UNTITLD: House of Laurel’s Transition Collection 2013

I love this collection! Bongga mo talaga Raj!

UNTITLD, House of Laurel’s Transition Collection 2013 pays homage to Rudy Gernreich, an Australian-American designer who had an eccentric and influential career in the fashion industry. The urban and street sentiments of NYC helped bring out an androgynous feel in every piece; mixed with graphic themes and a play on jewel toned colors, a signature touch in all House of Laurel collections.

9 by Rajo

 photo 17_zpsd6a06a58.jpg

Bongga yang slouchy material, nakakapayat!

 photo 21_zps6ae4cd8b.jpg photo 23_zps4808c8d7.jpgI like how this is like a mixture of his past collections!!

 photo 30_zpsbfcfb9aa.jpg


 photo 01_zps1c9ec62f.jpg

Raj! I want this! Bday gift! haha!
 photo 03_zps34b4927d.jpg

I like suits and shorts combo. Fresh!
 photo 04_zps4f5c740f.jpg

ETo din! xmas gift! haha!
 photo 05_zpsac907220.jpg
 photo 06_zps1a52e83b.jpg
 photo 07_zps4ddffb1c.jpg

The beige is love!
 photo 10_zps0250ad16.jpg
 photo 11_zpsd56238aa.jpgThe slit na hindi slit! Perfect! Yung very pa sight sight lang!
 photo 13_zps70e90118.jpg
 photo 14_zps827943fb.jpg
I want this!

 photo 25_zpse32e616c.jpg

Ok, bongga the dress construction!

 photo 32_zpsd99af381.jpg

 photo 34_zps4f0f8e1e.jpg

Perfect for the beach! Haha!
 photo 40_zps818eaebb.jpg



Very Nixy in Japan!
 photo 04_zps97e301ca.jpg
 photo 06_zps43c8a3c9.jpg
I can imagine V wearing this!
 photo 14_zpsff759784.jpg

Men’s skirt! yebah!
 photo 19_zps697f111d.jpgLove the blazer! Klazz!
 photo 22_zps23147fea.jpg


Much love,




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