Congrats to Ces, Mond, Liz, Jerome, and Erwin! Yipee!

Bongga nang ganap kagabi, full force and blockbuster hit talaga! So many peeps went and it was super fun!

The event was held in Peninsula, so when we got there at 8pm, everyone was still in the lobby. In fair, maaga and on time ๐Ÿ™‚ I honestly thought I was early but when I got there, puno na yung lobby!

So I know, you want the photos na and deadma na sa kwento ko. choz!

Look at the cutest couple! Tom and Aryanna Epperson! Jenni, kinakabog ka na ni bagets! Nalampasan ka na gurl!

What I wore.. halos wala na. Haha! Rajo dared me to wear the most revealing gown he ever made in his designing history. Pressure and nachallenge ako! As Ruffa would say โ€œmagaling talaga si rajo. (even if halos hubad na) He made it look so classy and elegant!โ€

Jake wanted a new look for me tonight: Pale lips, strong eyes and wet hair! No curls! I like it kasi achieve! Hindi lang ako sanay na hindi ko mahawakan yung buhok ko. Plus contact lens!

Another Comics fanatic, lil sis Reggie!

D + V

Saw Trish and Ricardo near the entrance. At syempre kinulit ko na naman si MARS! MIXTAPE NAMINNN!

Pakak ang Preview team!

Charina Arte.. choz! Charina Sarte. Akala mo siniseduce ang camera oh! parang walang bukas makapout! hahaa!

Adele and Iza hosted the event! Ganda ni Iza on stage!

Milan and Jan!

Fabio, Jonas and Aki!

CONGRATS CES! Umaapaw talaga lahat tayong nakadouble sided tape! haha!

Max is so cute! Ganda ng Veejay Floresca dress!

Dong and V!

With my girlies Ruffie and Chari!


EIC Erwin Romulo! So cute he thanked everyone who helped him in his career! from his first job! Cute cute cute speech!

Ganda ni Kapatid JAS!


First ever Esquire Philippines cover!

Fresh ni Lovi! haha! at nahuli akong nagreretouch kagabi, tawanan nalang kami! haha!

The esquire team!

Carla and Carlos!


Nagusap ata mga toh sa buhok eh! haha!

Raj and Nixy! LOVE YOU BOTH!

Look at Vโ€™s nervous face. Para syang aatakihin the whole night. haha!

Anne is also in RAJO!

With Timmy, Anne and Rajo!

Belle looked like a princess ๐Ÿ™‚ Ganda!

Anne and Erwan! Erwan is part of Esquire!

SOSSSS! Serious in front, deadly sa back!

Congrats Liz!

Bianca and Nixy!

Blonde levels! Hindi kinaya ng flash ang pagka pak nyo ๐Ÿ™‚

Angel was there too! I have nothing but good words to say about Gel. Actually, barkada sya ng lil sister ko before and she would sleep over our house. Tapos, never din toh tumanggi sa dmi ng charity ganap ko, always the first to ask pa ๐Ÿ™‚ No wonder ANGEL name mo ๐Ÿ™‚

Ganda sana oh, may epal lang sa likod! hahaha!


Pauline and Dong!

IZA! I love you! Alam mo yan! Sheโ€™s been my friend since highschool! Hindi sya nagbago ๐Ÿ™‚ Still a darling!

Timmy, Jm and Borgy in shorts!

SLIT kung SLIT! Sexy!


Thank you Esquire! It was such a fun night!

Iโ€™m actually reading my copy now! Job well done!

Much love,


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