Sinulog 2016! - Divine Lee

Believe it or not, this is my first Sinulog! Read for more ganap! Since jumowa ako ng Cebuano, it’s just right that I experience SInulog.. ang corny ko naman kung hindi! Aside from me, we have a lot of people who came from Manila to do the same! Ayan, mga friendshipeys ko from Manila! SInulog falls on the 3rd sunday of every January. But the party starts on Friday! For me and Blake ,dahil bet nya maging department of tourism, the week before is already hectic since we have to entertain everybody coming in. Let’s start with the main day. SUNDAY yun. Eto yung maraming street ganap and all. Blake had 2 events for Sinulog and he’s been doing it for a couple of years. The main ganap is on Mango Avenue for Sunday. Party starts during the parade ganap. Mga Lunch time yun. Rewind tayo ng konti, I saw Blake again (from college days yung last or mga classmates ganap but hindi ko sya kinakausap kasi may jowa akey nun) in a Laborday event with, sabi ko nga sa ibang post ko sa inyo, Ronald. Yup, the guy in the photo below. They had events in Bora that time, yup, yung mga party party sunset sunset. Hahah! Ronald invited me to go, actually sa Manila palang plano na namin one big group kami. Then when I got to the event, ang galing ni Ronald! LATE! So it was Blake who I saw there. Ayun, nung nasilayan nya ang ganda at alindog ko…Hindi na sya nakatulog. Choz! hahahha! Ok back to Sinulog muna so again, they had events. Hobby nila yan, or excuse to party. Hahah! SInce I said the main ganap is in Mango Ave, their party was in a bar there called ALCOLOGY. Tip: Para maganda ang paint nyo at hindi mukhang kinalaban nyo si Undin. Paint before you leave. Or else they will paint your face sa streets! Don’t bring anything! I had a small bag but placed in front. Magulo kasi so better to keep minimum requirements nga ba. I had my phone, some cash, oil blotter (oo requirement yun) and small pabango (pwede ko kasi syang pang aura or self defense. choz). For the sunday event, they brought in mga friendships din! Tom Taus and Ace played! Even Blake’s brother Cris Go played! Dapat nag pantalon ako. May casualties of war na naman yung legs ko! Hindi ko talaga maalala saan ako nadapa! Manila and Cebu connection! So since na chika ko sa inyo that Friday to Sunday ang ganap. Blake’s first and biggest event falls on a Friday. It’s called Life Dance. Actually parang he did it as his brother’s project. Its started with a beach party called PARADISO then eventually it became bigger and bigger so they moved to a bigger place. Then now, it’s actually still the biggest outdoor party/musicfest in attendance in the Philippines! And bongga that they broke their record again this year! Congrats Gahum, Ronald, Blake, Cris and to the whole team! And of course, basta ganap, may twin bros will always be there. Nauuna pa sakin! Some photos from the LIFEDANCE page! Hindi naman puno noh? hahaha! This year they had 4 international DJs with DJ Snake headlining.. TURN DOWNNN FOR WHUUUTTTTTTT! Happy Fiesta! At least totoong fiesta na! If you plan to go next year, make sure to get tickets for events early coz sa dami ng tao nagkakaubusan. Also book your hotels and plane tickets early. Because if not, yamashita gold na ang presyo close to the dates. Thank God, nag alay ata si Tita ng itlog. No rain for that day! Present na naman si Asiong! Masaya sya promise! And ang daming ganap bawat kanto. Mostly kasi sa Friday, sanay na ang tao Life Dance pag Friday then saturday super dami na. You can even bar hop from one event to another. DJ SNAKE was good. The party starts in the late afternoon all the way to wee morning. SO dapat handa ang liveraid, Berocca at pito pito nyo for this weekend because ubusan ng lakas talaga.

Oh d ba? Performer! Basta international DJ sila. D ko knows mga fez nila. Kayo ba alam nyo lahat fez ng DJ? Alam ko lang mga tugs tugs tugs nila! hahaha!

So before I end this post, I didn’t get to take photos the whole week. Ang flop ko talaga noh? But here are some tips I can offer.
  • Book early for your Sinulog Ganap
  • If bet nyo pa mag explore ng Cebu try to stay longer or come earlier because the weekend is already packed for sure
  • If gusto nyo may banyo breaks kayo, book somewhere near Mango Avenue.
  • Ready your gear! Outfits and face paints nyo! Para prepared!
  • Try to explore Cebu, its more than Sinulog (may love life daw. choz! Ano ba toh, para akong DOT ng Cebu)
  • Dala kayo pang beach! Mactan is about 20 minutes form the city. So avail nyo!


WIll be posting Cebu places to visit soon! Much love,