How do I pack for trips?

We all had to get up extra early a few days ago for an interview. As usual, delikado sa umaga tong grupong toh. First of all: puno ng energy, second: puno ng kalokohan.

V and I got the the embassy first so we had to wait for the rest of the gang. The funny thing is ang una naming na notice is si Manong guard. Mr. chikador sya! Pagpasok palang sinermonan nya na kami ni V for not having our forms even though we explained that it was with Rajo’s group. Pero nakakatuwa sya kasi sabay sabi “ikaw yung nagbabagang bulaklak” to V. Natawa ako kasi after nyang mangsermonon, namuri sya. haha! So when the gang finally got there, kagulo sa front desk because may mga requirements syang gusto paayos. fill up another form, arrange the papers, etc. Very last minute pag may school project ang drama! We finally fixed everything so when I stood up to borrow a stapler hindi parin tumigil si manong guard.

G: Kapatid mo ba yung nasa nagbabagang bulaklak?

D: Hindi po manong.

G: Ahh, artista ka?

D: Hindi po manong…

G: Ahhh, ano mo sila?

D (pointing to the group): Sila po? Ahh mga kaibigan ko po.

G (pointing to V): Eh siya?

D: Boyfriend ko.

G: Sabi ko na nga bat eh. Mahirap magboyfriend ng artista no?

D: Ano po?

G: Boyfriend mo artista.

D: Ahh opo.

G: Hirap noh, inisip ko din dati yun eh.

D: Hindi naman po. Bongga mo manong ha. Dami mong tanong.Balik na po ako.

G (pointing to Tessa): Artista din yun noh?

D: Ahh opo…. (trying to leave the desk)

G: Eh yung isa (pointing to Rajo and Nix)

D: Ahh parang po (hard to explain that Rajo had Project Runway show).

*At this point, gusto ko na talaga umalis kasi magaayos pako ng forms.

G: San dyan yung talent manager?


D: haha! wala po. hahaha!

I will forever remember manong kasi sobrang inaliw mo kami that day. Sa sobrang kakulitan ni manong ay sinita na sya ng consul tuloy parin sya sa kakachika. Ubus ubus ng ligaya! haha! MORNING DELIGHT ka manong!

After the embassy, we went to Apartment 1b for breakfast. Here are our photos!

Nix in the morning! Fresh!

Uyy! Aviators dagdag pogi points!

See? Walang paltos yan si Tessa. Kahit umaga todo!

No make-up look. DONT JUDGE ME!

Excited for our trip!

Since nasa usapang trips narin tayo, a lot of people have been asking about trips. And the usual question is HOW DO YOU PACK FOR TRIPS?

Ok, eto na ang mahiwagang sagot guys. Think lookbook. Haha! Yes, lookbook. I map out my whole trip and take photos of my daily outfits. The reason behind that is I can save maleta space and i never have the problem na wala akong masuot. Lahat nakapicture, down to accessories and shoes so everything is used talaga. Since dadalhin ko narin naman sya, dapat maximize ko ang potential! haha! Here are my travel tips.

1. Have an itinerary ready. – know your trip so you can plan your clothes accordingly. And list all the websites, addresses, numbers and contact person. Leave a copy with a friend so they know where you are.

2. Bring a jacket or shawl – Yan must have yan. Malamig sa airports. haha!

3. Rule of 3s – If you are going to be gone for 3 weeks, dapat each peice of clothing should be used at least 3x. So if one week, keri lang once sya magamit. Special occassion outfits are exempted from this rule.

4. Print a lookbook – this way hindi mo makalimutan paano mo tinerno terno lahat. And assign it to a day. It doesn’t take long to do this. This is exact planning.

5. Have an extra outfit for night and for day. – Buti ng sure! haha!

6. Toiletries bag- The size depends on how long I’ll be away. I get the hotel shampoos and use it for my travel kit of toiletries. But when I’m gone for months, I use the full size one or lots of sachets.

7. First aid: Basic medicines sa lahat ng drama nyo

8. Xerox copies: Be sure to xerox all your travel documents, credit cards and important papers. Leave one copy at home and another in your suitcase. Also nice to have a list of emergency numbers from embassys to hotels.

9. Make-up and hair- Bring lots of rubberbands! And powerful blush! Kahit walang make-up blush lang keri na! If going to a cold place, don’t forget moisturizers.

10. EXTENSION CORDS and travel adapter: Sa dami kong ganap na kailangan ngh saksakan. I always bring extension cords, para keri kahit sabay sabay mag-charge lahat.

11. Emergency kit- sewing kit, safety pins, rubber bands, band aids

Here is a copy of my travel LOOK GUIDE from my last trip to London.

Meeting outfits and day outfit!

I’m so excited for our Holy week trip. We’re going somewhere COLD! Yiheee! kaya magpapa-tan ako before leaving para bonggang bongga!

I recently saw the photos from the Michael Kors 30th anniversary show! I wish ganito ang mga outfit ko for my Russia trip! *wish*

I’ll use this as my inspiration board!

White on white para ANGELIC ang peg!

Neutrals! Forte ko ang FUUUURRR!

Pwede toh! Conservative pero plunging!

Black swan winter edition


hindi naman sya masyado mahilig sa slit noh? haha!

Gray is GAY!

Hmmn… bongga din magleather….

Fur talaga ang peg ko.

Ang powerful talaga ng Red!!

Hope I was able to help! I’m so excited to share our upcoming trip with you guys!

Much love,


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