New Haircut & Hair Color - Divine Lee

I know, I know! Alam ng world na forever na ako sa aking hairstyle. LONG. Haha! But as said in the interview with STYLEBIBLE ( http://www.stylebible.ph/beauty/the-stages-of-cutting-your-hair-short-as-told-by-divine-lee ) slight inggit factor ako when I travelled with my friend with short hair…. SO HERE WE GO! AFTER 19 years! masmatagal pa sa mga JOWA KO! hahaha! I said BYE BYE! See more to know the ganap! Of course, ang tagal ko syang inisip. But if you guys know me, may pagka hindi talaga ako serious. Well, kung d ko bet eh d mag hair extensions and pahabain nalang ulit. But first step should always be finding someone na hindi ka iiyak! hahah! Yung sanay sayo. ENTER BUERN! Buern’s been cutting my hair since forever. May mutual trust yan. I didn’t even tell him what i like. And at first he wanted below the shoulders, pero para san pa ba nag cutting edge kaming ganap if very light change lang. LET’S GO SHORT! So as you can see… short na! And honestly, I really thought I would cry. Hindi naman! I actually loved it. Too bad my hair wasn’t enough to be donated for cancer wigs. I still kept it though. Everyone who got a haircut, alam nyo naman na perfect yan right after. The scary part is the following days without Buern’s magic hands! I always thought I’d be bored with short hair. Sobrang hindi! Ang dami paring ganap! Here are some ideas para exciting parin ang short! For this one, super easy! just curl the front part and use styling mouse! Less than 5 minutes! Eto as in walang ginawa plus of course the salt water of the beach. But you can get the gulu guluhan look by using SEA SALT SPRAY! Just put sea salt spray and curl! it will give you a medyo rough finish! This naman, use a blow dry and blow dry inwards then set with hairspray after! And here are other styles na aachievin ko next time!   Eto madali lang yung kay Mareng Olivia! Curl the ends lang!   Eto naman BOUFFANT! Tease the top then medyo pa sleek yung remaining hair. Yo can even leave it down if bet mo! More choices more fun!   UPDO ang labanan! Super tease the back part para mukhang walang effort pero totoo full production naman!   You can also do a clean but with volume straight ganap. Secret is volumizing spray. I use Kiehls! ETO LABANAN SA SET! Full curls! Isa pang ayaw magpatalo sa set! You can put a dry mist to make it look like second day curls! Use wax for this! curl then wax! Pwede parin ang wetlook! At madami ding variations yan, you can change the part! Iba na kagad na look! Matinding wet look gel lang! Full volume! use bigger curling iron then set! Eto pwedeng wash and wear but add sea salt spray para may tigwas look! See salt spray with konting blow dry! BLOW DRY ATE!

 Straighten and wax the edges! Pati bangs ng very light!

These are just some of the endless possibilities.. endless talaga, very TV plugging.. haha!


Much love,