Hi Ms Divine!


Hi Ms D. I’m a follower from Twitter to Tumblr! I love your sense of style! <3 Effortless! BET NA BET.

“Para kang moisturizer, nagddry ang dashboard ko pag wala kang post.”

God Bless po! ^_^

D: Bongga yan ha! Hihiramin ko yang hirit mo minsan! haha! Pak na pak ang fectorial mo!

Much love,


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Hi, Ms. Divine

I’m just wondering if you and Liz Uy are friends. Both of you are my fashion, style, and confidence pegs. <3 I really look forward to your outfits when there are events! I also like how you answer questions coz it feels like you’re talking to people you know.

P.S. If you and Liz have a picture together, can you pretty please post it? Thank you!

D: Panalo talaga si sisterette Liz. Not only is she lovely but super bait! And bday girl! I don’t have a lot of pictures from my camera but I have a couple from FB. WIll post next 🙂

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