This is the second or 3rd year ba yun of Unleashed! Technically, entrance is free so bongga and the event is a battle of your fave DJs!

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Read for more ganap that night!
Thanks Ranvel for inviting us! Came with V and our 2 architect friends Arnold and Sonny! They designed the super nice building called Ronac Center!
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DJ Mars vs. DJ Ace as main event!
 photo P1150686_zps7b5f9966.jpg
Nix Damn P vs. The Zombettes!
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Bongga na parang boxing ring ang ganap!
 photo P1150689_zps788b0738.jpg

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19,000 came to the event!
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Sweethearts Janna and Brent!
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 photo P1150710_zps91693525.jpg
Dandan was there too!
 photo P1150711_zps43b82c22.jpg
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Bongga yung VIP area, kasi medyo maluwag. May area for my dance steps. choz!
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 photo P1150721_zpsc47be30e.jpg

Daming utashi! Kahit umuulan kering keri!
 photo P1150725_zpsa71833c6.jpg
 photo P1150730_zps45f47e85.jpg

Tin, our resident manghaharrass! hahaha! Suzy 899!
 photo P1150736_zps19a89e6c.jpg
We went on stage, ayun ako sa gilid. Haha! Ang daming utash!
 photo P1150749_zps71224d47.jpg
 photo P1150750_zps68a47b87.jpg
 photo P1150754_zps1f7aa836.jpg
 photo P1150756_zps7d4b529c.jpg
In fairness, dapat nag sneaks ako. Naka boots and heels ba naman ako. Lakas maka hindi prepared!
 photo P1150758_zpsd00bdf9e.jpg
SM youth was part of the event!
 photo P1150759_zps17de0859.jpg
Naks naman Ramon!
 photo P1150760_zps6bcad9f2.jpg
Parang may masamang balak oh…

 photo P1150764_zps774d9cc5.jpg
 photo P1150774_zpsbba3856b.jpg

 photo P1150796_zps81aca34d.jpg

We were taskeed by Ranfu to harrass people that night. Charot. haha!
 photo P1150797_zpsab86bdda.jpg

 photo P1150801_zps7f524f2e.jpg
 photo P1150802_zps0c6cb6dc.jpg

CONGRATS! hahah!
 photo P1150803_zps4a5f9702.jpg
Nagblowdry pa ako! mauulanan lang pala!
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 photo P1150806_zps0f17f817.jpg
 photo P1150807_zpsc08aa3f5.jpg
 photo P1150812_zpsc3532c92.jpg
Si Ate Girl, enjoy oh!
 photo P1150814_zpsd01f5d2a.jpg
I love the war paint! Parang gera talaga!
 photo P1150819_zps10892cd7.jpg
Yes, pag kasama mo ako. Dapat may lafung. Kami lang ata yung kumakain that night. Haha! Lakas maka wrong party!
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 photo P1150836_zps1238b972.jpg
 photo P1150846_zpsd75d5aa7.jpg
 photo P1150856_zpscb168f9c.jpg
 photo P1150857_zps53dca8d8.jpg
Happy new year!
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Congrats guys! Next year ulit!

Much love,


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