Vero Moda 2 day event!

I spent 2 days at Vero Moda… oh wag sarcastic..hindi ako natulog dun! Hahaha! The first day was for my instagram contest na bongga naman yung winner ko na si Inez.
Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.11.55 PMSo technically, we had a shopping spree in Vero Moda. Yung pinacontest ko if just to answer why you deserve the shopping spree. At bongga ang story nya, bigo sa pagibig! So buti nang mapasaya natin! Chikahan pa kami ng bongga!
 photo VM_0005_zps3ed7c32d.jpg
The 2nd day was the formal launch of the store. I love the collection na daming beses ko na sinuot for my show!
Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.16.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.16.53 PM
And they also offered paGV na 25% off! Tarush!
 photo VM_0010_zps1212d2a0.jpg

The collection is so nice and wearable!
 photo VM_0020_zpsb2807a40.jpg

They are pretty known for their scarves too! Kung mala Anna Wintour ang drama nyo sa scarves, attack!
 photo VM_0025_zps78c000f2.jpg

Ako, i personally love the jeans. Nakakalaki ng talikuran. Haha!
 photo VM_0043_zps0695188a.jpg

It’s really perfect if you go to the office pero ayaw nyo ng corporate look na lahat nalang ganun itsura!
 photo VM_0056_zps9482dabf.jpg

They also showed us the latest collection sa pa-fashion show! Tarush!
 photo VM_0088_zpsf8eb160c.jpg

Kim chiu with BEN!
 photo VM_0091_zpsd5f6e894.jpg
Editors unite!
 photo VM_0290_zpsda81265f.jpg
Bench x SM x Florabels
 photo VM_0295_zpscf0eb4e9.jpg
I love Bea. She’s really nice and bubbly. Nakakatuwa ang chikahan kasi lahat ng chikahan namin ni Karylle puro pangpakikay!
 photo VM_0310_zpsdfb5bf86.jpg
In Vero Moda!
 photo VM_0321_zpsd8daf874.jpg
I super love the loose pants trend. I have a knee problem so tight jeans na matigas, tiis ganda for me.
 photo VM_0323_zps6dd39208.jpg
Walang awat magcrop noh? Ano ba?!?! Pagkatapos kong paghirapan yan noh!
 photo VM_0325_zpsc713eb14.jpg
My Alv Family!
 photo VM_0332_zps6fa8d80f.jpg
With one of my besties, Karylle na happily engaged!
 photo VM_0379_zps77481828.jpg
I’m so excited for this girl!
 photo VM_0380_zps5d24b308.jpg
Allison is the cutest. Sabi nya sakin, can you stay with me? Sabi ko why? Sabi nya I’ve been looking for softdrinks and I know you’re addicted to softdrinks too. Hahhaa! You can tell the waiter in tagalog.
 photo VM_0470_zps94f74b25.jpg
Here’s the collection!
 photo VM_0501_zps3e73b917.jpg
Ganda ni Jess!
 photo VM_0516_zps56b9d7ac.jpg

Nautical! Pang summer!
 photo VM_0530_zps4919e811.jpg
Na avail ko yang full outfit!
 photo VM_0541_zpsb2a61f7e.jpg
loving the overalls! I got one for myself!
 photo VM_0601_zps0ce4d762.jpg
eto! Yan yung jeans na sinasabi ko!
 photo VM_0644_zpsa343dfd0.jpg
Ganda ni Josie Natori… choz! Ria Bolivar!
 photo VM_0667_zpsdec832c9.jpg
Eto yung default look ko pagtamad magbihis. Cardigan and skirt! photo VM_0692_zps89649ba8.jpg

OO, bet ko din yung white!
 photo VM_0696_zps91ed1d96.jpg
Another pa-jogging pants trend!
 photo VM_0752_zps4b9e495c.jpg
 photo VM_0763_zps087b6c55.jpg
I love watching shows before shopping. At least madali ko mavisualize!
 photo VM_0793_zpsda961936.jpg

 photo VM_0823_zps904cf373.jpg

Another succesful opening by my fave! BEN CHAN!
 photo VM_0967_zps840b392e.jpg

 photo VM_0975_zpsbd683b88.jpg
With Len and Bea!
 photo VM_0983_zpsf5956c33.jpg

So sugod na! Vero Moda’s first branch is located at SM FASHION HALL sa new wing ng Megamall!
Much love,

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