Another Kate Moss x Top Shop collab!

I’ve always been a Queen Kate fan! And I love her collabs with Topshop. Aminin na natin kasi ang bongga talaga mag put together ni Lola nyo ng outfits.

So here she is with a 61 piece collection for TOPSHOP! Launch on April 30! I’m not sure lang if maavail natin ditey, sana lang talaga!

This collection parang pinakita yung iba iba nyang personality, 4 to be exact!


This is part of the pajama dressing ganap.
60J03FBLK_large 60T06FBLK_large 60D21FBLK_large

At first I was about hesistant about this trend. Eh aminin na natin, masarap syang isuot. Haha!60B01FCRM_large 60T01FCRM_large 60T02FBLK_large

Meron din syang Balearic dressing na pa boho look!

60B06FSLV_large One of my fave pieces!60B04FTUR_large 60B05FCRM_large

Actually d ko bet toh until she modelled it!

60D02FCRM_large May pa cocktail chenes din sya! LOVE KO TOH!60D15FBLK_large 60D01FNAV_large

Another fave! Eh basta may shiny at fringe alam nyo na!60D16FBLK_large 60D16FCRM_large 60D04FCRM_large


MAMA KATE! PA SHWEET TALAGA?60D14FBLE_large Pwede toh pag labada day. choz!60D09FBLK_large 60B03FCRM_large

This reminds me of my friend Charmy!60B08FBLK_large BET! Kailangan pa ba imemorize yan?60J01FNAV_large madami pa kaya push for more!


I love all her shorts from her past collections! Ang tarush ng cuts!60T04FGRY_large 60J08FBLK_large

D sya mahilig sa fringe noh? hahaa!60J02EBLK_large60J02EOLV_large

May mga pa shorts din yan!60T03FOLV_largeMay accessories din na pabandanna!60D24FBLE_large60P03PBLK_large 60P02FBLK_large

WIN! Yun lang pow.60J05FGLD_largeLakas maka fresh nito!
60B10FBLK_large 60T07FBLK_large Eto yung kunwari effortless look pero 3 oras ka nagayos.60B07FBLK_large 60B09FCRM_large If there is one thing I love the most… eto yun! 60J06FSLV_largeBet ko talaga mga suit! WIN!60J04FBLK_large 60T05FGLD_large 60J04FGLD_large 60P01FBLK_large May mga pagown din!60D26FEBL_large Bawal ang busog dito! hahaa!60D13FPEW_large I LOVE THIS.60D03FSLV_large ETO PA!60D22FSLV_large 60D07FBLK_large Pwede nang pangkasal toh!60D12FCRM_large 60D12FBLK_large ETO WIN! Feather na off shoulder! Lakas maka great gatsby! 60D11FBLK_large May similar dress sya na ganito from her old Topshop collections.60D05FBLK_large 60D05FYLW_large Pasweet lang!60D24FBLK_large 60D17FBLK_largeAYYY! Alam nyo lakas maka babae nito and nakakasexy itey!60D20FWHT_large 60B03FCRM_large

THIS IS IT! LALABAN NA NAMAN ANG LOLA! kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-9-vogue-8april14-pr Mahangin ba sa labas?kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-8-vogue-8april14-pr Stiff neck pose.kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-7-vogue-8april14-pr Sabi ko sa inyo na stiff neck eh…kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-6-vogue-8april14-pr Wala akong masabi. Kayo meron?kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-5-vogue-8april14-pr Pasimple na check ng kilikili.kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-4-vogue-8april14-pr Tambay tambay pag may time.kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-3-vogue-8april14-pr Bakit pag si kate hinangin maganda? Ako mukhang nalulunog?kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-2-vogue-8april14-pr Ahh mukha rin palang nalulunog! choz!kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-1-vogue-8april14-prGOOOOW WATCH THE VIDEO!

Mama Kate at her best!

Much love,


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