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Im back.. ayan back talaga ang photo!


Tapos na ang labada ko guys! I will be actively blogging again!

Kasi naman nag paka DARNA ako, I just finished my MBA (sa wakas, dios mio). And I am ready for my PHD! Char!

Well, a lot of ganaps has gone and don’t worry I will catch up with all. Kamusta naman kayo? Ber months na, may love life na ba kayo? Choz!

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So what’s new with this blog. Well, i want to create a relationship with you guys so I included a mailing list. Para naman makachika tayo. Ang one way kasi ng blog, puro airtime ko. That way I can also communicate with you guys. You can still use the comment area though pero kung super duper secret (d ba?) we can coordinate through there so make sure to sign up. I will also be posting meet-ups and giveaways there coz I’m techy like dat. Charez!

A lot has changed in my life (NAKS! ETO NA YUN! BLOG KO NAMAN TOH NOH!) but eto ako fresh parin. Hahah! Don’t worry same tone parin maririnig nyo. Pasensya na walang volume dito. Tiisin nyo nalang ako very consensya ni Lumen.

I also added e-commerce. Na realize ko kasi meron talaga akong mga sapatos na 8 ang size at pinilit ko kahit 10 ang paa ko. Haha! Will also be actively working on that page for my collaborations.

Of course since paiksi ng paiksi ang attention span nyo, will be doing more videos too. HOY! WAG KAYONG EXPECTORANT HA! It wont be polished kasi INDI style ako. choz! Wala, d kasi ako talented mag edit. Raw tayo. Parang beauty ko #WOKEUPLIKETHIS (kahit 30 minutes akong nag fufunda para sa “natural look”). I’m planning to make our Q&A video form. Game? You can send me your questions in the comment box. Will try to answer as much sabi ala Charo Santos.

Balik ba natin ang FIERCE FOLLOWERS? Miss ko na eh! Update me on the comments page. Let’s widen it too. Stories of success at nabigong pag ibig or sabayan na natin yung #BECAREFULWHOYOUBULLY

I missed you guys and I have so much to share!


Much LOVE,


274 thoughts on “AND I AM BACK!”

  1. Congrats on your the reboot of your wonderful blog and getting your MBA done! You are fabulous and amazing all at the same time! I’m a super fan girl of yours! I’m definitely looking forward to more posts and videos! I was just thinking recently of how I wish you’d upload on youtube again! Teehee 😀

    For the Q&A video: For the times your feel uninspired or trapped in a slump, what do you do to get yourself up and going again? How do you keep slaying like you do???

    Welcome back again!

    Thank you and much love,

    Bee <3

  2. Welcome back mother! I’m so glad you’re blog is up and running na naman, this is like my tambayan before I go to sleep kaya when u were not updating I was puyat! haha chos
    We were on the same flight from cdo-manila, you were with tim yap and allison harvard, but i guess you were so tired kasi you’re borlogs na agad eh.
    but, anyways I’m glad you’re back! xoxo

  3. Kathleen Joyce M. Llanto

    Hi. Miss Divine, Welcome back and congrats sa MBA. Such a fan here. Lurve ur Blog.. Saw u october last year sa Cebu airport ur w/ bf. Grabe nastarstruck ako. Ur eating a lollipop that time pabalik na atah kayo sa Manila.Mgpapapicture sana ako kaya lang nahiya ako kasi hagardo versoza na yung feeling and fez ko that time.hahaha.. Wow,essay naxa..Lol. Nice to be able to read ur blog again and Congrats..???

  4. Finally, I’ve waited for your update, it’s been awhile. As always, I love reading your blog entries, it’s always funny & bakla!!! 🙂
    Anyway, sending heaps of good vibes & Congratulations to finally nailing your MBA. I hope one day you get to visit my 2nd home, New Zealand, I’d love to show you around. Cheers!

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