Dinner with Maxenne, Tim, Jenni, Mond, Nicole, Marc, V, Rajo, Nix, Chari, Uri

Warning: Photo Vomit Entry

After K’s party, nagmamadali na ako to go back to work so I can leave in time for Rajo’s show. But I took longer than expected in the office so I didn’t have time to change back home. Again, Rajo is consistent in being the punong abala…

BB exchange.

R: See you later! What are you wearing?

D: III FORRGOOOT TO PLAN AN OUTFIT! I’ll try to see if I can head back home to find something, if not CORPORATE WEAR as EVENT WEAR nalang!

R: Drop by the shop. I’ll prepare 3 outfits for you to choose from. Shoes?

D: I’ll bring the skeleton heels. 🙂


Yes, ganyan sya kaalaga. Ako nga hindi nastress sa outfit ko, masnastress pa sya. Haha!

Ok, lemme tell the story as you look at the photos 🙂

Sarado na ang shop because I ended late but the Rajo girls are always so maasikaso. They had someone waiting for me. So sweet! Thanks Rajo! 🙂 I owe the girlies pa-burger 🙂

The Samsung event was at Peninsula so we rushed there kagad. Again, the 3 R’s of fashion ang magshoshow – Rajo, Rhett and Randy. I was so excited to see their collections!

The best blooper of the night award goes to V. He usually acts as a photographer for us, so while taking a group photo… nakita nyo yang mga laptop na display? NABANGGA NYA at nahulog! KALOWKA! Tawang tawa ako, I’m sure parang nagflash back ang buhay nya! haha! Buti nalang gumagana pa but you guys should have seen his face and everyone’s reaction! Parang pang movies! KALOKA! Nagpause yung buong room! hahahah!

They had a dinner set up! I thought it would be a normal show lang, dinner pala!

With Mond and Jenni. We were talking about David Milan’s “Lipsync” video. hahaha!

Watch here: Milan’s Video

With Mau and Bea! Bea was my classmate in gradeschool! I don’t know if she remembers! And Mau is a designer, check out her dress! GANDA!

GULO GULO GANG. Charina and Nixy

Sexy Joey hosted the event. Ang haba mo girl! LOVE JOEY!

From Rajo’s collection

From Rhett’s (I have a similar dress from his old collection years ago! Yes, binalik nya! Mukha nang bago ang damit ko ulit! haha!)

From Randy’s collection

Malu gave flowers to Rajo

Jenni for Rhett

I gave Randy’s 🙂

Right after the show, we had to rush to dinner. Tim just got back from London and for Timmy, lahat occassion. Madapa lang yan, may dinner na kagad. haha! So “welcome back” dinner nya kahit one week lang sya nawala! haha! Next stop MANDARIN!

Chinese food galore! Syempre important sa chinese resto ang aquarium!

Tassle kung tassle.

Ok, the start of a fun dinner! Mahirap makiaagaw ng airtime sa grupong toh! lahat tawanan ng tawanan. V even told me, grabe kayo. Parang ang hirap sumingit. Lahat may hirit! So ayun, nagphotos nalang sya. haha! D nya kinaya ang powers namin!

Tim, Mond, Max

Max, Nicole and Me

Charina, Uri, Nixy

Nixy and Rajo

THE LONG MENU! Take note, 2nd dinner ko toh! (well, 3rd nga eh. May isa pa kaming dinner which I didn’t post na kasi work related. 🙂

Rajo, Jenni, Marc, Tim

The group! …and only photo with V in the resto! haha!

Always laughing! Pinakamaingay na group! When we finished dinner, ayaw paawat! We went down to Martinis pa.

May mga reklamo ata toh. Ipapabarangay ko! haha!

Part of the group left na because of early calltimes. But up ahead makikita nyo na naman ang mga last one standing. haha!

Jenni is probably telling us ang mahiwagang hirit ni Max and Nicole “DONT JUDGE IF YOU’RE NOT JLO” hahah!

Mond is really the sweetest. I super love him and the whole clan. Their family showed me nothing but goodness. Always there to text and check if I’m ok. And for me, that shows how they were raised. Compassionate, thoughtful and caring. Kaya when people say Tita Anabelle is mataray or what, echos lang ni Tita yun 🙂 She’s really the sweetest and she did a good job with her kids. I can be very protective with people I love so everytime I hear something bad, I really make it a point to say my piece. And this goes for this family. 🙂

Yehey! may photo ulit si V! haha!


We saw Nicole’s mom and V’s mom in MGA NAGBABAGANG BULAKLAK! MS. JEAN!

Tim with Tom! haha!

Again, sinarado namin ang Martinis pero ayaw paumawat! Tim opened Robot!

Quality time with friends are really precious. Sometimes, we get caught in life’s rollercoaster that we forget to laugh and giggle. Tatawag lang kayo sa friends pagmay problem or ganap. D ba nga when we were younger, wala naman mga kaguluhan nun but every afternoon ata nakatambay ako sa kalsada with my friends sa village. So relive those simple moments. Wag yung pag may birthday or occassion lang. Minsan dapat kahit walang event (Kay Tim naman kasi palaging event, ma-ubo lang yan, padinner na kagad! haha) magkitakita para magchikahan at tawanan. Things like that reminds us about why we are friends at the first place. 🙂 We enjoy each individual’s personality. 🙂 Silly and small but it really strengthen friendships.

So gow na. Magyaya kayo sa mga friendships! (sorry about the super typos of this entry… kalowka kasi sa madali)

Much love,


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