It’s Christmas time! And what better way to remind us of Christmas but with PAROLS! I used to live in San Juan and right by Gilmore, the minute ber months come in ang dami nang parol!


For some reason, parols are not just pretty to look at but reminds me of fun and cheerful memories with my loved ones. I remember asking my mom why we need to light parols because si mudak naman August pa lang ready na sa decors nya. So I asked her when I was younger ano ba yung parols for. She explained to me the Bible importance of the star but more than that she said because we have to share our light to others. She added that by sharing light, we make life brighter. Hindi ko na nakalimutan yun and tama naman sya. Hindi ko knows if nagpapakadeep si mudak but what she said really stuck #SARISARINGHAPPINESS - Divine Lee


So let’s make each other’s life brighter by sharing our lights! #SariSaringHappiness Day, Nov 8! Now with social media, mas madami na tayong mapapa-bright ang buhay!


Share your Coca-Cola parol on social media and use #SariSaringHappiness hashtag! Wag na kayo mahiya, share with use your happy thoughts, memories like I did! Tag nyo ako ha! I wanna comment! Sharing is caring nga naman!


This is how to make a Coca-Cola parol!

There will also be lighting hubs everywhere in the country so make sure to take sa HAPPY SELFIE! And share with us #SariSaringHappiness


Coz my mama was right! To bright lights and sari-saring happiness natin! MERRY XMAS!


Much love,