.jpg
 photo 16-ChanelCoutureFall2010_zpsbc5a0e1b.jpg
CHANEL FALL 2010 – Very Antartica! Hindi na pala kailngan ng change location!
 photo 17_zpsb0aa2d37.jpg
 photo 17-ChanelFall20101_zps09d24778.jpg
 photo 17-ChanelFall20102_zps69622c84.jpg
CHANEL FALL 2008 – Nag Star City pa!
 photo 18_zpsbc534a23.jpg
 photo 18-ChanelFall2008_zpscef09a29.jpg
I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can’t wait kung anong paandar nila next!

Much love,

RMS Guide!

New discovery! Well, or nauto kasi ako ni Giselle Bundchen. Malapit ko nang tanggapin na talagang likhang may glow lang sya until I saw photos of her applying RMS! So best in research naman ako and found out that this is her fave brand! Perfect for daily!
Living Luminizer: ETO PALA YUNG HOLY GRAIL NYA! She uses this for her cheeks kaya parang laging mukhang happy!
 photo 1LivingLuminizer1_zps452d9ec2.jpg
 photo 1LivingLuminizer2_zps3cac5495.jpg
 photo 1LivingLuminizer3_zpsc1fec6c0.jpg
See how her cheeks has this subtle sheen all the time? AYAN PALA!
Un Powder: If bet nyo yung matt but with glow. Use this over! Walang coverage toh so para sa likhang pinagpalad na maganda ang kutis! But you can also use this as oil control over makeup!
 photo 2UnPowder1_zps30a9403a.jpg
 photo 2UnPowder2_zpsaf6d13f4.jpg
 photo 2UnPowder3_zps0a40511d.jpg
 photo 2UnPowder4_zpsa0155ef5.jpg
And kaya pala parating rosy white ganap! This line is for those na ayaw ng mukhang nakamakeup. Very Giselle lang!
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure1_zpsa74142b2.jpg
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure2_zps4c4bab69.jpg
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure3_zps26e3448c.jpg
 photo 3Lip2cheek-Demure4_zpsfc3b5f9a.jpg
Buriti Bronzer: And the bronzer! Para may brazilian glow. I love how it’s not orangey. Minsan kasi mukhang flower paso yung mga bronzer ko sa pagkaterracotta!
 photo 4BuritiBronzer1_zps058d1d12.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer2_zpsef8436d0.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer3_zpsa393529e.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer4_zps8dac011b.jpg
 photo 4BuritiBronzer5_zpsa3d09921.jpg
We don’t have these in Manila. But you can order from our fave shopper! SHOP HK! or email her!

Much love,

Triathlon! Bohol Review!

V has a new hobby! So best in support na naman kaming lahat ng todo. Well, I wanted to do a travel review of Bohol but since hectic pala ang triathlon, we didn’t get to move around!
Now, hindi nya na ako pwedeng issuhan sa excess baggage… hahaha! This is how they transport their bikes!
 photo 2_zps4db81dd8.jpg
With Kristy! She is also part of their team!
 photo 3_zps791b0c62.jpg
With Team FORZA!
 photo 4_zpsfce625c7.jpg
We got to Bohol and we are all camped out at Bellvue hotel! Iba pala ang energy ng athletes! Ang lakas kumain! Very kalevel namin! Haha!
 photo 5_zpsd3c2e8e6.jpg
We got there a day before the race…
 photo 6_zpsc2f09aa8.jpg
As you can see, medyo iba ang set up compared sa mga party sa laboracay! hahaha!
 photo 8_zps34980303.jpg
It’s my first time in Bohol and hindi ko nakita ang tarsiers!
 photo 9_zpsa1bebccd.jpg
Of course! Emma the supportive friendship!
 photo 10_zps0ab9a772.jpg
It was drizzling a bit, pero keri na yan!
 photo 15_zps1e4616c0.jpg
Sharon and Gabi. Guy and Pip. Hahaha!
 photo 16_zpsc4a983ff.jpg
 photo 17_zpsf42740db.jpg
Here’s Ivan checking his bike before the race. Will busy kami ni Elmer magchikahan!
 photo 19_zpsfda367b4.jpg
Matteo, Kristy and Ivan
 photo 20_zpscf8f2950.jpg
Anong issue V? Hahhaa! Sabi nga ni V sakin, hobby ko daw ipost yung mga flop na photos nya!
 photo 21_zpsd8e562d9.jpg
 photo 22_zpsc1fa4005.jpg
May gumugulo talaga sa isipan nya.. haha! Or baka makulit lang ako
 photo 25_zps41267564.jpg
Here’s Georgia!
 photo 27_zps7f0346f9.jpg
The non-athletes… haha!
 photo 28_zps1c6c7378.jpg
Of course, Charmy also came to support. Pero kung sa barkada, meron kayong friend na always late d ba? Haha! That’s Charmy for vacations. She missed her flight… again! If you count how many times she missed or move her flight sa mga vacays namin.. Masmarami syang may “problem” than yung perfect attendance!
 photo 29_zps1053b5b1.jpg
Ivan and Emma go wayy back! Bubwit palang si Ivan when we first adopted him. haha!
 photo 33_zps760d6026.jpg
Dennis Lustico is sporty din pala! He did a relay for swimming!
 photo 34_zpsd52638be.jpg

The team had a bit of practice before the race the next day!
 photo 37_zps4f572fa7.jpg
 photo 38_zpsd64acff2.jpg

IVAN, normal ba yang borat looking outfit?
 photo 39_zps0091e3d2.jpg
 photo 40_zps2aba622e.jpg
My fave beach partner!
 photo 43_zps927aed6b.jpg
Sexy ni EMMA OH!
 photo 48_zps069bd885.jpg
Emma and Charmy!
 photo 49_zps93e78d85.jpg
Forever trio.. actually 4 kami. Missing in action lang si Nixy!
 photo 53_zps67f858be.jpg
Sabi ni Emma “Hoy Victor, bakit hindi mo kami na brief?!? Malakas pala ang kamandag ko sa mga triathlete. Isipin mo may 700 na gwapo, kalahati afam” at nagiisa si Emma! No kalaban! This is Eric, pro triathlete! At sya ang lumapit kay Emma!
 photo 60_zps89cd843b.jpg
V’s number!
 photo 62_zps5ea7912a.jpg
 photo 63_zps16850c49.jpg

 photo 65_zps3314c7b7.jpg

So technically, nagcecelebrate kami ng new market ni Emma! Haha!
 photo 66_zps7c39eb92.jpg
Yan ang gandang 4:30am! ANG AGA GIRL! Tulog pa ang ulirat ko! Haha!
 photo 67_zps94a02ab1.jpg
 photo 70_zps83197fdb.jpg
Starting time ata nila 6:40… but proof of purchase ko toh kay V na magigising ako to see him! Hahaha!
 photo 72_zps313b7692.jpg
 photo 74_zps7dd1c611.jpg
Yung nasa right, chinika din si Emma! Ang laki ng market mo emma!
 photo 76_zps67b66434.jpg
 photo 78_zps3990de0c.jpg
 photo 80_zps5267a302.jpg
Ivan! So technically, swim, bike run sya… So this is them after the swim part.
 photo 82_zpsb824f163.jpg
There’s V!
 photo 83_zpsf278012c.jpg
 photo 84_zps0c821277.jpg
 photo 85_zpsf965cd62.jpg
 photo 86_zps147c9aa8.jpg
Next part is the bike!
 photo 87_zpsdfbf9292.jpg
That’s V with the helmet na mukhang voltes V!
 photo 89_zps26937e4f.jpg

 photo 91_zps0125c6ad.jpg

 photo 93_zps8936f47b.jpg

Makausap nga si Rajo… Baka pwedeng lagyan ng swarovski yang helmet nya.
 photo 94_zps6838eb2f.jpg
They call this the transition area.. so while nasa bike sila… NAG BREAKFAST KAMI! hahahha!
 photo 97_zps2070f1b0.jpg
After a couple more minutes, Ivan is back for his run part!
 photo 98_zps17426829.jpg
 photo 99_zpsf64b6fad.jpg

Then V!
 photo 103_zps6a461e3c.jpg
 photo 104_zps65df9aa4.jpg

 photo 106_zpsb0962115.jpg

Buti hindi mainit. So I guess, easier for them without the heat.
 photo 116_zps200d29fe.jpg
 photo 117_zps3a6f2fea.jpg

ANO TOH DIVINE? Bawat galaw at kembot ni V may photo??? Hahha!
 photo 118_zpsbf8de044.jpg

 photo 122_zpsd2d635a3.jpg
 photo 123_zps92d065a7.jpg
 photo 124_zps5555bc34.jpg

Matt, back from his run!
 photo 125_zps86fb7535.jpg
 photo 126_zps8a0abcda.jpg
 photo 127_zpsbe99995f.jpg
 photo 128_zpsd9e8e8b5.jpg
Our first finisher!
 photo 129_zpsb9be4ced.jpg
 photo 130_zps2e68d7df.jpg
I saw Kristy too!
 photo 132_zps9eeab1b4.jpg
 photo 134_zps86bc288d.jpg
And Ivan!
 photo 135_zps6bf69dc9.jpg
 photo 136_zps6d4404a1.jpg
 photo 137_zps01bcf707.jpg
V is just right behind!
 photo 139_zps8c026377.jpg

 photo 142_zps4e34815a.jpg
 photo 143_zps098ab2ef.jpg
 photo 144_zpsb03fa448.jpg
 photo 145_zps7af45328.jpg

It’s his first race! Actually, ang chika ni Emma na chismosa there are technically 5 levels. But etong si V, went straight to the 5150 which is the 3rd level. Sporty daw kasi sya. Haha!
 photo 148_zps7a588095.jpg
ANO BA? HINDI BA MAKANGITI NG MAAYOS! Parating very constripated lang? hahaha!
 photo 150_zpsbbb8f49e.jpg
 photo 151_zps2236ebad.jpg

They had awarding after!
 photo 154_zpsb1da009a.jpg
OK! Time to lafez!
 photo 156_zps4f898c3e.jpg
 photo 157_zps957f512c.jpg
 photo 158_zpscf69d94a.jpg

 photo 163_zps5f00df5f.jpg
 photo 164_zpsf99b61cd.jpg

Cute finisher photos!
 photo 167_zps0cd5cb74.jpg

Yan ung finisher medals!
 photo 170_zpsc28ca344.jpg

Our girlies!
 photo 173_zps28015106.jpg

 photo 175_zpsbd57fa3b.jpg
 photo 176_zps184c4e48.jpg
 photo 177_zps38793746.jpg

Matteo’s dad is first for his age bracket!

 photo 185_zpsadbf6866.jpg
 photo 186_zps07c85df1.jpg
 photo 187_zps3cf9594d.jpg
 photo 188_zps15bca83c.jpg
 photo 189_zps0c63c7fe.jpg

Girogia was 2nd!
 photo 190_zps31064339.jpg
 photo 191_zpsd6b9a52e.jpg
Beach time! Tapos na by 10 am lahat ng ganap! ahahha! LUNCH AND BEACH!
 photo 192_zpsbbe89a2f.jpg
 photo 193_zps24429e8f.jpg
 photo 194_zps2a5dc196.jpg

 photo 199_zpsa7803272.jpg

Look sinong humabol!
 photo 206_zps94b4dff6.jpg

Sumi-side view
 photo 211_zps26ebee93.jpg
 photo 212_zps2caf662d.jpg

Sana umitim akey!
 photo 215_zpsd4dd476b.jpg
 photo 216_zps07078e6f.jpg
 photo 218_zpsfc42be77.jpg
 photo 219_zps30e2c71b.jpg
 photo 220_zps6ed50b5c.jpg

 photo 221_zps73529603.jpg

Hindi talaga ako pang parlor games! haha! Naubus daw buhok ni V!

 photo 225_zps6624b8ef.jpg
 photo 226_zps037b7720.jpg

That scared look of V!
 photo 227_zpsb682b889.jpg

Team photo!
 photo 231_zpsa7cb78c9.jpg
 photo 232_zps783d4b10.jpg

 photo 234_zpsc121e184.jpg

Hindi ako na brief! Very Madam ako! prang hacienda ko! hahahaha!
 photo 240_zps9c25ac18.jpg
It was quick but relaxing! Always a blessing to spend time with good company. Actually, pag kami kajoin, puro tawa lang talaga!
 photo 242_zps226da8df.jpg

Sikat daw toh… ang tanong ko kay V, anong pelikula nya? hahaha!
 photo 249_zpsddca1394.jpg
 photo 250_zpsc6be29af.jpg

Will surely visit Bohol again! Hindi ko pa nakakamusta yung mga friends ko tarsier!
I am also helping out their team! If you want to sponsor them or support just email me!
Much love,

Suite Blanco opens in SM Makati!

I first saw this brand during one of my trips abroad. Bongga sya. Bet ko kasi yung mga madaling mix and match. And more than that maganda yung quality at keri ng budget! Bongga din yung quality!
 photo 1_zpsf268716d.jpg

They recently opened their second branch in SM MAKATI!
 photo 2_zpsd46ad686.jpg

Eto yung lookbook para alam nyo na mga lalagay nyo sa xmas list!
 photo 3_zpse9f95d28.jpg

Based on my experience, bongga yung mga knits nila! Basics that last!
 photo 4_zps35b42a37.jpg
 photo 5_zps78a341d8.jpg

Wala pa itey, pero babalikan ko tong dress na toh! ahaha!
 photo 6_zps5f482ccc.jpg
 photo 7_zps564ee130.jpg

Basic black dress! Must have!
 photo 8_zpse98bc441.jpg

 photo 9_zps4ea5d06a.jpg
 photo 10_zps5ae87a7d.jpg

OH! Ansaveh ng breakfast at Tiffany cheneler! GANERN!
 photo 11_zps357b011b.jpg
 photo 12_zps72aef9c5.jpg

 photo 13_zpsa197b076.jpg
 photo 14_zps388a3b57.jpg

Bet na bet ko tong mga look na itey! GANDANG PWEDE IHARAP SA INLAWS!
 photo 15_zps474b1622.jpg

At the launch! Nicole!
 photo P1410873_zps4181acef.jpg

Avail nyo yang skirt! WIN na win!
 photo P1410874_zps6b014371.jpg

My new fave cardigan!
 photo P1410875_zps3b137846.jpg

Kung pagirly ka! Ayan maraming fenk!
 photo P1410876_zpsf5f2165d.jpg
 photo P1410877_zps60f35eb2.jpg

Bet ko yang furry cardigan!
 photo P1410878_zpsd8870ed1.jpg

Win ang jackey!
 photo P1410882_zpsfcd5250a.jpg

Preschool ba ang peg kamo? AYAN!
 photo P1410883_zps5a7865ba.jpg

College chic!
 photo P1410886_zps4ec1a4cb.jpg

 photo P1410887_zps49f038c8.jpg
 photo P1410888_zps7203453b.jpg
 photo P1410889_zps803957ce.jpg

 photo P1410890_zpse69fcee9.jpg
 photo P1410891_zpsdda6f3e8.jpg

At si sporty spice!
 photo P1410892_zps063a4cdc.jpg
 photo P1410893_zps403d1d86.jpg

Maka braids si ate wagas!
 photo P1410896_zps9d7bbf42.jpg
Etong shirt din tarush!
 photo P1410898_zpsf4308edd.jpg

Hurry! Check out Suite Blanco!

Much love,


New shops in Manila!

Merry christmas! Haha! Well, looking at how our shopping malls are exploding with new brands. More choices para sa xmas list ko! Haha! So what are the new international brands to check out!

H&M : In a few days!

Yes, It’s finally open sa Mega fashion hall on Oct 17! Ang tarush! I also visited the head office and saw that the price points are so competitive! Wala nang dahilan maging baduy! choz!

They have kiddie stuff!IMG_5834.JPG Para sa mga lets get physical ganap!IMG_5836.JPG

Cuteness!IMG_5832.JPG IMG_5829.JPG IMG_5828.JPG

Suite Blanco : 2nd branch

Meron na sa Aura! But they have a new branch in Makati!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.11.35 PM

Photo from Ryan Ong

Will post more about our ganap during this day!

Pottery Barn : HERE

Fave ko talaga mga home ganap! You can find this sa fort.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.23.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.23.18 PM

Carte and Barrel : Opening soon!

Nasight ko yung construction sa Mega fashion Hall! SO EXCITED!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.26.30 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.27.41 PM

Zara Home: Hopeful

Matagal na may Zara ditey but kakaopen lang ng 2 floors of Zara in Mega Fashion Hall. But Rockwell branch is renovating into 2 floors! Does it mean Zara home is coming in? SANA!



I love this brand! Fave ko itey when I was in Spain. They just opened their newest branch in SM Makati!

img_mod17_id-1397762132919_1_cropped img_mod17_id-1397762037079_1_cropped img_mod17_id-1397762072887_2_cropped

I still have some wish list such as habitat, H&M home, IKEA, Cos…

I hope soon!


Ber months lang, maka Xmas ganap naman ako!


Much love,


The SM Store Makati – Shoe Department

I grew up hanging out in SM when it was still SHOEMART. I remember my mom and I would go to ShoeMart Cubao or Makati to buy school shoes and all back to school ganaps. Actually notorious ako for loitering kaya sanay narin ako to go to the BLUE/GRAY sales assistants pag nawawala ako. 
Again, feeling ko babalik tambayan na ako! Just this week I’ve been back to SM Makati 3 times! They have new stores coming up also, yes… H&M! They have Sfera and Suite Blanco! And of course andun din yung F21 na fave natin!
 photo LadiesShoes10_zps5e3fa38b.jpg
But ang bongga talaga now is their SHOE CITY floor! SM now has the largest and biggest shoe collection in Metro Manila. Actually feeling ko nga buong Pinas eh!

 photo LadiesShoes11_zpsdc16b5bb.jpg
25,000 pair of shoes! When they first invited me, kabado ako. Ilang oras naman kaya ako dun! Haha! And the bigger question, meron kayang size for my JURASSIC feet? YES! MERON! photo P1410055_zpsf599331f.jpg
They have difficult sizes from Tessa Prieto Valdes’s super tiny feet to my giant mala-mascot na paa! They also have for mens and kids!
 photo P1410056_zpsed662e14.jpg
Aside from all the styles you can choose from, mala sporty, casual pa bagets, pa siosyal! hahaha! Meron talaga lahat, 25,000 pairs ba naman eh! And they brought in new INTERNATIONAL BRANDS TOO! photo LadiesShoes1_zps5fcb226c.jpg
 photo LadiesShoes2_zps5c6e4981.jpg
Aside from their inhouse brands na bet natin ang mga collab like Parisian (Thank you for your giant sizes! I love your collabs), Figlia, Figliarina, Gibi, Rusty Lopez, Janilyn, Janeo, Mario D’ Boro, and Chelsea… They also have new international labels such as Badgley Mischka, L.A.M.B., Jeffrey Campbell, Joe’s Jeans, Nina, Adrianna Papell, and Marie Claire.
 photo LadiesShoes3_zps73d5c717.jpg
OHHHH ! kahit pang kasal meron!
 photo LadiesShoes5_zps5a26e66a.jpg
 photo LadiesShoes8_zpsb7c731b7.jpg
 photo LadiesShoes9_zpsf68355fe.jpg
 photo LadiesShoes12_zpsc5d22de7.jpg
No need to go internet shopping na! Eto mafifit mo pa!
 photo LadiesShoes13_zpsb3e1268e.jpg
Here I am looking for my size… MERON NGA! Hindi imagination! hahaha! photo P1410058_zpsd1a60a3e.jpg
Medyo natagallan ako sa kakaikot! Ang dami talaga!
 photo P1410059_zps629974e9.jpg
The look of triumph! Girls with big shoe sizes would understand me!
 photo P1410060_zpsffb5ae53.jpg
Aside from the heels, yung mga pa norm core.. meron din with Nike, Adidas, Merrell, Converse, Skechers, Reebok, New Balance, Saucony, Puma, Fila, Accel, And1, Vans, and Sperry Top-Sider. Crocs, Havaianas, and Sanuk.
 photo P1410066_zpseca7af18.jpg
 photo P1410069_zps1760f64a.jpg
 photo P1410071_zps7050694e.jpg
 photo P1410072_zps074e4175.jpg
 photo P1410074_zps589e2db7.jpg
 photo P1410075_zps776b8345.jpg
 photo P1410078_zps334df6a7.jpg
Dahil forever summer tyo… ayan! All brands of slippers! And wide range, I saw Brazilian brands na sa SM ko lang nasight pa!

 photo P1410082_zpsd64e1fdf.jpg
Bongga yang hawak ko, interchangable strap! photo P1410085_zps0c0e49de.jpg
Tarush ng designs ng Parisian! I really hope may made to order sila! haha! I wanna design a line!
 photo LadiesShoes7_zpsd21cf50c.jpg
And they also exclusively have the rights to distribute my fave brand! JEFFREY CAMPBELL!
 photo P1410090_zpsf2e11357.jpg
Ang hirap mamili ng pair! Bongga pang rampa tong pair na toh!
 photo P1410095_zpsf05ce272.jpg
Drawn talaga ako sa Parisian! Check out their pointy basics! All colors, masmarami pa rainbow!
 photo P1410096_zpsf714cc41.jpg
The flats are also so comfy! Actually lahat na ata ng style nakita ko! 
 photo P1410101_zpsa5a697bb.jpg
 photo P1410102_zpsc39b501d.jpg
Ok, bongga din toh. Scented flats! Alam nyo na yan. kung may chismis ang paa. Perfect toh! haha!
 photo P1410109_zps94bd026a.jpg
 photo P1410110_zps794d885e.jpg
Scented nga promise! Huling huling inaamoy ko!
 photo P1410112_zps9fc84eee.jpg
Next portion… BAGS!
 photo P1410117_zps69cac541.jpg
They also have international brands for bags!
 photo P1410119_zps9b2bbc04.jpg
Some Isaac Mizrahi!
 photo P1410120_zps634173d4.jpg
And some local brands.. bongga ng quality! I like how SM really upgraded everything, not just by bringing in international brands pero levelling ang mga pinoy brands!
 photo P1410127_zps88b9a8ec.jpg
 photo P1410128_zps84c47eed.jpg
 photo P1410135_zpse5eeff91.jpg

May pang gimmik din, solve ang rampa!
 photo P1410136_zpsba5dcf5c.jpg
 photo P1410138_zpsc66ea6e6.jpg
More pictures, more fun para masight nyo mga styles!
 photo P1410140_zps38ce2847.jpg
Pasporty stuff na!
 photo P1410141_zpse629a6a7.jpg
Chikahan portion, nagulat ako kasi there are lots of items here na limited and hindi ko pa nakikita sa ibang stores. Check nyo yung mga sneakers nila!
 photo P1410144_zpsddcc6414.jpg
 photo P1410145_zps837725b9.jpg
 photo P1410149_zps3d91ffa6.jpg

Parang Ms. Universe oh! haha! Sa shoe section lang yan, pero yung ngiti ko parang may korona!
 photo P1410153_zps43edfe5c.jpg

Basics! Invest in basics!
 photo P1410155_zpsfda52103.jpg
 photo MenShoes1_zpsbbf3abbe.jpg
 photo MenShoes2_zps60343d64.jpg
 photo MenShoes3_zpsdbd88b05.jpg
Kung mala Kpop style kayo! Pasok parin!
 photo MenShoes5_zps4eb301d7.jpg
 photo MenShoes6_zps79ad4080.jpg
Hindi din lugi ang Mhin at becks! Daming choices!
 photo MenShoes7_zps3b7642bb.jpg
 photo MenShoes8_zps6103d9ff.jpg
 photo MenShoes9_zps9b30f8c0.jpg
I like how everything is arranged din! Mas iba na look nya! Modern!
 photo MenShoes10_zps7526b444.jpg
Kahit ano pa sports nyo, kahit piko yan, may shoes na match!
 photo MenShoes12_zps3214d37d.jpg
 photo MenShoes13_zps8993805f.jpg
 photo MenShoes16_zps0f08620f.jpg
Kiddies would love it too! Ang bongga ng designs! Nung bata ako bow biters lang ang pinapalitan ko, ngayon, daming ganap pang bata!

 photo ChildrenShoes1_zps7e28e176.jpg
 photo ChildrenShoes3_zps28aef7ff.jpg
 photo ChildrenShoes4_zps2263e1b4.jpg
 photo ChildrenShoes5_zpsdc6405b4.jpg

 photo ChildrenShoes7_zps2778ad24.jpg
 photo ChildrenShoes8_zpse34f66d8.jpg

If mahilig naman kayo magtravel, they also have a wide range of luggages! photo P1410157_zps0913956d.jpg
Ang bongga nyang Samsonite na yan!
 photo P1410159_zpse5c3d9cb.jpg
Picking for V’s triathlon!
 photo P1410170_zpse2ab2507.jpg
Sperry’s! One of my fave walking shoes!
 photo P1410184_zps201e24e0.jpg
 photo P1410186_zpsc623bf87.jpg
 photo P1410189_zpsd9060bf5.jpg

First time to see this brand, pero may bago nakong fave after work out flats! SO COMFY!
 photo P1410190_zps5408ea31.jpg
Padded sya kaya perfect after a run!
 photo P1410196_zps90cd7692.jpg
So thoughtful of all the executives to come down and meet me! Or baka natatagalan na sa pagikot ko!
 photo P1410207_zpsb950d2e8.jpg
 photo P1410210_zps0c3523cf.jpg
Chika portion about the other brands coming! SO EXCITED! Secret muna! Actually, gusto ko na nga invite sarili ko sa meetings para sabihin mga wishlist kong brands! hahaha!
 photo P1410212_zpsab06bdb1.jpg
 photo P1410213_zps1588cee1.jpg
Jeffrey Campbell!
 photo P1410218_zpsa3333bbf.jpg
Cute flats!
 photo P1410224_zps73f30c0c.jpg
 photo P1410225_zps77f458bf.jpg
Eto na ang main event! FITTING TIME!
 photo P1410228_zps3e2f66db.jpg

My choices!
 photo P1410230_zps5ddf8fd3.jpg

This is the one na sabi ko sa inyo super comfy na padded!
 photo P1410231_zpsd5bb00b2.jpg
 photo P1410238_zpsa1ff2427.jpg
I love this from Jeffrey Campbell!
 photo P1410240_zps82162bc0.jpg
 photo P1410242_zps41a3c779.jpg
This is a pair from Parisian!
 photo P1410244_zpse8f50749.jpg
 photo P1410248_zps67dad079.jpg

Slippers with interchangable straps! Parang 2 na kagad ang dala nyo for the beach! Don’t judge my toes ok? Parang kamay talaga sya! At bagong bugbug yan!
 photo P1410249_zps527c0a1f.jpg
 photo P1410250_zpsaf57753f.jpg

Everyone needs a pair of boots!
 photo P1410253_zpse56b61ae.jpg

Prada-ish! Ganda!
 photo P1410254_zps227b3e81.jpg
 photo P1410255_zps2213f709.jpg

Very babae yung shoes, pero hindi nakaka babae yung pose ko! haha!
 photo P1410256_zps28cafa30.jpg
 photo P1410260_zpsa859750c.jpg

Eto, very sunday dressing ko!
 photo P1410263_zps6b6836cd.jpg
 photo P1410264_zpsa1879b35.jpg
 photo P1410266_zps929d5504.jpg
 photo P1410267_zpse220a318.jpg
My picks from SM SHOE CITY!
 photo P1410270_zps6510fe3c.jpg
 photo P1410274_zpsf941feaf.jpg

Thank you so much SM for this super bonggang ganap!
 photo P1410279_zps31ce9aed.jpg
Happiness in white bags!
 photo P1410285_zps0dc82340.jpg
 photo P1410286_zps76866397.jpg
 photo P1410287_zpscbb8684b.jpg
 photo P1410289_zpsa3e4d1ba.jpg
 photo P1410290_zps24be98e8.jpg
They’ve got it all for you nga naman!

 photo P1410294_zps6724dc93.jpg

 photo P1410296_zpsfd5d08e1.jpg

So be sure to check out SM makati 4th floor! And eto pa, since close tayo I will tell you a secret! Haha! Follow them on instagram and twitter @smshoesandbags because may mga pa promo, discounts and shopping sprees sila for you! Ang mahuli, flop! haha!

Tweet this! “I WANT A SHOE SHOPPING SPREE at @smshoesandbags SM MAKATI 4th floor! Check here! RT”

Much love,