LATE POST! @TV5manila MVP Ball 2011 with @Iloveruffag @paolobediones @isaiah_cullen @tuesday_v @tessavaldes @paolobediones @victorbasa

This is my first time to attend TV5’s ball but i must say ANG BONGGA LANG! The event was held at the NBC tent and it’s so nice to be part of such a fun event!

PHOTO FLOOD so please bear with me 🙂

Etong si Kumareng Tuesday ang may pinakabonggang statement of the night. When we took a group shot sabi sakin… ANG INIT MO GURL. Fertile ka. KALOWKA! haha!

I love the set-up!

Ang daming ganap!

Here with the main man himself! MVP! And of course stunning Ruffie. We were texting before the event, iniisip namin if overdressed kami. Ok lang, magkasama naman kami if ever! haha!

With Ms. Jo! She’s in charge of our show! Exciting year 2012!

OO, ALam ko sawa na kayo sa shiny ko! haha!

My cutie pie! V!

D + V

Tessa hosted the event! So funny, mukhang nahihirapan na naman magbasa because of her falsies!


With Paolo Bediones… MOVE THAT BUS! Wait for Extreme!

I told you, mahirap sa vision yung headpiece nya! haha! Tessa’s soo cute!

With our Executive Producer Xavier!

MEGA is so thin na! She’s such a sweetheart when I introduced myself- she said ang tangkad mo in person! So pretty. WALA NANG AALMA! SI MEGA MAY SABI! Chinacharot nya mana ako or hindi… wala na akong nasabi sa pagkashock! haha! I wanted to say KC’s my friend chuchu but d na ako nakapagsalita. haha!

Labanan ng colors si Tessa and Ate Guy!

Me and Ruffie!

Dennis and Tessa

Huli! Nagchichikahan na naman kami 🙂

Mega sang!

Pagsi Mega na ang nasa stage.. you really have to stand and watch!

With Boss Vic, Dina B and mother Fanny!

We rushed to Prive right after… Andun daw yung LA GALAXY. haha! Pero si ROBBY ang nasight namin! haha!

And my angels are complete!

With Max and Neil!

At nagchange outfit pa si Tessa! She was a muse of Sasa Jimenez that night and I won BEST DRESSED! Yey!


LA GALAXY! Ok funny story. When he was talking to me, he asked me if

LA: Do you watch football (soccer)?

D: I played when we were in highschool, it was a requirement.

LA: What position did you play?

D: Umm, I think point guard.


FAIL! Basketball pala yun! hahahaha! Sana hindi nya narinig. hahaha!V always laughs at me. I always get myself in weird situations sa kadaldalan ko. Watch out for my KASKADE post. May booboo na naman ako.

When he was asked to walk down na the ramp, he grabbed me and Tessa to join him!

Tessa and Ruffie!

D + V

Arci’s so cute!

“Dark” Nicdao and Pammy!

TIMMY! He’s waving to….


Rajo and Carla 🙂

OF COURSE! Buhay na naman si NIXY! TEAM NIXY!

With Dark Nicdao! Gosh, we’ve been friends for so long! Hindi pa sya photographer! haha! College times!

Raj made Ruffie’s dress 🙂

Another winning statement ni Jing.. GURL, PAKAPAL NG PAKAPAL ANG BUHOK MO! haha!


Group shot!

Group shot!

Danita! I only met her formally that night. Jive kami ng lola mo 🙂

Danita, and my twin IC! with Nelson and X!

Sige, todo mo yan gurl!

GARLIC with WIll and Jing!

Kawawang V.. walang photos masyado.. haha!

TWIN! And we have the same birthday! January 14!

Blast from the past! EPI! I worked with him bagets pako! One of the most memorable shoots ever 🙂 Naka glow in the dark makeup ako and patay lang ang ilaw. In short, d ko alam anong ganap sa fashion editorial. haha! So funny to pose ng pose ng hindi mo alam kung nakuha ba yung shot.

Excited for more TV5 ganaps! I actually hosted the Lifestyle press christmas party of TV5 and I had so much fun! Tawa sila ng tawa pag nagaasaran kami ni V.

Much love,


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