LGBT warriors! Thank you Nikon!

So Thank you Nikon, more than being their Ambassador for the 2nd time around, what is more important for me is that they believe in my fight…

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I think form my old posts, hindi na bago ang pinaglalaban ko…

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But thanks to Nikon for helping us move our battle 🙂 check this out!

You know what I stand for… what do you stand for? In the end, tatanda tayo, kukulubot tayo at kahit na mahanap natin ang fountain of youth at baka maging death becomes her ang peg, in short we all have a “times up”… but what will we leave behind? What will be your legacy? Anong sasabihin ng mga chikador sa kanto pag wit ka na? Sino ka? Our soul needs and yearns for purpose… what’s yours? OWN IT!

So answer this…

 “I AM ____ because I AM ____”

I’m interested about your fight, your dreams and who you are. And so is Nikon. Hindi lang pwedeng manalo ng camera…a Nikon Coolpix S4300 to be exact. But i wanna hear you.. so chikahan and lunch tayo.

Here’s how to chika me your story and join the ganap.

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2. Place on the comments area of this blogpost your answer to this question  “I AM ____ because I AM ____” (sa baba lang yun, and don’t worry.. pumasok yan. I just need to approve before you see it :))

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Pinaka pang beauty queen answer wins. choz! Pinaka- mafeel ko wins.


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54 thoughts on “LGBT warriors! Thank you Nikon!”

  1. Margaret S. Chan

    I am a walkaholic even at the age 54 I don’t commute but prefer to walk those that are around 3K because I don’t want to be Lazy because I am a fighter

  2. I AM a woman of faith because I AM a follower of Christ and I trust Him with all that I am; even in the midst of the hardest of all problems, I would be able to overcome it with Him by my side and if I make a point to take part of solving it as well. 🙂

  3. Paulina Briones

    I am a free spirit because I don’t let the society dictate the actions I need to to do. I follow my instincts and I’m not controlled by norms. Whatever makes me feel happy and comfortable, I’ll go for it.

    Hindi ako matangkad so I am always being mocked because of it. Nagsawa ako sa mga ganung bagay so I STAND FOR MYSELF. I told everyone telling me those things that I may not be physically tall, but I can be taller in more ways. So everytime na may naririnig ako na may kinukutya or being bullied, I always quote this lyrics from a Sugababes song and tell them “People are all the same, we are only get judged by what we do. Personality reflects name. And if i’m ugly, then so are you? ” Telling someone ugly doesn’t make you beautiful. There’s more than meets the eye. Boost one’s self-confidence and you can change lives 🙂

    Hindi ako katangkaran na tao so I am always being mocked about it. Nagsawa na ako sa mga ganun so I STAND FOR MYSELF. I tell those people telling me those things that I may not be physically tall, but I can be taller in many more ways. So everytime na may naririnig ako na kinukutya or being bullied, I always quote this lyrics from a Sugababes song and tell them “People are all the same. We are only get judged by what we do. Personality reflects name. And if i’m ugly, then so are you?” Telling someone ugly doesn’t make you beautiful. I gain friends through this. I cheer them up because i’ve been in their position and I know how it feels. Boost someone’s self-confidence and you can change lives.. 🙂

    There are a lot of nurses out there and not enough nursing jobs for everyone. So when I had a chance to do what I really wanted to do (which is to be a nurse), I grabbed it. I have been a volunteer for almost 6 months now and I think I am able to touch some of my patients lives 🙂 Their simple thank yous and smiles mean so much to me. No money could ever replace that feeling of appreciation and satisfaction on my part. Its the good kind of high. 🙂 I wish to share our (my co-volunteers) pictures with you someday!
    Being a volunteer is not just about the experience but its about sharing what you are and what you’ve learned without asking for anything in return 🙂

  7. i am a dreamer because i follow my intuition even how dark or hard the road maybe. i am so hard headed, I don’t listen other people’s negative words. I know my plan. i know where I want to be and what will I become.

  8. I stand for compassion. I am compassionate to others and alleviate them from dungeon of pains and hardship in life. And I believe that compassion will bring immediate and long term happiness to our lives. I am residing near a village and there is this one girl who is about 11 years old, caught my attention. She was living with her Madrasta and her father. She was so thin, (like buto’t balat) with deep seated eyes. She doesn’t look like her age. I can hear stories in the neighborhood that her Madrasta was inflicting pain on her super skinny body, hiding food from her and etcs. And one morning at 11am , she went to our house asking for help, she asked for food ‘coz her Madrasta refrain her for eating the leftovers. I gave her 3 slices of bread, she was trembling whenever she bit every piece of that bread. I even sacrifice my meals over lunch just to gave her a cup of rice, an egg and a tuyo. Whenever we had spare food, I always called her and let her eat. My heart melted when I hear stories like that. I can’t imagine myself in her shoes. I am 37 weeks pregnant now, and what more I can do for my child. I grew up without my parents, I am born out of wedlock. And as I grew up, I wanted a different life for my child. A life that I never had. I never experienced eating in a table with my parents and story tell how your day has been through. I wanted to sacrifice everything for my child, to be able to give him the happiness of having a parents, and a mother whom you can lean on in times of adversity. I can even give up my happiness and my career just to give him quality time and to be able to watch him growing up enjoying every bits of his childhood. I wanted to work home based so that I can always be with him. I’ve been wanting to have a camera to be able to record every moment of pregnancy. Please give me chance to have that so that I can document every stage of motherhood. I want to reminisce every moment I have with our bundle of joys. Thank you! More Powers!

  9. Yliah Nina Bosch

    ”I AM SUPER-NURSE because not only I perform my duty as health care professional to help the humanity but also I do not forget to have fun and do the things that makes me happy and by saying that I meant my job should not stop me from doing what I love such as my passion for blogging and being an aspiring fashionista as well! I’m helping other people, inspiring them and having fun at the same time! <3

    Name: Yliah Nina Bosch
    Twitter: @boschnina
    Tweet link:

    Salamat Mother D sa pagiging inspirasyon! Haveyyyy!!

  10. Girl i dont know know pero talagang nalito ako sa blog mo! kumbaga sa village ang daming kanto haha. this is my first logged in as a new member!!!! GO!


    Being gay plays a VITAL role in my life.. growing w/ the respectable family i became aware that this would become a big issue. from that moment gender equality became my goal.I’M PROUD to be a gay for whatever trials and triumphs it will serves me, its who I AM for no other reason. BECAUSE i AM TRUE to myself and to others, to seek respect and to attain harmony in life AND CONFIDENT OF WHAT I AM for i accept my flaws and fierceness ..

    lets us BE HAPPY AND PROUD for WHO WE ARE.. that’s what life suppose to be!..

  12. I am a visionary because visions help to strengthen me by constantly dreaming about who I want to be. I am keeping on dreaming and I am using that as an inspiration to achieve my purpose in life. I am focused and committed to bring those dreams and visions into reality.

  13. i am ALIVE because i am BLESSED..

    I BELIEVED AND SURVIVED every obstacles in life.. I’ve been underestimated bullied ignored and rejected.. still i believe in the essence of dreaming hoping and someday proved them wrong..about their wrong perceptions.. Love yourself first more than anything world can offer..
    I’m a survivor of a negative go gaga kind of girl.. because people around me treat me like an insensitive human being throwing some knife-liked words such as bastard woe no mother no future ugly etc i cried alone in my bed kept on questioning God why.. i almost wanted to break away then suddenly i thought san ako pupunta? kung sakali ba lumayas ako my maghahanap saken? my mag aalala saken? i stay strong and face everything…
    life has more than to offer we must treat each and everyone as special… loved and respect their rights.. civilian rights.. Lets unite and look at the brighter side..
    spread love :*

  14. Wiz Pedragosa Artificio

    I am a person who admires everything about my past, cause if not for these I will not be who I am today. Whenever I look on my shoulder it tells how far God has brought me. Far, far better on my old self. Way better than anybody I know. Those past failures crushed me, but, I stayed, I waited for the perfect time when God had put me back again pieces by pieces into another sculpture of strength, courage, and hope. I enjoy the moment of liberty where in the place where I stand people admired me and accepted me again . Knowing that I was never alone in my battle cause God was always there with me, fought for me and comforted me in every teary moments. These experience made me appreciate and loved my screwed up me more. Someone quoted it’s not about winning,it’s about how you finish the race. It’s not about the destination rather it’s about your journey. I am a relentless fighter and I am an OVER COMER.

  15. I am TRUE because I’m myself. I’m a lot of things and I’m not ashamed that I like a lot of stuff just to fit in the society. I am a wildcat because I love adventure. I like travelling, doing a lot of weird things that most girls wouldn’t get into and I’m not ashamed that I’m like this. This is me and I know my real friends will accept me.

  16. Lizette Joy Cajucom

    I am an accounting student of life because I believe that life is learning journey and we should be held responsible and accountable for our every action. There are times when I can’t balance what is right or wrong, when it took me long to discover my mistakes and failed to correct them, what is important is that they’re an addition to my assets of experiences and learning to treasure. I also believe that one of greatest acts of living and learning is being a role model. Role model in a sense that we should share the goodness that we had and know to other people and inspire them. Go Accountable Student of Life! Keri yan. ^-^


  18. I am a SURVIVOR because I am able to overcome the fears
    I’m struggling for 17 years. I’m Bisexual, I am gay, and for 17 years of my
    life I’ve kept it, no confirmation was uttered by my mouth.

    I was bullied by my playmates when I was still a child, that’s
    why I decided to always stay at home and study, I was teased by my relatives,
    telling me I’m gay in their indirect ways, that’s why I was never too close to
    them, people talked negative things about me and spread rumors when I was still
    in high school and that’s where my confidence was gone, and I know my parents
    know what my preference is from the very start, but they are still trying to
    straighten up what is crooked to the extent that they told me not to join my
    friends anymore.

    When I entered college that’s time when my eyes were opened. And
    after 17 years of keeping it, I let it out and tell it to my friends. What a nostalgic
    feeling. One year had passed, and here I am. Not closeted anymore, though there
    are still people I need to win, my family. I’m not asking for their approval because
    I know they will never approve on the track I have, but I’m praying for their acceptance
    at the right time. Being gay or lesbian
    is something that we didn’t choose, no one wants to be discriminated like what
    the society is giving us, and no one wants to be disrespected and ridiculed at all,
    just like what other people is treating us. Well, being closeted is a

    I am a DREAMER because
    I am a part of the LGBT community who hopes to be treated equally.

    I am an OPTIMIST
    because I am praying that the society will accept us whole-heartedly and will give
    us positive views years from now.

    the closeted to come out, don’t be afraid because I was in your position
    before, and you will be totally free when you stepped out of the box.

    I am a SURVIVOR
    because I am not a puppet of the society who tells us that homosexuality is “from
    the devil”. Homosexuality is not a sin. I still believe that God created LGBT
    Community for a purpose, and His purpose is not for us to be ridiculed neither
    discriminated nor disrespected. God loves us.

  19. I am a proud nursing student because I want to help others and inspire them to live their life to the fullest, I am also a wonderwoman because I try to be independent by working on myself , a dedicated nurse, try to be a good daughter, a good student and a good citizen of the Philippines. I want to become a fashion designer someday and a blogger maybe Hope I win D

  20. I am HAPPY because I am FREE. Free to do what is right and what is good. Free to be who I am and not hurting others to succeed. Free without doubts and without insecurities, and that what makes me who i am. I am Happy coz I can be and I am FREE. 😀

  21. I am proud because i am a good son to my parents <3. Simple but means a lot 🙂
    striving hard to fulfill my dreams. working hard for my family and my future family. not giving headaches to my parents. focusing on my study helps me graduate on time and work on time. The only sad part is that i have no time for love life. </3 but i have no regrets. i know it will come on the right time. I stand for all the good son's/daughter's out there, i hope we can be a role model for all the youths out there. because almost all of our outputs in life will be based on our youth days. and one day we will be the parents our children's. MakeYourParentsProud!

  22. I am content because I am a dreamer.

    Ironic? No. I am a dreamer that’s why I am satisfied with what I have. With what I have doesn’t mean settling for what I already have. With what I have means grabbing every opportunity I can, making my impossible dreams happen, and of course, dreaming because it’s the only way, I know, I can reach all my goals and things that I have passion for. If my goals and dreams were countries, the earth – even the whole solar system – wouldn’t suffice for it. The dreams I have are not just for my family’s sake, but also for everyone. My goal is to be a responsible and good doctor. I want to be known as that doctor from the Philippines who can save and cure people’s lives. I want to bring honor not only to my family, but also to my country. I want to use my passion for the benefit of the good. I dream of someday making a mark not only in the science field, but also in fashion (and food). I want to be the first Filipina who can bring pride and glory to the Philippines for inventing something fashionable, edible and can cure lives. Haha! I am content because I know, in the long run, my dreams will all come true.

    In this race of finding contentment, I’m probably already in the middle. Why? Because I already started grabbing opportunities and dreaming the impossible. How? By sharing with you my dreams and goals in life. (People say that when you share your goals, it will happen…) By dreaming the impossible… well, by joining this giveaway and hoping to win of course! Haha. So what do you think, Ms. Divine Lee? Will you be the rock who’ll make me stumble in this race by making this impossible dream still impossible? 🙁 Or, will you be my guide (along with this Nikon dream camera of mine… haha ayos ba ang segue-way? Lol FC much) to winning the race? 🙂 I hope you take the latter part because if you do, free na and PF mo sa’kin ‘pag naging famous doctor na ako. Yehey! 😉

    ***I love this giveaway! Thanks for making all those who joined this giveaway open up about themselves and their dreams in life! 🙂

  23. Ms. Divine Lee, pwedeng pahabol? HAHA. Sana you felt my comment… :)) Okay, so FC but yeah… Fingers crossed in winning talaga! 🙂

    More power to your blog and to your love life!
    Big fan right here!

  24. Kristine Kate Berdin

    I AM for Children’s Rights Advocacy because I AM passionate in giving service to the children in the community. And I have been an advocate since 1998.

    I have worked with the children from the streets, the slums, the orphanages, the community daycare centers, the abused children, the child laborers from Mt. Diwata and the Sendong survivors of Cagayan de Oro. I handle Basic Integrated Theater Arts Workshop for free sponsored by our church and upon invitations from the LGU and other institutions.

    I share their dreams, their pain and their joy growing up in different scenarios. I have cried a thousand times with them. Their innocence brings warmth and strength that only children can give.

    My prayers are with them always. I consider my generosity of time spent with them as my humble gift since I don’t have much financially.

    With this encounters with children, I’ve been humbled down the most. I’ve learned a lot from them. It is my dream to share documented activities with these children when I finally get to save up for the right equipment for a charity exhibit soon, in God’s given time. However, I’ve kept the memories alive in my heart, in my prayers and in my stories.

    This is my ministry. My way of giving back to my Maker as I continue to behold His greatness in my life and most especially to the lives of the children I have encountered.

    I am grateful for I am blessed to be a blessing..

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