Kermit Tesoro Philippine Fashion Week

I’ve been raving about Kermit Tesoro over and over. Medyo gets nyo na ata that I really like his work. Haha!

But since nakita ko na karamihan sa inyo chizmosa…joke! And wants to know more about Kermit. Here is his collection for last fashion week.

He would visit me in the house regularly and nagchichikahan kami. Talented talaga si bagets kasi ang galing mag-piano. Medyo slight hinaharass ko na sya to teach me. haha! But aside from that, he has a big heart. Todo nya ako tinulungan sa EASTER EGG ng Child Haus. And Bongga ko din ibabalita sa inyo that we WON!

So pagnagchichikahan kami ni Kermit sa balur, he gave me tidbits of what his upcoming collection will be… think EXPOSED MUSCLES. Yes, iba sya magisip guys. He made clothes to look like exposed muscles. I honestly think iba talaga ang takbo ng creativity ng bagets na toh. We have a lot of super talented artists and designers in Manila, and we need to support them. I would bring out Martin Bautista, Veejay Floresca when they were still newer.. so ngayon Kermit naman. I go above and beyond for those I believe in and support.

So here are the photos. Peksman. Magaling talaga sya. Very AMQ.

I like how he makes his curves sabay sa figure ng tao making it very flattering.

He designed the shoes too! I saw the mold nung hindi pa sya sapatos! Sana pasok ako sa size nitong show pieces nya! haha!

He already gave me a similar design of this dress!

See? D ba? Iba lang colors!

Bongga sya sa graphic chuchu. Kermit is keen on visuals din kaya bongga ni Bagets.

Check the whole collection …

I like the sheer panels of this one. Bawal lang mag chakang bra. Itaon ang bacon bra! haha!

I like this color the best!

he also gave me a similar dress! Sheer panels too!

The nude part was super see through. Hindi ko naman keri ng ganun ka daring so i wore a slip.

More graphic designs!

If you add the dress before this and this one…

Equals MY DRESS!

The second part is more layers. I can already imagine wearing this top! Super cute! It kinda reminds me nga of a certain Versace dress!

This one! Super cute dress by Versace Atelier! I love this line but parang ginto sa mahal. Dapat pagbumili ka nito kasama na si Donatella Versace.

He had a few more variations of the same treatment.

Then he started showing woven vests. Medyo d ko pa alam ano material but I’ll be seeing him later so I’ll ask!

More vests!

And some more!

I super like this treatment. From afar mukha talaga syang exposed muscles!

This is the lighter version. Pero maskareer ko yung nauna!

He also had a dress version! Eto yung pa-cute sa kanya! haha!

Alam ko hindi ko kaya suot toh… but my seatmate was so excited about it!

Nagustuhan nya rin toh!

Who’s my seatmate and partner in crime for that show?

POWKIE! Pokwang and I became friends when we worked together for a fashion spread for Preview. Almost one year na. Since pareho kaming Kermit muse, ayun arive kami in Matching outfits and shoes! Kung naririnig nyo lang ang tawanan namin. Nakakatawa ang commentary!

He also had long gown versions!

Eto si Powkie napasigaw… MAGANDA YAN!!! Sakto pang Happy Yippee Yey ko!

last but not the least is our very own LEA T…… XTINA SUPERSTAR! FINALE ANG LOLA! Panalo!

I super love his collection. Aside from the clothes, he showed you his creativity. I know some clothes may not be wearable but it’s more a showcase of what he can do to certain materials. Bongga talaga ni Kermit! I love you and I believe na super bobongga ka pa!

To inquire about Kermit’s stuff. You can call : +63 915 628 58 49

Much love,


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