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People always wonder, paano mo ba nagagawa magdala ng sangkatutak na outfit for your trips? The major question is always how do you pack?

Let me tell you my packing tips!

Most airlines, lalo na budget airlines have very strict baggage allowance. 20kilos are usually generous kadalasan you have to buy extra weight pa. And also, your handcarry is also standard at 7 kilos.

  1. Pack light (PWEDE BA YUN?)

I have travels that last for more than a month, like my last Europe trip. So medyo haggard na pagkasyahin talaga yun. But I think the best thing to do is to make your daily lookbook. OO, effort, but hindi naman kailangan mag OOTD for all. Sort your outfits per day. Pants or lower pieces can be used more than once and paired with different tops.

That’s a sample. I try on my clothes then I print them out. Pero ako yun ha kasi super OC ako. hahaha! From there you can see how everything matches and even if you repeat performance your clothes hindi halata with the right accessories and matching.

2. Weigh it til you make it!

Weigh your clothes after packing. Baka na buo nyo nga pero hindi naman kasya then you know sa bahay palang na delikado ka. Make sure you have an extra kilo or so in case may dagdag bawas sila sa kilohan sa airport. Haha!

Hello London! Hahha! Haggard! Haha! #AroundtheGLOBE #PakPakSaLondon

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Eto yung mga wag tularan! Haha! Tignan nyo naman paano ako hirap na hirap!

3. Be prepared for the 4 seasons!

Minsan kasi talagang paiba iba ang season. Check weather forecast but most of all, magdala nalang kayo ng reliable jacket or something that you can layer. Buti ng sure than mamatay sa ginaw! We are from the tropics so sanay tayo sa room temperature. Hahhaa!

The story of the self timer feature. Haha! Hello Japan! Must.resist.the.urge.to.buy.a.selfie.stick. Weather kinda cold but our #hmphilippines gear keeping us all cuddled and warm! #golee

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Ayan, my coat was actually in my hand carry and an additional sweater. From Manila kasi mainit sa departure then biglang haggard sa lamig sa arrival in Tokyo.

4. Start light! Invest in a luggage!

I’m a big fan of Samsonite. I swear by it. Ang hirap kasi kung mag pack ka, eh maleta mo palang 10 kilos na. PAAAANNNOOOO!

By far with all my travels, Samsonite is my fave go to brand. IT IS THE LIGHTEST AND MOST DURABLE. I have some brands na medyo naging sakit sa ulo for me.

I have one medium size (useless kasi for me to get the large if the airlines restrict you to 20kilos, aalog alog din yung laman ng bag). And I also have a handcarry.

The best part about Samsonite is its starts of very light. I haven’t seen any bag lighter and more durable than a Samsonite. The medium is only 6 pounds! So start light to meet your weight limit! Plus points na four wheels sya, you never really have to carry your luggage. ROLL NYO LANG. Very roro! Hahaha!

5. Handcarry is the key to forever! Choz!

Sabi nila pack your valuables into your handcarry daw. So nilagay ko lahat ng sapatos ko dun. Choz! Aside from your electronics and yayamanin na gamit. Be sure to always pack the basics. Kung baka sa survivor, meron kayong to start a camp. Charez! My important list are…

A change of clothes, travel size toiletries (oo, hoard ko parati yung libre sa hotel ginagamit ko for travelling. Turo ng nanay ko na kasama daw sa binayaran yun. Pwede mag request to death), chargers, xerox of your travel documents and IDS, if you have credit cards separate some in your bag and some in your handbag. Buti nang sure maraming horro stories ng nadukutan ng bag, I also put emergency cash in my handcarry. Yung may pang kain ka lang or pang taxi. Haha!

Check out Samsonite page here:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Samsonite.Philippines/  &  https://www.facebook.com/SamsoniteRedPh/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/samsoniteredph/?hl=en

So next on my travel tips is the actual way of packing!

Check also my old post on basics of what to pack.

How do I pack for trips?

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