And the EURO TRIP continues!

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Know that famous blue door? Yup, syempre inavail namin. Its the door from NOTTING HILL, the movie. In case hanapin nyo, it’s at 280 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill.

Here we go! London time!

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Out of all the Euro countries bet ko yung vibe ng London. Well, una coz i find Brit accent so sexy. And at least hindi ako nag google translate. But I like how modern it is. 

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So we stayed around the Notting Hill Area. We got an apartment na one bedroom from AirBnb. I would usually go the touristy route and stay in Oxford, but since pa-local kami ng friendship ko. We stayed in this area. PS. Hindi namin apartment yan. Cute lang. Hahaha!
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Ayan, working si Charm. SHe actually took a short course also in London for this trip. Para naman guilt free ang ganap! photo IMG_4900_zpsswymqgcz.jpg
Ayan, kala nyo ha! Kahit malayo kami super feztime with everybody!
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So this is our area, gusto nyo yun? Kasama parin ako sa photo. Haha! photo IMG_4906_zpsvkv9dslt.jpg
OO, ako parin! haha! You can find a lot of apartments for rent online. Mag canvass kayo! Check if it’s cheaper to get a hotel or apartment. photo IMG_4919_zpsffurrcdx.jpg
In London. mahalia mag taxi everywhere. We take Uber around and the train system. Bongga naman sya kasi easy to use. Our first day grocery ang inatupag namin. Madali naman i-google maps ang ganap everywhere. photo IMG_4909_zpsq7sbvxih.jpg
Ang dami ng airtime ng kotse na toh ha! 

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Yeah, must mention. I love NANDOs CHICKEN. So i dragged Charms for my first London meal. NANDOS! photo IMG-20160126-WA0012_zpsdfjnqv8s.jpg
I like museums. Actually hindi age toh ha, bagets palang ako cultured nako. CHAROT! Hindi nga, I always enjoyed staring at art pieces. Actually, bet ko sila iuwi. So we went to TATE MODERN.
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You willl see a couple of Warhols here.

 photo IMG-20160126-WA0028_zps6exhojpr.jpg photo IMG-20160126-WA0029_zpsuln46dfx.jpg

And madami pang new artists. Tate Modern (Modern nga eh) is more for your modern art.
 photo IMG_4840_zpslt126cx6.jpg
Puro mukha ko talaga noh? Hahaha! ART KASI AKO!
 photo IMG_4847_zpssmw3eaml.jpg
Check out the message…. photo IMG-20160126-WA0019_zpsrh4dlluk.jpg photo IMG-20160126-WA0020_zpsxzfibk5n.jpg photo IMG-20160126-WA0022_zpsbvaav8xq.jpg photo IMG-20160126-WA0027_zpsnyhif0l2.jpg photo IMG-20160126-WA0013_zpsber992yb.jpg photo IMG-20160126-WA0017_zpsqwnu5pow.jpg
 photo IMG_4849_zpsqc0deux1.jpg
We spent about half a day being cultured. Charot!

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Syempre hindi pwedeng wala tohh…. photo IMG-20160126-WA0015_zpsnad2lfwq.jpg
Nest stop is…
 photo IMG_4859_zpssox6exfx.jpg

Bongga mga street art, avail mag pa photo. It’s also happening at night but hindi ko na na avail. Charm was able to go few nights before I arrived.

 photo IMG_4864_zpsiidnexx5.jpg
That night we were invited by some friends to a private club! photo 6_zpsuxywznu9.jpg
 photo IMG_4871_zpsivdrwgls.jpg
Cute concept kasi para syang circus. At may performers talaga. This part is so cute! May ball swim!
 photo IMG_4883_zpspbpmty0d.jpg
 photo IMG_4884_zpsbqhffvln.jpg
 photo IMG_4897_zpsj7mjx9r1.jpg
Next day, we went around the area….
 photo IMG_4922_zpsezq9qiwz.jpg

At lumafang ng bongga! Ang liliit na babae pero parang bouncer kumain!
 photo IMG_4923_zps0lnku9nv.jpg

 photo IMG_4925_zps37elvigc.jpg

We tried the branch in Marylebone. Bongga sya. I like the area also pwede mag lakad lakad hanap ng forever.
 photo IMG_4926_zpsnsg8erxp.jpg

Day two is more walking more fun again!

 photo IMG_4940_zps6b5rzvbf.jpg
 photo IMG_4941_zpsr4fpcmcc.jpg

We went to Oxford Circus. Dun yung mga shopping ganap. photo IMG_4949_zpsrtl3wa6r.jpg

Very tourista yung unang pinuntahan Flagship ng Topshop! I love that they have vintage styles  in the basement.
 photo IMG_4962_zpslscudvkm.jpg

Ano balik love life ko na naman? Sawa na ba kayo? Anyhow, blog ko toh. hahaha! So Blake and I were always texting naman. He was heading to Europe also but mga few weeks after me pa. When I got there, he texted if bongga ba if he came earlier (syempre hindi nya sinabi yung word na bongga hahahah). I just answered “Yey”. Ang kamandag ng yey. After 2 days he got in. Here he was visiting our apartment. Kapal, naki breakfast pa. Eh grocery namin good for two lang. Naluto ko tuloy yung second day bacon namin. Hahaha!
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Charm wanted to get a tattoo. But sa bagal namin kumilos, sarado na yung tattoo place in Nottinghill.
 photo IMG_4967_zpspw9zjmcb.jpg

So ikot na naman kami…
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That night I had a date… hahaha! Hindi with Blake but with Sofia Love, my love!
 photo IMG_4976_zpsovd8cpor.jpg
 photo IMG_4979_zpsqsfqciaf.jpg

Rampa para sa ekonomiya!
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Blake studied in Oxford for uni, so he’s familiar with London. That’s why we met nga in college coz I was really planning to go to London. We were taking our prep subjects. He went ahead and I stayed in Manila. Bigla kasi naging busy sa work. So I had to choose. But funny how, we’re both back in London and I’m back to school. Medyo, driven nga kasi ako. Kahit years that I delayed. I still pursued my London education. This time Master’s naman. photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsxsdf9b7l.jpg

Then, dahil ka join ko si Charm. Eh parang alipin ng musicfest yan. MORE GANAP! hahaha!
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Went to Love Box….
 photo IMG_5004_zpszapdccof.jpg
Main purpose talaga namin is to see Snoop Dogg. #HipHopForLIfe
 photo IMG_5020_zpsf3t7etqt.jpg
 photo IMG_5030_zpsmwyzhm6r.jpg

Lakas maka nips… RAINBOW!
 photo IMG_5035_zpsonunpqnk.jpg
 photo IMG_5040_zpsee3npwsi.jpg

Ayan na syaaa! Promise sya yan. hahahaha! Susko, dapat super zoom dala ko. Para naman tayo naglolokohan dito! ahaha!
 photo IMG_5048_zpsnbedv33v.jpg
 photo IMG_5049_zpsq4tznxfu.jpg
 photo IMG_5062_zpsqpe5ogi0.jpg

Last day with Charmy 🙁 I love travelling with this girl. Saan saan na kami umabot nito. Coachella, Europe, Hong Kong, Boracay, etc…. photo IMG_5099_zpsgmevyozp.jpg

 photo 20160203002843_zpssonoheww.jpg
 photo 20160203002829_zpsliyx7bt1.jpg

 photo IMG_5101_zpsjygouk74.jpgMy last day, Charms left already so I stayed in a hotel near Portobello Road. Mas mura kasi than staying in an apartment.
 photo IMG_5074_zps8h6mpowj.jpg
 photo IMG_5077_zpsxygk369t.jpg

At dahil pasaway ako sa excess baggage. Ayan, in case you need to send boxes home…
 photo IMG_5094_zpsk0rzvlne.jpg

The last day was also the day I was leaving for my MBA. Durham is top 50 sa school ranking pero ang hindi nakaka top sa kanya ang layo sa city. I need to take a 3 hours train ride for it.
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That’s Rach beside me. Schoolmate namin ni Blake in college. And here are Blake’s cebu-london classmates and barkada. Ang weird how everyone is kinda connected. You see the girl beside Blake? Bestie nya since 8 years old, jowa nya beside her who went naman to the same school ko ng Brent. Then Mickey also, the girl seated with her hubby na afam. She went to Brent too. My bestie, Wyanet’s, sister Fayinna, kabarkada nya in Brent. SMALL WORLD.
 photo IMG_5098_zpsotpn4ikd.jpgRach went to London with Blake. But in Manila, nakakatawa how we got close. Sa HOSPITAL! hahaha! A common friend (TBRAM) got into an accident and kaming dalawa yung lifelines. hahaha!
 photo IMG_5100_zpsjudm9kpj.jpg

Ano ba toh? travel post lang pero parang buhay ko naman yung na kwento ko. #EVERYTHINGABOUTHER daw. Hahah! Tigil ko na ba? Next blog about my Masters!

Much love,


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