Fierce Followers! This is for August 31~

Will announce winner for August tom and september prize! Yung mga July winners best in late sa contact! hahah! PAGING!

Lemme catch up muna on late posts 🙂


Hello Ms.D


Here’s my fierce entry. Hope u’ll like it.



Rubely Miquiabas


D: ikaw na ang best in shorts and eye shadow!

Much love,




parang ntutulog lng. hahaha. xDD

ayan, lahat po ng pic na sinesend ko po sa inyu, CELLPHONE CAM lang po tlga gngmit nmin dun.

and tlgang kabog kabog lng. hehe. xD

tpos mejo konting edit ng lightings sa photoscape lng.


syempre, pag PASSION mo tlga, lhat gagawin mo, right ? ansaveehh! xDD

stay FIERCE goddess D. ;))


D: Suki na talaga kita! haha!

Much love,




hello miss d! I just want to thank u for inspiring us sa fashown at pagiging fierce, bongang bonga ka tlga miss D! im sending my feeling fierce sa Pagudpod last summer 🙂 Hope u like it 🙂 im happy for you and V 🙂 you’re really a cute couple! More powers to you miss D! 🙂


D: Ganda nyang patakbo takbo!

Much love,


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