The Face Shop: Classic Make Up

Ayan! Beauty portion na naman ang labanan! We all want that classic makeup. Pero minsan flop talaga tayo sa pag mix ng colors kahit alam natin yung techniques.

Face Shop has a collab with hottest makeup artist in Korea, SON DAE SILK! Perfect mix all the colors for the classic look!

 photo BeautifyingyourselfintosomethinglikeaworkofartissuretobefunampeasywithArtistTouchMakeupCollection_zps4c899f10.jpg

Simple blending pero tarush effects! Kahit d ka pro, keri mo toh!

No more, chipped nails! Gel Touch nail polish (Php295) is a must-wear.  photo Chippednailsareano-nothatrsquoswhytheGelTouchnailpolishisamust-wear_zps9838f6e2.jpg

High pigment lippies! Artist Touch Lipstick (Php695)

 photo IncreasethesexyfactorwithlusciouslipscourtesyoftheArtistTouchLipstickPhp695_zps98c1b1a5.jpg

Artist Touch Shadow (Php1195) – Perfect na toh! the right colors mixed. Wag nyo na achievin maging boyoyong! haha!

 photo Mesmerizewithyoureyesdressedupindashesofthelong-wearingArtistTouchShadowPhp1195_zps67b89920.jpg

The Artist Finger Gloss (Php745), is an innovative 3-in-1 multi-finish product that gives a natural lip tint effect in one swipe, a shiny lip gloss effect in two swipes, and a full color lipstick effect in three swipes. photo TheArtistFingerGlossisaninnovative3-in-1multi-finishlipproduct_zps87c5cb0a.jpg

Available in matte, moisture or glossy! In 24 shades! The Artist Touch Lipstick (Php695)

 photo TheArtistTouchLipstickPhp695isavailableinthreedifferenttexturescreamymattemoistureandglossy_zps83535696.jpg

TARUSH! Ayan, new ganap for your makeup kit!

 photo TheFaceShoprsquosArtistTouchCollectioniscollaborationwithoneofthehottestmakeupartistinKoreaSonDaeSik_zps2167e697.jpg

The Face Shop’s Artist Touch Makeup Collection is collaboration with one of the hottest makeup artist in Korea, Son Dae Sik.

 photo TheFaceShoprsquosArtistTouchMakeupCollectionallowsyoutobeartisticandpulloffaladylikelook_zps3c194d97.jpg

Check them out!

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