The magic of makeup!

After Japan, naaliw ako magsearch ng japanese makeups and chuchu…

But eto na ang new obsession ko! In fair, ang galing nila ha!

People may laugh at this, but i find it really inspiring.. gurl, inachieve nila! Ano ngayon if 1 oras sila, it’s still their face and they were able to enhance and make the best out of it!

Saludo ako sa talent!

The lashes, contacts and liner did the trick!

She reshaped her eyes using the liner!

Ang tisay lang ng gray ha! Bongga!

Watch here!

I don’t agree na parang ginawa nilang comedy show. Dapat nga parang empowerment chuva. But for you guys to see the process.. here it is! Fast forward to 3:30 to see 🙂

Here are some more photos!

Defined brows! Important talaga yun!

Perfect foundation!

BET! Madam na madam!

Eyebags covered!

Maganda na naman si ining, but bongga talaga sila sa eye definition!

Brows and funda ulit!

Brows and eyelashes!

Brows, lashes, shadow!

Lower liner!

Cute na naman talaga sya, masbagay lang short hair.

Funda and liner!

Lashes and liner!



Lahat sila naka full mukup, but what i indicated – what i thought really changed their looks. Kakainspire aminin nyo? 🙂 Magmakeup tutorial nga ako ng doll eyes soon! Practice ko muna coz d ko sya knows masyado!

Thanks to my twitter friend Engshin.. who explained that this is called Gyaru makeup!

So dahil alam kong bet nyo magexperiment… I copied some instructionals for you guys!

Nilalampas talaga nila ang lashes…

They really change their eye “tungkil”

Watch your liner! Duna ata ang magic!

Black and grays, then no smokey ang shadow…

Much love,


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