Hosting Adidas My GIRLS event!

Sporty spice na talaga ako!
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Super fun day of hosting for ADIDAS MY GIRLS!
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They had a mini fashion show. Bongga kasi dati, hindi ko talaga bet ang mga gymwear. Pero buti nalang level up na lahat ng brands! They come out with the cutest and most fashionable gym outfiteys!
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Love the whole white outfitey!
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Tarush nung printed tights!
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OK tarush tong blue ganap!
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And then they introduced the new MY GIRLS ambassadors! My gym mates! SOS AND BELLE!
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Actually, I can honestly say na malakas talaga tong dalawa. I go to the same gym and bongga talaga sila.
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Belle is really sporty while Sos naman is Ms. CORE! Ang tagal mag plank nyan!
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After the short Q&A, we did some games and activities. Active nga kami so bet namin may paandar!
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We divided the whole room into two groups and played Truth or Dare!
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We had a planking challenge with SOS!
 photo P1010370_zps66c5df53.jpg
 photo P1010371_zps69c1816e.jpg
And we had a “juggling” game with Belle! In fairness, magaling sa soccer si Belle!
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 photo P1010379_zps831d10c4.jpg

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Then a burpees challenge!
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 photo P1010390_zpsb6c98131.jpg
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Yoga poses up next!
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Here’s Sos showing her fave Yoga position!
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 photo P1010408_zps4922ab64.jpg
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For more sporty spice! Promise, nakakaaddict ang fitness! Parang masmahaba yung araw ko and I don’t get sick na as much! Push nyo yan for #BalikAlindog!

Much love,

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