Stylish Styleless of Showbiz Police for MMFF2013

Here we go! First time for Mond and I to do this live sa red carpet! Bet namin! Ang saya!

Although, disclaimer ha… kung styleless kayo. D naman forever yun, pwedeng bumawi the week after. Constructive criticism. I think all artistas lalo na sa red carpet should really pay attention to their outfits. Some outfits make a career like yung green gown ni Jlo!

Here we go!


Til next week!


Much love,


1 thought on “Stylish Styleless of Showbiz Police for MMFF2013”

  1. Uyyy.. wag pikon. 🙂 Pwede naman bumawi mga faves mo. It’s our segment to criticize not the person but the clothes. Although, we will make sure to tell the camera man of your comments. GV lang, constructive criticism 🙂

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