Our Baby’s Gender Reveal! - Divine Lee

IT’S A ……..


So for my gender reveal, we were absolutely clueless about the gender. So technically, my doctor placed the gender in an envelop that was given to my secretary! Bongga noh? Parang MISS UNIVERSE winners envelope. Haha! May proseso!

My doctor found out about the gender by the 16th week and we had to wait a few months until malaman! Actually, good thing coz it stopped my from shopping. Ang bad side, may mga items ako na d natiis so puro gender neutral.

The nice thing about waiting is that I realized tat colors should not identify my kids. So while nonstop window shopping since I don’t know the gender yet. I decided my kid will be living with colors with no boundaries. Walang blue for boys and pink for girls. Kahitanong kulay suotin nya. Buti ng bata palang matuto na the world is not labelled by colors.

Ok, puro hanash na. Hahaha! SOOOOO.. I picked the theme to be TROPICAL LUXE para same feel ng baby room in Cebu (which I will blog also). Kasi Cebu naman umuulan ng rattan, so bongga na magamit yung Cebu items for the baby room!

So as you can see, specific yan! haha! When throwing a party, bongga na specific sa stylist so that hindi up for interpretation. You know exactly what to expect.

Confetti Warehouse helped me with styling Manila House. Also when picking a theme, pick a theme that matches your venue. We had our reveal/shower in Manila House so very colorful na. Our initial idea was White clouds, silver stars and teddy bears. Ang hirap labanan yung wallpaper ng Manila house! I woult need to cover the whole venue! hahaha!


As usual na tawa nalang yung venue sakin 3pm yung event pero pang dinner. Sabi ko nalang kanin kasi mag merienda my friends…. Haha! At sakto nga naka ilang refill! hahaha!

I’m so excited and I really felt the love for this little one. Ang swerte nya dami nyang Tita, Tito at iba pang excited!

The actual reveal is thru a pinata and a balloon!

I can’t think of a better place to do a baby registry than Mothercare. Complete sila! Bagong hangout na nga daw ni Blake. Hahaha!

This cake is so in theme and so CUTE!!!!

Living in Cebu and arranging a reveal in Manila… i couldn’t have done it alone. Buti nalang isa ako sa medyo last one sa barkada mag asawa at anak. Haha! Wala silang choice! hahaha!

Thank you Florence for being on top of everything, Wyanet for making sure na may uwi yung friends natin… pinagkanin na nga ilang cheeserolls pa inuwi! (Jk!), Elmer for making sure my photos are visually perfect and instagrammable (yung props na balloon, gamit na gamit!) and Ther for fixing the games! Nix for moral support at taga text ng 2pm na palabas na yung pag kain kasi gutom na sya. EH 3PM ang party teh!

There’s a bowl for suggested baby names… BECKY TALAGA NANGUNGUNA!

Not following instructions mga toh, starting with B nga eh!

Rajo made the boards for the voting! We printed ultrasounds from google and mixed my babies ultrasound. Person who can vote the right gender and right baby wins!

As promised, I shared the products that my baby will be using. Para na nga akong infomercial sa IG STORIES puro chika and monologue! Here is Ecomom (perfect for OC people like me) and the carrier I Angel! May hip seat and super recommended by mommy friends!

Gave away our fave MB cheeserolls (Thanks Wyanet! Next time I go to your cafe, mag iwan na ako ng handwritten note! haha! Ang dalas ko dun, never nyo ako inalok gumawa ng note! haha! Yung nilalagay nyo sa tables) and thank you for my baby’s official graphic artist ALTA LYTTLE. Haha! Abuso ako sa friends ko noh? Haha! Alta has been designing all the invites and ano ano pa since kasal ko pa. At hindi nya career yun! Hahaha! She owns Xtensions, Locavore and Pokepoke pero naglalaan sya ng time dahil barat ako at ayaw mag pa layout sa artist. hahaha!

Of course! Our fave yogurt was also with us. Guest got to take home pascal Greek style yogurt with them!

Thank you to Manila house! Busog lahat!

Baby Bench (fave ko scents nila and fave naman ni Blake si Baste na endorser nila) and Cath Kidson for game prizes! And ang bongga ni Florence for the Jo Malone, grand prizes. ANG KLAZZ NG FRIENDS KO! HAHA!

Benn working with Jenna for the longest time. Goody pa. Now she handles baby stuff and I’m still working with her. I like how we grow up with people we work with in different phases of our lives. She’s been one of my guiding lights in this whole pregnancy process. Introducing me to products that will make my pregnancy and mommyhood easier! Here’s my baby’s Aprica! Aprica is known for their sturdy strollers, their super efficient high chair (na sold out kagad sa Baby fair) and the multi use car seat! kaka excited baby things!

Elmer, si Milan talaga. Nauna sa pang IG. Cute ng giant balloons idea ni Elmer!

Full pictorial! hahaha!

We were able to have a mini group pic with the early birds! Not even half toh! We love you guys!

The people you see around us are all from different parts of our lives. Ginggay and Noel are very very close to me. Do you guys remember that I revealed she forced me to open a blog? Kasi daw mukha daw akong suplada… hahaha! Which is the complete opposite.

Iza name high school pa kami! Tambay sa billiards pag weekend! You’re next IZADORA!

As I discussed before, i come from a blended family. The hardest question you can ask me is how many siblings do i have… i have full, half, steps and adopteds hahaha! So mahirap mag bilang both maternala and paternal side pa. But the nice thing with us all interconnection of siblings are so close. Too bad d ko nakunan lahat that day! Here are the ealy birds!

Milan, as you know is a Fashion Editor and stylist to your fave artistas. Yan ang adopted, not legally.. napulot ko lang sa EMBASSY yan hahaha! Super gimik si Milan and nag sleepover na never na umuwi. hahaha! He’s our adopted. The two boys are the twins, the come after Danes and minsan terrible twos parin. Then of course you guys know Danes, the Kylie (before photo) lookalike.

He’s so excited, naparami inom! hahah!

First game, bato bato pick. D ko rin naintindihan yung game. Hahaha!

Becky nights hosted as usual! hahahaha!

Kakamiss tong si Lizzyyyy! Love you!

May charades din and si IC, the child star ang actor. ahahah!

So Blake did the balloon and I did the pinata!

Sight mo yung shokot ko!

IT’s a BOY! Actually, I really thought girl kasi ang ganda ko. choz! hahaha! But I also told everyone, d pa tayo sure dyan sa boy.. gender neutral kami! malay mo in 10 years mag pa reveal ako ulit. hahaha! Anything my baby wants to be, choice nya yun. Support lang kami. lalaki sya sa bahay na ang focus is not the gender but how he can be the best version of himself and to make sure he makes a good mark in this world.

Our close friends gave dedications to our baby!

Taray naman ng spotlight dito! ahhaha! Parang nasa BELEN ako. hahaha!

There are people in my life na kahit anong mangyari ay andyan. Actually nasa entourage ko rin sila lahat hahahaha! Regroup lang yung photo!

Ang kikinis ng mga toh! Yuki, Ruffi, and Dong! Love you guys!

And of course the barkada since high school batch! hahaha!

Even yung priest namin came! Father Caluag married us 🙂 Now mukhang next is binyag na!


Can’t wait to share more experiences with you guys!

Much love,