Issey Miyake’s comeback: 132 5. Ang damit na pwede sa bagyo.

Mahilig kayo sa Multi-purpose d ba? ETO NA!

If bongga ang Julanis Morrisette, d na kayo ma victor BASA, kasi bongga na etong ganap ni ISSEY!

“The Japanese designer has just unveiled his first new collection in 13 years with a range of clothing inspired by the intricate world of origami. Called 132 5, the new range is as unconventional as it is avant-garde. Each piece, cut from a single sheet of fabric, starts life flat packed, its surface intricately crossed with geometric lines that reflect each fold.”

“The 132 5 name encapsulates all these facets of the items: 1 is for one piece of cloth; 3 for the three dimensions of the clothing; 2 for the two dimensions of the folded dress: 5 for the action of the dress being worn in the four combined dimensions of space and time — ponder that for a moment.”

May sanib ang lola nyo noh?

Pinakabonggang rain gear na nasight ko!

In fair, mukha syang may future!

Well, I don’t think it’s available here and hindi ko din na-check yung price. Naaliw lang ako sa design.

Useful tong mga ganito lalo na sa weather natin ngayon. But ang pinoy naman best in Multi Purpose, i remember may one time namigay ng garbage bag sa school para gawin namin rain coat nung suspended ang classes. So same effect din, hindi lang as fashion! hahah!

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