Eto yun ha… TRABAHO MAG PA KASAL. Hahha! I have to be honest, even with the best team you and your husband (kung matuloy kayo..hahaha!) will still work hard to make things happen.

How do I start this? Actually, I’m planning to upload a checklist and budget guide for everything you need. Since mine can pass as a destination and local wedding. Avail nyo both. Haha!

First of all, for anyone getting married. Secure the date. NAKAKALOKA yung ibang places are booked 2 years before (grabe yung planning pang Olympics! haha). Ah bago pala yun secure mo muna yung mapapangasawa mo. haha! Dapat sure ka na dyan. Hahahah! Secure both the reception and the church (depends on your religion also).

So you will be securing two batches of requirements. One is for the catholic church and another is for the civil/legal. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Mamya na yang requirements.

But just so you don’t panic. Here are the most basics steps to take

  1. Secure Partner (charot)
  2. Secure Church and Reception Venue
  3. Make Guestlist (Not so specific yet. The main idea is just to get the “budgeted” headcount because your reception venue will depend on that.
  4. When you visit the church and reception. Get their rules and regulations. Also get their list of requirements.
  5. Download my list   I will be updating this list as we go along with the blog posts. Hopefully matapos ko sya kagad.

My next post of the wedding will show more list and details for planning your big day. PALAKPAKAN!  ANG TECHY KO NA! Try ko Video ganap also next one.


Much love,