Fierce Followers

1) anyaisthe submitted:


FIERCE! FIERCE NA FIERCE NA FIERCE!!! (o siya siya fierce follower na nga.)

haaaazshuzshwal, Charity Solis ko na naman ang pagfafashyown mowdel sa friends. tuwa naman ako. kita ba sa smile ko? hahaha!

let me know kung bet mo yung ibang clothes. i can give you her site and you can check out her clothes. baka may matipuhan ka.. o kaya bilhin mo na lang lahat. hahahaha!

D: KABOWG! Hindi lang isa, hindi lang dalawa, APAT ANG ENTRY MO! KALURKEY! Tama yan! The more the many-er! Kyot nang outfits mo girl!

Much Love,


2) randowmness submitted:


hello there miss divine lee!

my name is hyacinth, submitting my fierce photo for your blog. I just wanna show the world the other side of me. I am the simplest girl you’ll ever know. I don’t wear make up everyday, my hair is always in ponytail and I did this for the first time in my life, Imeldific hairdo, full make up and emote kung emote. I did this for our team photo shoot.

thank you so much! 

D: MEGAKNOWN? May kapit kapit sa pader? BONGGELS! Sige girl, i-emote mo pa yan! Hahaha!

Much Love,


3) aixieitgirl submitted:

Lakasan ng loob.

Miss D, nakakalowka answered questions mo.. May photo shoot kasi kami last week.. at ginaya ko one of your post mo that I saw in a preview mag :D. Di achieve and posing.. waley na waley.. haha. 


*Photo shoot, in my Introduction to Arts subject(k-pop theme)*

D: CHARICE??? IKAW NA BA YAN??? CHOS! Rume-reggae ang peg! Reggae Charice! Pak!

Much Love,


1) phielle prahinog ( submitted:


fierce me…. 😉

D: GIRL KINABOG MO ANG HAIR KO. Talo ako dyan sa mala-Rapunzel mong buhok. Ikaw na!

Much Love,


2) cutella submitted:


Hi Ms. D! I submitted a Fierce Photo of mine using the Tumblr of my Pamangkin. Like you, Im also a fan of shoes, so having a pair of Michael Antonio’s shoes would really put me in Heaven. I don’t know, but I see each shoes as one’s masterpeice. It doesn’t matter if its expensive, or sa tiangge lang, as long as you know how to walk with confidence in it, magmumukha pa rin syang class. Di ba? Peg ko ring gawing Centerpeice yung mga shoes ko na I find unique. Hahahaha! I haven’t really tried buying luxurious shoes or boots but Im saving every penny to have atleast one of Kermit’s collection. One of my ultimate dream is raiding your closet. Hahahaha. Hope to meet you Divine! More Powers. Goodluck on EMHE! :]

D: Ay bongga yan girl. Mag-aral kang mabuti at galingan mo magtrabaho para in the future pang-Louboutins na level mo! Keri yan! Gow!

Much Love,


3) acrookedstiletto submitted:

Hi Ms.D

hehehe submit ko lng.. just want to try if this will be qualified for your Fierce Followers.


Been following ur blog since.. I dont know when..hehehe 🙂

D: Fierce nga. Chos. Galit galitan with a side of eye liner. Pakak!

Much Love,


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