Nikon Style Weekend Photos

OK! I wanted you guys to see it before i post! hehhee!


You already saw the bts of this so here’s the final product!

I super like yung feel na sherlock holmes for this photo!

The location was super cute too!

My nikon cam helps me with my makukulit friends na mahilig mag”check” ng photos! haha! With this cam, i can PROJECT the photos on the wall. Group checking na!

I was with Camille for this Nikon series!

Here’s another nikon cam! I like the big screen! Ang cute ng photo, i’m sure gawain nyo rin toh!

Here’s an article about us and our love affair with NIKON.



Every day is an adventure and those who know how to enjoy life, are those who experience their lives to the fullest.


For Camille Co and Divine Lee, living their free-spirited lifestyle makes them to lead the life they choose and try out different things. Armed with their unique personality, positive attitude, and imagination, these two are not afraid to stand out.


Camille is a fashion force to reckon with. Aside from modelling, Camille also dabbles into fashion blogging, and has successfully managed clothing store Co-Exist with her sister. Camille’s day is never the same so she makes sure to bring camera with her wherever she goes. “I take photos mainly for my blog so more outfit shots, objects related to fashion, events, travel, and food!” she tells.


Ms. Congeniality Divine likes to document her daily musings in her blog and Twitter. Divine’s social outlets are smorgasbord of everything she fancies; a reflection of who she is as a person, a well-travelled and social individual who likes to relive unforgettable moments in photos. “I usually take travel and event photos,” Divine says.


For Camille and Divine, it is important to have a camera which does not only capture photos well, but also shows their fun and free-spirited personality, just like Nikon Coolpix cameras. With its NIKKOR lenses, Blur-Reduction functions: Vibration Reduction, Motion Detection, and High ISO, users are sure to capture every move in sharp, clear shots. “High ISO is good for low lights which can be used in events,” says Divine who likes to take pictures of her and her friends when they go out. Camille adds, “A camera has to be sharp, user-friendly, and able to take quality photos.” Nikon Coolpix also has Easy Auto Mode, a scene auto selector that lets the camera judgethe subject and surrounding conditions and automatically applies the most appropriate scene mode. It also features as Smart Portrait System including Red-eye Fix, Face-Priority AF, Smile Timer, and Skin Softening for finer portraits.


Nikon Coolpix comes in various models, sure to have one that suits every personality. Divine, who owns a Nikon Coolpix s1000pj Projector camera shares, “We use the projector to review the photos. No need to pass around the camera and it becomes a fun bonding session with friends.”


Bring the fun, spirited vibe with you everywhere you go. Like Camille and Divine, you too can take life’s special moments with your own Nikon Coolpix Camera.

So kung choosy din ang friends nyo, best to get a nikon coolpix s1000pj cam. GROUP CHECKING!

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