Menswear Spring 2011 (1st set)

I enjoy watching menswear shows. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot in Manila. But i try to catch the few shows that we do have. Last Philippine Fashion week, I really liked the Wharton collection of Rajo. It was so cute and now! I actually got a few shirts for myself! I think that collection was inspired by Rajo’s partner NIXY (who is my interior designer). All the models looked like NIXYBOTS! 🙂

Here’s my initial review for Menswear 2011 spring.



Vic is a fan of Dior Homme but I think he can pull off this Trussardi look. It kinda reminds me of DIOR homme’s cut and sleekness.



I really like the clean lines of this suit. Although I don’t know a lot of people who would go for that all white look. I also like the details of the inner shirt. Simple and understated.



This look reminds me of David Milan. He’s really into those shoulder details for his polos. We have a lot of those in LUCA because he’s our sample size- so he produces the things HE WANTS! haha!

Photos from: NYmag

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