Chika minute about Stem Cell

Mga paborito nyong topic sa pampaganda, ihahatid na! Oh d ba? very pang ANG LATEST UPLATE ang opening! Haha!

Have you seen this? (Kung makapromote noh? haha!)

Sige, ang dami nang chika tungkol sa stemcell at don’t worry nakichismis din ako. Ano ba talaga tong stem cell na ganap?

Most of the stem cell we’ve been hearing is that yung pupunta ng Germany chuchu. Don’t worry d nyo na need ng visa for this.  OO, ni passport hindi nyo need.


Let’s start talking about stemcells. Ok sila yung mga ganap sa katawan that produces new cells. So in short pampafresh. So pag may new cells, rejuvenate and new skin will follow. Then sureball freshness yan. Stem cell therapy is also used for those na may certain sakit since kaya nya nga may regrow ng cells.

So since machismis kayo, I’m sure you heard about the one that Lorna T and Lolit Solis did in Germany? Where they got their own stemcell harvested and processed tapos binalik sa kanila. I interviewed Lorna about it and bongga kasi sabi nya nawaley talaga yung back pains nya. So I guess, the whole idea of stemcells work.


Stem cell will not only reverse aging but help stop it also. So hindi kayo uring surong ng oras. haha! Mahirap kaya makipag habulan sa time!

SO eto na ang magic question. Paano magwowork ang stem cell kit ng Flawless if hindi naman nagharvest satin right?


Sabi ni Ernie Baron, choz. May background story kasi eh. The stemcell we are using for this came from a very rare type of apple. Ang chika kasi, may apple na hindi naman ganun ka bongga ang taste so hindi sya inavail. Since hindi nya patok sa panlasa, no one really bothered to grow and cultivate it. Eventually it became rare. This is the MALUS DOMESTICA apple.

So etong si rare apple, ginulat ang mga tao. SInce hindi nga sya pinapansin, when put in a barrel… ang tagal nyang masira. Way way longer than the normal apple. At promise, mukhang walang engkanto naman dun. So ayun, people started researching about it. Bakit ba ang tagal nya malusay. Apparently, hindi engkanto ang magic but stem cell. This apple had a certain cell na long lasting, long living and nanghahawa pa sya ng mga ibang cells to last longer too. It also has the ability to repair cells. So para syang all in one. SO AYUN! Nahanap natin ang fountain of youth! APPLE NA NAMAN PALA ANG BIDA DITO!


So with this in mind, Flawless partnered with companies abroad and locally to manufacture the first mass market and affordable line of Stem Cell. Obvious naman kasi, hindi natin lahat keri maavail lumipad sa Germany para magpaharvest ng stemcell, they decided to do an affordable line. By making it mass market, more people can avail the fountain of youth! yey to that!


And alam din nila Rubi of Flawless na ayaw natin ng mga kadamihan na pinapahid. We want everything in one kit. So to make it balanced, they made a 3 step kit. Wala ka nang ibang kakailanganin! PERFECT!

  1. STEM CELL DAILY CLEANSER  50ml (Php 690.00): Ph balanced cleanser. So sabi ko nga lagi, always better to keep skin clean para d pumasok sa pores. Still with apple stem cells so it rejuvenates skin while washing, and helps closes pores narin! (
  2. STEM CELL DAY CREAM 15g (Php 890.00): I read the ingredients, pero para d kayo ma bore. Technically, it has a lighter texture para paka sa daytime, hindi kayo mukhang nagsesebo sa cream. And you can use your makeup on top. What i mainly does is more on protection from mga ganaps natin sa umaga. It focuses more on firming and smoothing. Perfect as a makeup base narin! Don’t forget to include neck!
  3. STEM CELL NIGHT CREAM 15 ml (Php 1,200.00): SERUM NA! So masmakapal ang consistency and more powerful. Repair na and new cells ang focus nito! So while you sleep, sya naman ang mag overtime! haha!
  • add on:  STEM CELL FOAM CLEANSER (Php 690.00): This is about the same naman, iba iba lang tayo kasi ng bet sa type ng cleanser. So if you want the foam, pwede nyo avail toh.
STEM CELL KIT (Php 2,500.00): Or para makatipid kayo and full avail, you can get the kit which includes one cleanser, one day cream and one night cream.


From Flawless:

“Times really have changed. No thanks to free radicals that are present in almost every thing around us—from the food we eat to the air we breathe—people today age so much faster. This is especially true for people who like to spend late nights partying or spend too much time in front of the monitor. Various studies have proven time and again the harmful effects such activities have on our skin.

From the faintest hint of lines caused by too much partying, to dry and dull skin due to dehydration and dark spots and uneven skin tone from unprotected sun exposure, Flawless’ Stem Cell Line promises to solve all these and more by providing your skin with the right amount of nutrition and protection.”


So kahit wala pang lines, wag nyo nang hintayin. At kung meron naman… erase na natin yan! So this is for all ages, for all problems. Because what it really does is just bring your old skin back, by new cells production. Wala ng masfrefresh pa sa bagong cells!


So ayan ang haba ng chika ko ha. I really wanted to know din kasi about this Stem Cell and when i found out the background story…nagstock na ako ng parang walang bukas. Haha! Logical right? haha!


After nyo gamitin, takbo na ng LTO at DFA…palitan natin yung mga birthdays sa license and passport to AGELESS. PAKAK!


So since bongga ang flawless! We are giving away 10 sets plus my magazine cover for Flique ng may special dedication! And who knows? Baka magmerienda pa tayong lahat 🙂



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    as an agent, most of the time i do a lot of field works from all over the metro and even provinces near the city. i am expose to sun everyday that causes wrinkles, oily skin, dark skin and lots of dirt during/after travel. i think this stem cell package will really help me prevents wrinkles and cleanse dirty skin that causes pimples, in that way i can now face my clients and future business partners confidently because of my ageless and flawess skin..more accounts will be coming. panalo ang ganap…

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